Music: Dark Caverns

Tressa's Talent is Eye For Money, which means every time she enters a new screen, there's a chance she'll find dropped money. I'm not sure how it works, but I think it scales based on area. There's ways to use this to farm money, as you may expect.

Well, that was easy.

The pirates are knocked out, so now we can make our move.

I had a question earlier about finding treasure chests, and usually the challenge for those is figuring out how to navigate the areas. There's a lot of winding paths that wrap behind the foreground elements.

Like this one, we have to come in from the left side to get it. The red and purple chests generally have better loot and thus are usually trickier to get to (and of course, you can't even open the purple chests without Therion).

As a nice touch, any pirates we fight start off asleep for several turns. Sleep works like any other RPG, they skip turns but an attack will wake them right up. It's actually not a bad idea to buff/defend and build up BP while the drunkard sleeps off his wine.

We don't really need to go that far to beat these guys though.

Analyze in action.

And Tradewinds. Wind magic in general has the form of quick green slices.

As a nice touch, there's even a hidden dock here.

Up those stairs is the next story bit, but we're not done exploring yet!

Here's the second tier of Pirate.

Another Jam. Like Elixirs, I never use these as much as I probably should. That may change this game...!

Scaled Viper, and the first enemy we've seen to be weak to Dark damage. Not that it matters yet.

I believe they can poison, but luckily I didn't have to find out.

And with that, we're ready to make our move.

(Because there won't be any here when you wake up! Hehe.)


As if it would be that easy.

Er, well, I just came back to get the cask. I'll be going now...
Oh, that's mighty kind of ye.

Music: For Treasure


Hey, I know you! Yer that brat from the town.

Ye came to steal our loot while we was sleeping, didn't ye?
You don't miss a thing, do you?
Ye got guts, kid. But guts alone won't get ye far in this world.

That we did. Which makes it ours now.
You don't understand the meaning of earning anything! You don't understand all the love and care that went into making those products. How hard those people have to work to earn the satisfaction of their customers! And it's up to merchants like me to make sure these products find their way into the hands of those who can appreciate them!

Yer shark bait, brat.

Video: Boss - Mikk & Makk

Music: Decisive Battle I

Two on two, looks like a fair fight to me!

This fight would be a lot easier if I got enough AP for Tressa to unlock Trade Tempest, as both are weak to wind. Otherwise, Cyrus is useful but can't break the shields of both, as Makk is weak to Fire (and Staves) and Mikk to Lightning. Makk is weak to Tressa's bow, and Mikk to her spear.

The duo stick to physical attacks, which hit relatively hard, enough so that they certainly aren't trivial to ignore, yet not hard enough to quickly overwhelm us. If you're paying attention and have some grapes, you'll be fine.

My strategy is to focus on Makk first, as his Staves weakness makes him an easier target to break.

These two have a good bit of HP to burn through, so buckle in for a long one!

Whether you want to go Fire or Staves to break Makk depends on whether you want to spend SP to slowly chip away at Makk.

Of course, once one is broken, lay out your most powerful attacks. I'm not sure whether it's better to go four attacks or max-boost Tradewinds for damage, both probably end up equivalent. I like big freaking numbers though so...

And of course, since broken enemies take equal damage from everything, might as well use Lightning to weaken Makk a bit.

They mostly stick to physicals (Sidestep would also be crazy-useful here, as expensive as it may be early-game), but they can hit the entire party with them sometimes. Be on your guard!

Or just nuke 'em, whichever works.

After you deal enough damage, they reveal to you the true power of friendship.

When you deal single-target damage to one, there's a good chance the other will take the hit for them. They may bicker constantly, but the two are surprisingly loyal to each other for pirates.

As you may expect, this makes breaking them significantly more difficult.

Collect is crazy-useful for bosses, as they generally hold a ton of money compared to randoms. Be sure to use it when you can!

Eventually, a well-placed Fireball takes care of Makk.

Leaving one alive buffs their physical attacks and defenses.

I had Mikk on the ropes, but one unlucky Mutiny would've been a wipe, so I played it safe and healed before delivering the final blow.

Like so!

Well done!

Music: Decisive Battle I

Yer one tough barnacle to pick... But we're just gettin' started!

Yer a ninny fer challengin' us all on yer own.


