Music: Town Veiled in White

With the end of another chapter and another town update, we have another side story chain to finish off!

I have been newly posted to this town, in my service to the faith. And...I have heard rumors.

I hope I will be able to at least glimpse it before I might be sent on my next mission... If you happen to find that sword, please... You must let me know!

Who knows if this sword will answer Miles's lingering questions about his father? I mean, probably, since this game is generally good about resolving its mysteries, so let's find this sword!

And we've found the sword! I don't feel like retrying multiple times to steal it when I've got more than enough money to last me the rest of the game, so I just buy the damn thing.

Miles better appreciate this!

Such heavy steel... Just holding it, there is no doubting its strength.

This sword belonged to my father once. ...And you are? knew my father?

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

We had no one to help us. None but a traveling knight of the Knights Ardante, who happened to come through our village. The village leaders begged that he might see us to safety.

But he did not consider his duty done then. He even entrusted his sword to the village.

By the laws of the Knights Ardante, a knight must never abandon his duty under any circumstances.

This is what I've heard, and still that great man... He accepted such dishonor without hesitation, to aid perfect strangers such as ourselves.

I was never able to rise to the heights of the Knights Ardante, but I am able to keep clothes on my back at least, living as a hired sword.

My father...saved a village... And for that, he was stripped of his cloak and his knighthood...and declared a deserter... He was every inch the great and honorable man I knew him to be.

When a knight enters the Knights Ardante...he swears an oath.

That oath has not changed since the very first Knight Ardante said the words over the sword he received from the gods themselves.

To be a knight of my father.

Words cannot express my gratitude. But they are all I have to offer.

Well, those and this stuff. That Ardante Attire is actually pretty good, giving a nice chunk of ElemDef and some extra Max SP on top of that!

I'm only sorry to hear that he already passed on from this world. I would have liked to thank him in person.

This fellow may not have fully followed his hero's footsteps, but he's certainly following his example, and hey, it's not like his hero lasted long in the Knights Ardante anyway! You don't need a title to be a hero, after all.

Now that Miles knows the truth of his father's deeds, he's more confident than ever to be the perfect hero to represent not only the Knights Ardante, but also the ideals and convictions of his father.

More side stories next time.