Music: Oasis in the Sparkling Sands

Another short and not-so-sweet side story.

I once had a woman I loved. A woman...called Lara... I suppose her name means nothing to you, but before I die...I need to know whatever happened to her. Please.

Fortunately, I know right were Lara is!

...Oh? I'm sorry, did you need something of me?

Seems Lara has moved on and has a family now.

I'm still too lazy to make a sprite for this girl.

Well, not sure how much this will comfort Kevin, but let's tell him the truth.


Haha, so she did... Got married, and even went and had a kid, huh? Of course she did... A woman like that gets snatched up in no time. She had no reason to hang around waiting for a fool who's thrown away everything.

I was once a guardsman in a certain town, but I...I had a problem with taking wagers I couldn't win. Ended up in debt and, eventually, right here. I was out of control... I even lost myself Lara, when all she ever did was worry over me.

And all I did from the day I left her was get deeper and deeper into trouble.

...Yeah. I know.

Music: Enveloped in Kindness know...

Thank you.

And with that, we get our reward, and Kevin is executed. Hoo...ray?

But hey, at least Lara has moved on and lives a happy family life now, right?

It's silly, isn't it? I wonder if I'll ever stop thinking about the man who threw me aside...

OK, this is a miserable one all around. I'm sorry, everybody.

Anyway, Olberic will be our next character of focus. That said, I'm doing two more side story updates next time because I want more time this weekend for Mario Maker. So enjoy those!