Looks like we've got some backup today!

Well, if it ain't the lily-livered scalawag from before.

Arggg! He done swabbed our decks! Just who are ye?
Hm? I'd think any pirate worth his brine would already know.

That blue spear...
With the strength and swiftness of a viper...
Could it really be...?

Music: Tension

Captain, are you really...the Leon Bastralle?

Here's a lesson for you lads, from a true man of the sea...

The pirate crew may not be the sharpest tools on the ship, but they know when they're outmatched.

Music: Bonds of Friendship

Call me Leon, lass.
Mr. Leon... Thank you for saving me.
I believe one good turn deserves another. Now, have you gathered all you need?
Yup! All that's left is to bring back the goods!

I must make for the docks. It's nigh time I set sail.
You're leaving so soon?
The sea calls me, lass. But before I do...

Music: Bonds of Friendship

What are you waiting for, lass?
It's just... You said you only let those you trust onto your ship, so...


I've collected countless treasures from the furthest corners of this world. They are my most prized possessions.

I-I could never take something so precious from you!

It's okay, lass. I insist.


Haha, that's the spirit!

But I never dreamt I'd see such wonders.

This is...beautiful...

I...don't really know.

Out of all these incredible treasures, this one, it... It speaks to me. It's like I can see into the artist's soul. I can feel what he felt, all he experienced in his life...

He was quite the admirer of women, and married four times. And yet he could never forget the memory of his first love, who tragically passed when the two were babes of thirteen years.

Today, it is one of the world's most famous works of art.
Wow... I never knew.

To your heart's content, lass.

A born merchant, that one. I can see it in her eyes. She knew not a thing of Bastian, yet identified that painting as a masterpiece in an instant. I thought this was just a sleepy seaside town, but this girl...


Let's have a look, now.

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

It was left behind by a man I once let aboard in my younger days. It seems I neglected to throw it out, and it got mixed in here. It's best you choose something else, lass.
No, I want this one. I can't really explain it, but...

Is it now? Consider it yours, then.
Thank you, Mr. Leon.

Video: Within the Dusty Pages

Within those dusty pages...I felt like there was something that would change my life forever.

Oh yeah Cyrus was off to the side or something the entire time.

Ah, knowledge, truly the greatest treasure of all!

Just a quick jaunt back to Tressa's home. Cyrus goes to sleep at the inn or something before he continues on his adventure to find a book.

Video: Tressa's Resolve

Music: Tressa, the Merchant

"And I know what I'm searching for is out there somewhere.

That settles it!


Oh my... Just think about what you're saying, dear.

You need at least two more years of stocking the store and three years of working the shop front. That's five years before you're ready to go anywhere!
Sorry, Pa. My mind's made up. Besides, I'll get all kinds of training on the road!

Darling, this is our little girl you're talking about!
I know. But I had a feeling this day would come. She is her father's daughter, after all. In the end, being a good merchant boils down to experience. And that's just what she'll find out there.

Do take care of yourself out there, won't you? Be strong, and may the Sacred Flame light your path.
Thanks, Ma. Thanks, Pa.

But I'll come back one day, and you'll see just how much I've learned!
We wouldn't know what to do if you didn't. After all, you're our number one employee.

Tressa's now part of the party and traveling with Cyrus for...reasons, I guess.

Professor Albright! Where are you going?
My ultimate destination is to Quarrycrest, but in the meantime I'm going to walk around in circles for no particular reason.
Quarrycrest, huh? Mind if I tag along? It'd be better than traveling alone!
I don't see why not. The more the merrier, I say!
Great! It'll be handy to have someone carry my wares for me on the great road ahead!

Or write whatever reasons you want. While it's lame there's no in-game justification, that just means you get to make your own!

Video: Beyond the Horizon

Music: Tressa, the Merchant

The other half is still blank.

Guess I'll just have to pick up where he left off. I'll write down everything! I won't leave any stone unturned!

I'll travel far and wide, and journey on until every last page is filled!

I don't know what lies beyond the horizon... But there's only one way to find out!

Cyrus and Tressa are off together to find adventures and learn from the world around them. But we're still six people short, so who shall join us next?

Next time, we'll explore Rippletide and do a few side stories before we venture to wherever our feet take us next.