Music: Sunshade, City of Pleasures

Sunshade is a town pretty much defined by its main attraction, its dancers.

For now, let's talk to our next companion.

The man marked with the crow... The man who killed my father.

Primrose has a much darker story than any other character in this game. So exercise caution if you dislike "darker" content.

Regardless, we're here to help, and to learn her story.

Video: The Mark of the Crow

Music: On a Knife’s Edge

Everything that happens in this world falls into one of two neat little categories. Things one's better off knowing, and things one's better off...not.

I thought you might say something like that. You're making this delightfully easy.

Make sure he's dead - and let's leave this place before we're seen.

...It's done.

Three men, each marked with the sign of the crow.

Three men. Foul scavengers, just like the bird whose mark they bear.


Always the same dream...

How nice it must be to be the master's favorite!

It doesn't change the fact that you're just another dancer in the sands, Primrose. Nothing but a kept woman, here to flatter the dignity of men who pay for the privilege.

Shh! Enough chatter! Master Helgenish is coming!

Music: An Ill Omen

The opening act should be on that stage already. Now, get out there and earn your keep!

But not you, Primrose... You are the only one I can rely on.

If Primrose has learned anything over the years, it's how to put on a good act. I feel the voice actress does a good job with these lines when Primrose pretends to be flattered by this oh-so-wonderful human being.

But do not go forgetting yourself. It was I who groomed you for this role.
And I will be forever grateful for that, Master.
You were an ignorant girl when I picked you up. Completely useless, I've taught you everything you know.

If you can't tell, he just smacked Primrose. I chose not to animate it for obvious reasons.

Who puts a roof over your head, and food on your plate? Who bought the jewels that adorn your pretty neck? Who made you the most sought-after dancer in this dusty old town? It was me - all me.


Good then. Purr sweetly and I may give you a treat.

I'll have you purr for me some more.

...I'm coming.

Yes, Master.

So...yeah. Primrose doesn't have the best life here, to put it lightly.

Music: Sunshade, City of Pleasures

This is a simple stroll to the massive tavern up north.

While I'll save most of the dialogue for the town update later on, here are a couple of key lines to clue you in on just how this town works...

The lines here are a bit blurry, but I believe the dancers here are actually dancers, with Helgenish getting certian "benefits" for being their master. Though even then, the dancing is less art and more excuse for men to ogle the women. And even then, the working and living conditions for the dancers certainly seem terrible.

Primrose stands out above all other dancers. A mix of beauty, grace, poise, and most importantly, an inner confidence most men overlook.

I was...fixing my hair.
Heh, it better've been worth it. You're our best chance as getting to eat tonight. And the customers have been waiting.

Music: The Sunlands

There's no actual dancing shown. Instead, we're shown what's really going on. Primrose isn't here out of desperation trying to stay alive. If she really wanted to, she's badass enough to make her leave and make a life elsewhere.

No, she's here simply to find and kill the men who took her father from her, and there's nothing that will stop her from doing so.

Music: Sunshade, City of Pleasures

Thank you.
Hm? Look at your sandals. Seems you've gone and broken a strap. Go back to the dormitory and fetch yourself another pair.
Most happily.

Just a quick jaunt back to where we started, but on the way...

I will be the princess, and everyone will look at me! You'll come and watch too, won't you?
Of course, my dear.
Many thanks, m'lord. Tee hee - how was that?

A sudden flashback, and gone just as suddenly.

But why, Papa?

Then it would be better not to say such things. Not in this town, at least...
But what's wrong with dancing? It's so much fun!

Come now, Helena. This way.

Primrose just can't catch a break today.


As usual, the other dancers don't give her the time of day.

(A thorn...?)

Perhaps she got a blister? She's always dancing oh so passionately.

I'm fine. It's nothing I haven't dealt with before.

We're nothing but the master's playthings - all of us! And we all know what happens to the girls who displease him. Or have you forgotten?

