You know the drill, though this time we've got another two-parter! This is the last of 'em, though.


I have my freedom now. No longer am I bound to sell my body to pay my way in the world. But no matter who I ask, I've found no decent work...

And this place is colder than any other... I'm sick of it...

Everywhere I went, all I found were cold hearts and miserable work...


Arianna's having trouble finding a new job after we murdered her boss. It'll be nice if we helped her out here, especially after how she helped out Primrose before.

The question is, do we know of a caring master who has a job available?

Once again, we do, but I don't know where in the game it tells you this, if anywhere! Our goal here is Stonegard.

Music: Among Stately Peaks

Natalia was in H'aanit's Chapter 2, you may remember, and it just so happens she has problems of her own...

If only I could find a lady's maid who I could trust... I would hire such a loyal woman in a heartbeat!

Hmmm... I think we may know the person for her.

Let's bring the two together and hope they're agreeable to each other.

There must be such loyal creatures somewhere in this world. Good and true servants who only wish to work under the roof of a good mistress.

You may call me Arianna, if it pleases you, my lady. And I would gladly serve you till my last day, if you would but let me.
Oh! What a lovely way ye have with words! That calm grace, that poise, and those manners... Yes, I think we could get on very well. Would ye truly like to work as my lady's maid?
I swear that nothing could please me more in this world, my lady.

Now there's only one more thing I need...

Do ye happen to know any coachman seekin' new employment?

Oh! That does sound promisin'! It's as though the stars've aligned for me!
Only...I am afraid that his manners can be a bit curt. I cannot say for sure what you might think of him, if he should even be willing to come here to work.

At any rate, Arianna has an honest job with a caring master, and Natalia has a trusted maid to keep her company, so this turned out a success.

That said, we're not quite done yet. We've already helped one job seeker out, why not another?

Oren now shows up in Stillsnow, and it just so happens he's also looking for new employment...

Surely folks must need a good coachman. But I can't find no work since my last job dried up...

Well, if it worked once before...

Let's see if we've found our new calling as headhunters!

How glad I am that fate has brought us together. Would ye care to come work in my household? My name is Natalia, and I promise ye I do well by my servants.


I know you're trustworthy. We're going to have such a better life here.
...Hrmm. Could be. I've gotta admit...this place does seem pretty lush. Clean air. Nice folks. And...

I know just what you mean, Oren. It is indeed warm here. In so many ways. I've spent so many years, struggling to find work and barely keeping afloat... Now at last I feel like I've found a place where I can settle down and truly live.

I should quite like to go into town for a bit of shoppin'. Arianna, would ye accompany me?

It seems even Oren is starting to warm up to this place. Everyone seems happy, and all the better for it.

Our reward is a dagger that seems tailor-made for Primrose. Unfortunately, it's dwarfed in stats by Heathcote's Dagger, which boosts fire instead, except there's a sword that also boosts fire damage, while this is the only weapon that boosts Dark damage. Since you'll likely want Primrose in a casting job anyway, this ends up not really worth using since there are a variety of better weapons and options available.

Oren's proud to have a job once again.

I never feel lonely anymore, with my loyal Arianna and steady Oren.

Natalia is happy to not be lonely anymore, with loyal servants that are always there for her.

I think I've finally found my place in the world.

And Natalia finally has a stable job and a place to call home. Happy endings for everyone.

Next time, kid problems.