Music: A Sea Breeze Blows

Today's quest is a three-parter. Each region has a three-part quest, one that starts in a given starting town, then continues in that region's Chapter 2/3 town and finishes in its Chapter 4 town. We're following and helping out specific adventurers during all this.

This is one of the more goofy ones.

No? A shame, that. Anyhow, I am just about to set out on the journey of a lifetime! Hark! Can you hear it? That's the sound of the great unknown calling out to me.

And yet, can you believe it? I seem to be completely unequipped for my adventure! My young friend, could you help a great adventurer prepare for the journey of a lifetime?

You can't help but love his enthusiasm, even if he seems way over his head.

His wares are vendor fodder. Generally you shouldn't buy these since they'll cost more than they'll sell for. They're more for Therion to steal.

He's always wanted to be an adventurer. But between the two of us, he can't even tie his shoelaces without someone's help.

Makes sense. The guy's ready to set out on an adventure but can't even be assed to do his own preparations!

But at least he's trying to achieve those dreams, even if in they're in the most roundabout way possible.

Hoho, it almost looks like you're getting ready to set out on an adventure!

I wish this was all together, but alas, that last line was from a failed Scrutinize attempt.

I mean, we are starting our own adventures, but we've been doing a fine job gathering gear so far.

A bit pricey, but what the hell.

At any rate, this quest is a simple one, so all we have to do is give the poor sap some gear.

Why, this is... This is precisely the sort of equipment a great adventurer like myself needs! It cannot be that you prepared all of this for my sake, can it!?


It is my utmost pleasure to help you at your time of need!

Somehow Cyrus is the only one I can see of the eight helping this guy out with complete sincerity. I mean, several others would definitely help but still be wary about his delusions. But Cyrus? Yeah, he's going full-in on this one.

Now that I'm fully equipped, it's time I set out to discover a new continent...


Farewell, friend of my heart!

An PhysAtt-boosting nut and more than enough money to offset the Attire cost. And of course it starts the quest chain, but that'll be for a later date.

Doing this also adds this line to the end of this guy's dialogue.

See you on the next adventure!