We all know well enough where we stand. We know what he can do to us!
Then why torment one of our own!?


Music: An Ill Omen

Or do you think money flows into my coffers by itself? Get out there and collect your tips!


Do you think I'm blind? One glance was all I needed to know your mind was not where it ought to be.


You know the fate that awaits you if you dare defy me. Don't you, kitten? I'm warning you because I care, Primrose. I wouldn't want to see anything untoward happen to my shining star.

I was simply remembering the first day I came here to you.
Oh, were you now?
Not a day - not a moment passes when I am not thankful for all you have given me. Pray forgive my lack of focus today, Master. It will not happen again.
Oh, my dear, dear Primrose... I, too, often think back on the day you came to my door.

And you met my every expectation. You have been my best investment.

The crowd is looking thin tonight. Out on the streets with you, and bring us some custom. Custom with coin enough to cover a week's expenses. If you can do that, I may still...go easy on you.

You are kind, Master.


How do you do it? I want to vomit every time I have to call him "Master."

I was worried about you. How is your foot?

A handkerchief?

For all the terrible things Primrose endures in her quest for revenge, at least she has someone looking out for her.

Music: Sunshade, City of Pleasures

Anyway, it's time to check out Primrose's Path Action, Allure.

First off, we need to trigger a cutscene...

Mayhap you'd care to share it with me?


I'd love to get to...know you better.

I dance at the tavern just down the street.

That leads back to gameplay.

Allure has a percentage chance of "recruiting" that NPC, who will follow us and can even fight with us. We can see their relative strength and one of their special moves before choosing to Allure them. You can only have one NPC allured at a time.

Like with Scrutinize/Inquire, the Noble version of Allure, Guide, always works but is restricted by level. And you can have two separate NPCs under Guide and Allure, if you like really big parties.

Pray come hither...

Primrose's lines are always the same, but of course many NPCs have wildly differing dialogue, much of which I won't be showing off because I still somewhat value what little sanity I have left.

Good work, kitten. You will be treated well tonight.
...You honor me, Master.
The seats are starting to fill. See that not a single cup goes empty.
As you wish, Master.

Ah, Primrose. You're looking more and more lovely each time I see you.
It's been a while since we last enjoyed your company. Will you be with us long this evening?
Ho ho... As long as you'll have me for, my dear.
Is that so? I'll have to give it some thought, then.

(Could it be...?)

Music: On a Knife’s Edge

(How long I have waited for this day... Finally, you appear before me... This long last, justice will be served.)

(I can't let him get away!)

So curious about that man, are you? Was it love at first sight, kitten?

Back to work, Primrose. I trust I don't need to repeat myself?


(I may never get another chance like this again!)

It's not like you to look all flustered like this.

...Leave it to me. I'll keep his eyes busy. You slip out the back door on the upper floor.

Look, Prim. Maybe you don't tell me what you're thinking.

Music: Bonds of Friendship

On my...side?
When the other girls would pick on me, and tell me to know my place...

You never say much...

But I know you just don't want to burden others with your troubles. I know you better than you think, Prim. And I know that, deep down, you have a good heart.


Heh, always a woman of few words.

Time to make our pursuit.

Music: An Ill Omen

Competent help is so hard to come by these days. Whatever is a man to do?

Helgenish. We are friends, are we not?

I-I will do everything in my power-

(...So it is as I thought. Helgenish knows him.)

B-but of course, m'lord.

Fortunately, the coward Helgenish is too busy shaking in his boots to notice Primrose as he walks away. And from there...

Music: Sunshade, City of Pleasures

Let us help! We can take down that scumbag together!

Oh, come on! Three is better than one, wouldn't you say, Professor Albright?
Indeed. It seems you went through a lot to find this man, and I do not wish to see you fail in your pursuit. Allow us to assist you in any way we can!

And with that, we're now Tripath Travelers.

Next time, Primrose's Quest For Revenge truly kicks off.