Music: Atlasdam, Seat of Learning

Before we actually show off Rippletide, let's get this side story in Atlasdam out of the way first because I feel lazy and only want to do a short update today.

This one requires Tressa or Therion.

I do not lack for confidence in my skills. Alas, I can't seem to get my hands on the ingredients I need most...

This is simple enough. We need to grab three ingredients and, wouldn't you know it, all three are available on this very screen!

Also a bio, if you're so inclined.

There's three different NPCs that hold the items, and while you can just try using Purchase/Steal on everyone (which you'd probably end up doing regardless, or at least I always did my first playthrough), the game actually gives you hints in the characters' dialogue. For instance, the kid is bragging about an egg. Hmmm.

Of course, you can buy all of these ahead of time and immediately give them to the Capable Culinarian upon receiving the quest.

This man of the sea has the crab we seek...

...and this simple dairy farmer has the milk. We're all set!

So let's see what we get!


Wait, I know you... You're famed throughout the realm for your discerning palate! Why, it would be my pleasure!

The rich and savory taste of the crab melds perfectly with the thick, buttery piecrust! It's wonderful piping hot, but I have no doubt it would be just as tasty served cold, as well!
But of course! After all, there's no guarantee the pie won't cool by the time it reaches the king's table.
I can see you've thought this through! This is a dish I'd love to share with my fellow fine dining aficionados!

Music: Atlasdam, Seat of Learning

And with that, this story is over. The rewards are alright.

That's right! It's the famous crimson crab pie, the pride of our town!

And with our help, our Capable Culinarian friend has found his break-out dish with our help.

Until next time!