Music: Oasis in the Sparkling Sands

We have three more side stories left. These require all eight character stories to be complete, which is why I saved them for last.

This one is its own thing, and a bit of a light-hearted one.

I am just now considering a new entertainment I might offer to my people. People do not live merely to survive each day. They live to see the pleasures they hope tomorrow might bring. That is why one of my duties to my people is to provide them with the pleasures that give them the strength to make it through each day. I have asked for the opinions of my vassals, and come to a decision. I must not please only the rich and the fortunate...

But my advisors and I know little of such things. Playacting and the world of the theater. We will need help to make this production a success. I must admit that I have little faith in our success as it stands.

So this grand assignment, one that requires all eight main quests to be completed, is to help King Khalim put on a play. You shouldn't be surprised by now if you've read the last ninety-eight side stories!

All that said, King Khalim is a strong and able ruler who really does have the best interests of his kingdom at heart, as H'aanit's tale has shown.

Perhaps if some of the actors and others who work with the theater tried to appeal to the king, he would better see the value of such a production...

Suffice to say, this is probably the person most responsible for giving the king the idea to put on plays.

At any rate, since the whole thing is about plays, it makes sense to go to the one place that's all about plays. To Everhold!

As grand as our own stage is, I know that we are destined for an ever greater stage than this. Someday, I hope we will get to perform our art for the pleasure of all.

And we find the theater manager for Everhold, who talks about wanting to spread theater to the world...

...and do I know the best place to start!

Y-you are familiar with our modest theater, Your Majesty? That is an honor I would never have dreamed of.
Not at all. I feel much relieved to have you here to consult with. You see, I have been considering a new entertainment for the benefit of my people, and the idea of a series of plays was proposed to me.
Th-that is wonderful to hear, Your Highness!
But constructing a stage and assembling all we will need will cost a fair deal. That issue is one we must resolve to move forward.

Yes, Your Highness. The stage and props are naught but tools made to make an illusion easier to maintain. But a skilled player needs neither to captivate his or her audience.
So all we truly must provide is a space for the plays to be performed by able actors...
If I'm not mistaken, Your Highness, it seems that you wish to host more than one play...?

The joy...of creating great theater... Indeed! This is something I had overlooked!
Yes, the pleasure of the theater is not restricted to those standing in the audience. Merely watching another's acting and nothing else is to experience only half of the wonders the theater offers.

And in the process, supporting the development of skilled artisans who may continue to support the theater arts going forward...
Nothing would please me more than being able to open the door to the world of the theater to more people.

I already have decided the topic of the first play, in fact.
Have you indeed, Your Highness?

You have traveled the wide expanses of this continent. Your grand adventure should surely be the subject of our first performance!

Say, I think such a play could very well work! But what would you call it...?

At any rate, we get adequate compensation for selling the life rights to our adventures, though Tressa made sure our travelers got sizable royalties as well.

I still believe that your story will bring hope to the many. I look forward to the day when it may be witnessed by all my people.

And this is the moment where everyone, including me, realizes "Let's Play Octopath Traveler" was a double entendre all along.

Next time, the beginning of the end of the end, as we meet up with some more familiar faces and see some unlikely paths cross in the penultimate side story.