Music: River of Life

As usual, a new town means some more side stories.

Unfortunately, his lordship has seen fit to leave home and go a'wandering in search of adventure. He spouted some nonsense about being a chosen something-or-other, then clanked off in the family armor... I do wish he had someone to accompany him and keep him safe.

Seems we've got a wannabe knight to contend with.

Music: The Cliftlands

This aspiring knight can be found in the Cliftlands, to the east of Orewell on the path to Dragonsong Fane.

...Not bad, eh? I mean my salutation. I've been practicing, you see.

His type is becoming all too clear. His romantic ideas of being a knight will likely shatter once reality sets in.

Also he has another Rune Hatchet, which I gladly obtain.

So shall we egg him on or let reality hit him?


The guy is a rank-three challenge, so Olberic doesn't even get a chance to smack him with Brand's Thunder.

Woe is me! The Chosen Knight's adventure has ended e'en before it truly commenced!

Ah, but my grueling training, my fasting, my endless practicing... 'Twas all for naught.

And now only one path remains left to me...

Yes, yes, 'tis definitely for the best, for this is a big and dangerous world!

And like that, Cervantes realizes that he's probably going to get killed if he continues on his fantasies as a knight and decides to quit while he's ahead.

Why wander the earth, indeed, when so many souls need my services here in this town.

I believe he has had his fill of adventuring for the nonce, heavens be praised.

With all that, Cervantes returns to Riverford and decides to dedicate his efforts to help the town.

A noble ending, to be sure, but why dash his hopes and let him end in yet another failed venture when instead we can encourage him to finally pursue his dreams proper? Besides, Cervantes's servant did mention she wished someone would accompany Cervantes...


Music: Atlasdam, Seat of Learning

...and we can find such a person here in Atlasdam!

Cor, I love knights, don't you? Their fancy armor and jaunty plumes atop their heads... All I needs do now is find one in need of a squire...

Music: The Cliftlands

This young man aspires to be a squire and would ideally love to be the Sancho to a Don Quixote-type, and do we have the knight for him!

Crivens! Y-you're just like one of them knights from my storybooks!
Indeed, lad. Quite right.

It's always been my dream to serve a gallant knight such as yourself, sir, and travel the world.

...Very well. You may accompant me as my squire.

I have been growing tired of my solitary path of late. A journey shared is all the better for it.
Thank you, sir!

...Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

A reliable and hardworking lad, it would appear. The news is a weight off my mind.

If nothing else, the young squire probably has a better head on his shoulders than The Chosen Knight, so he could look out for the both of them and keep them out of trouble for the most part.

Also they managed to travel fifty feet or so since starting their journey together.

...I once trod these highways and byways in solitude, but no longer.

Squirin' is my life's work now, an' I'm happy for it!

Oh, you poor kid. You don't know what you've signed up for...

We'll tack on one final side story next time before we dive into our penultimate character finale.