Music: Town Veiled in White

Northreach is a fort town based on top of a mountain in the northern-most reaches of Orsterra. Other than the massive walls surrounding the town, there's little really going on for this place. It's just another town, really.

Though there are a few decent items to snag. The Empowering Necklace gives the highest Max HP boost of the accessories with a whopping thousand.

Remember that one guy who got robbed at the very beginning of Therion's chapter? Turns out he's also a thief! Go figure.

Though I ran into a bit of a rough spot myself soon after. Had to sell it off to a peddler of such things. Got a better price than what I paid for it, at least!

Nothing of interest in his inventory, mostly vendor fodder that's better stolen.

'Tis the season for journeys, apparently.

Because it's always the season for journeys.

As usual, he guards a house, so we need to beat him up.



All that's in here is a purple chest with a measly 20,000 leaves.

It seems everyone here is either an upstanding citizen or an outright scumbag.

Speaking of scumbags, this fellow sells a nut and a couple high-end consumables at outrageous prices.

Here's a guy just trying to live out what little time he has left with his family in peace.

Naturally, we beat the tar outta him.

Though he does have some magic skills, including Ice Storm and Lux Congerere.

Funnily enough, we don't really need the Steal buff since the majority of the items in this town can already be stolen at 100%.

Needless to say, he'll be relevant later on.

But that is simply the way of the world. The gods are fickle, and those who rise up must eventually come down. I imagine anyone who has studied history could tell you that there have been worse reversals of fortune in the past. The Byrons can yet regain their former glory.

This ageless fellow is the only thing of note in the northern part of the town where the abandoned church resides.

Otherwise, that's it for Northreach! As I said, a pretty plain and ordinary town. Next time, we start finishing off the rest of the side stories we've got lined up.