Music: Among Stately Peaks

With Simeon gone, Everhold now has the same music as Stonegard.

Before we chat some folk up, we have to do something first.

Bookworm Girl has had her first adventure, and from it she has learned to never go on another adventure ever again and to stick to reading books. We've taught her well.

Everhold is a former stronghold that has turned into a theater town, thus most of the residents are playing parts.

It's such a remote town, with nothing of note other than its theater.

I...I don't know what to make of this. It's certainly one of the most unique bios in this game, though.

This person is really dedicated to their craft.

This story sounds familiar...

There's decent goods, but nothing we haven't really seen before yet.

It's hard to tell what is the act and what is actually true!

Slightly weaker than the sword we got in the Amphitheatre, but that's a nice speed boost.

Sigh... You're really going to make me use H'aanit, aren't you?

This guy's a pain because he uses a lot of magic attacks, which I can't really protect from as easily as physical attacks. I can't use skills either.

A combination of monsters and soulstones does mean I get the victory eventually.

The grand theater back there used to be a fort! Fascinating, right?

So if this man is merely an actor...

...why is he carrying this dastardly thing around?

Needless to say, I buy it. I am finally getting some decent swords! I've forgotten what that was like...

The rest of the NPCs we'll be talking to are ushers.

They all sell soulstones, two Medium and one Large of a specific element.

I wonder who's paying them now that Simeon is dead.

Unfortunately Olberic is not allowed to beat people up here. I mean, we still could, it's just frowned upon.

I mean, if you're the type to wander onto stage on accident, you probably don't need to be in a theater.

This Thieving Tips & Tricks is lame compared to Grandport's. It's a minor boost, and the loot is decent but not great. Plus I already bought all the good stuff anyway.

And since we haven't had the chance yet, let's chat Cyrus up to close things out.

Next time, we close out another side story line.