Music: Oasis in the Sparkling Sands

There's a few more side stories involving Marsalim. Let's check another out now!

I have seen every beautiful work of art. Listened to the best orchestras. Tasted the finest meals. Yet of late...I find myself wearying of such things. Is there nothing left for me to discover in this world? There must be something that no one else has yet seen... I cannot be finished yet...

So we simply need to find something to spark new life into this man.

...And why are you bothering me?

This is also his swordsman, Yuri. As a NPC told us earlier, he's never lost and could very well be the equal of Olberic.

He also has some fantastic gear. That Dragon Saber is the fourth-strongest sword in the game and gives a nice Crit boost. Meanwhile, the Dragonscale Armor has the second-highest PhysDef in the game and gives a big Crit boost as well, though it lacks ElemDef.

Anyway, we've got two options to resolve this one.


I use an Evasion-build Olberic, which works since Yuri only uses physicals.

I take a few nasty hits here and there, but I evade maybe 80% of his attacks and eventually wear him down.

Hohoho! What is this, Yuri? Never before have I seen you bested in battle.

Not at all! Your skill with the sword is a gift from the gods. I saw nothing shameful in your part of the battle.
...Is that how you would describe my defeat, milord? I would not choose such words myself.

All the time we've been together, you have shown so little interest in any of the wonders we have seen. But this fire in you now...

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

...My defeat is, in effect, your defeat. I am your man, after all. Unless you should choose to release me now.
It is a wonder you can ever sit, such unbending pride you have! are too generous with your praise, milord.

I'm going to train harder than I ever have before to better protect milord in every situation.
Why...this is the first time I've heard such a declaration from you. I am honored, sir, by your loyalty.

Music: Oasis in the Sparkling Sands

And so Yuri and the old man have a newfound appreciation for each other.

It's nice, but...we didn't really fulfill the man's desires. Sure, we proved him the loyalty of his bodyguard, but we can do better.


Hey, while we're encouraging so many others to take on journeys of their own, what's one more?

This seems more what he's looking for.

My, my... Yes, it is very detailed.


Music: Enveloped in Kindness

I want to breathe deep of the air in this land he describes. I want to taste its foods and experience it with all five of my senses!

You must let me have this book. I do thank you for bringing it to me.

The old man discovers there is still much for him to find and see for himself.

Who knows? Perhaps I will put down my own discoveries in a book someday!

Yeah, join the club.

Looks like they both have what they're looking for.

More side story stuff next time.