Music: Grandport, Center of Commerce

Since I can't find the trigger for the other side story I wanted to do in Riverford, instead let's tackle one I missed in Grandport.

I haven't been back there in a dozen years or more. I have no interest in going back by now, either. Yet...the one thing I do miss is the sweet smell of the quatrait blooms that grow there...

The woman might be a bit more homesick than she realizes. Regardless, we seem able to help her out in a couple of ways.


Music: Sunshade, City of Pleasures

The last time I met him, I got the best pepper and quatrait, too...

Seems there's a vendor that may have what we're looking for over in Sunshade. It feels like forever since we've been here...

Even the most flavorless dishes can be imbued with the flavorful tastes of the southern lands. They are wondrous spices!

Seems likely this is the merchant we're looking for.

And as usual, Tressa has her eye on what her customer most desires.

Let's satisfy another customer!

Ahhh... This smell... It transports me back to my homeland in an instant.

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

They told me that I should be the hardy quatrait. That no matter how difficult things became, I would grow strong and bloom beautifully.

Perhaps I should work a bit harder.

I could build them a fine house surrounded by fields of quatrait.

And so our little piece of home helped the woman remember her family and decide to pay them a visit in the future.

...But we can do a bit better than that!


Music: A Sea Breeze Blows

I've heard there's a village far to the south where you can get the best quatrait flowers...

A caravan heading south, eh...?

This place is lively, to be sure. A bit too lively for my tastes. It just makes me want to go somewhere far, far away...

Rippletide isn't exactly the most bustling sea port, but since he's a bit of an introvert anyway I can see how he wants to get away from it all.

Regardless, perhaps if we took the woman to the caravan, she may decide to tag along for a chance to visit home.


You want to come with us? We're heading for a land called Quaragosa. my native land. I was born into a poor family and came to this distant land to be able to make a good living for myself.

I didn't plan to go back to that place, but...

Would you...mind if I traveled with you? I can help with cooking and laundering clothes. I wouldn't be a burden.
You'd be plenty welcome, of course! The more the merrier, and the safer, when it comes to a caravan!
Thank you... I'll just go pack some things and be right back.

Hey, it's a free opportunity to go home and visit the family she hasn't seen in years. Why not?

Hee hee... I find myself filled with excitement. I'm going to go pack my things at once!

All in all, it's nice things worked out well.

Ah, the downsides of being Octopath Travelers.

Speaking of which...

As expected, we'll be closing out Therion's story in the next couple updates. Until then!