Today we're revisiting Saintsbridge to experience what can only be described as an adorably stupid side story.


I wonder what happened...

They say he can't be cured with medicine.
Oh no! What do we do!?

I wonder what she thinks of me. Ahh...

Y-yeah... I wish we could find a cure... Do you know what it's called, Derryl?

Music: River of Life

So this side story is all about helping Nate woo a girl. Yep.

She's always picking flowers by the river.

But whenever we tell the grown-ups about what happened, they get mad at the girls instead...

While we got Inquire text from Emil and Nate way back in the Saintsbridge write-up, this is the first time we can get Derryl's.

Should I give her a gift? Do you think she'd like me then?

So this girl, Melanie, likes flowers, but there's a bully who's been picking them.

Speaking of which!

This is another instance of "I don't want to make a sprite for one line of dialogue". I've made over two hundred sprites (and nearly two hundred updates) by now, I think I'm entitled to be a little lazy.

Anyway, the bully fails to comprehend how capitalism works, and we've got Nate the perfect gift to woo the girl he's sweet on.


Why don't you give it to her then?
I'm sure she'd be happy to have it!

I...I got this for you. D-do you want it? I heard you like flowers, a-and...

Great job, Nate!

I... I'm sorry!

Oh no! That was supposed to be a secret!

...Well, that was unexpected.

Oh... What should I say?

So cheer up already! We're all friends here, aren't we?
You're right, Derryl! We're friends, and I'm going to help Nate however I can!
...Thank you.

The power of friendship can fix many things, but it can't fix all things. This is just another of those life lessons that has to be learned the hard way.

Welcome to growing up.

Music: River of Life

The reward is pretty nice, at least. We're going to need a ton of JP to get all the support skills we'll need!

The girl I like ends up liking someone else... But maybe Emil's a better match for her anyway.

They call this a "love triangle."

But now that I know, what should I do?

We're not going to get any more resolution to this tragic love triangle, but some things are best left unknown anyway. I mean, it's not like it really matters, right?

Next time, we'll close out the side stories within the mid-tier towns by revisiting our very first foe.