Music: Among Stately Peaks

Time to finish our fourth regional side story line.

You remember me, yes? I am Noelle, the historian, trying to learn what I can of King Beowulf of yore. I discovered the remains of a stronghold built by King Beowulf...

Dismaying as that is, I shall soldier on. Valuable relics may yet be found amongst the rubble.

Naturally, we'll help her out in finding something, and thankfully we won't have to go far.

Well, now ye mention it, there is a pile of rubbish left over from the last time we rebuilt the theater. But nothing useful, I don't think.

This guy knows of some items from the remains of the fort, and wouldn't you know it...

...he has something which could have great historical importance!

Let's see what Noelle has to say about it.


These swirling designs...why, yes, this is writing. Could it be High Hornburgian? ...Hm? No...not quite. Some of this grammar is most...unusual. Much of the text is impenetrable to me... ...Ah, this bit I understand. Let's see...

This must have been granted to Beowulf himself when Hornburg was first founded! Truly, this is a most momentous discovery!

I can scarce imagine what secrets I will uncover, if only I can decipher this script. Surely this tapestry can vindicate all of my theories!

And thanks to you, I am that much closer to fulfilling my destiny.

Every one of these final sections reward us with a large nut and a semi-unique hat or body armor. The Historian's Hat has good ElemDef (third-highest of any hat) and recovers SP each round, so it's one of the better ones.

It will be a discovery for the history books!

At any rate, we have helped vindicate Noelle's research into King Beowulf, the probable founder of Hornburg. Anything we can do to advance the field of scholarship!

Next time, more side stories.