Today we'll be recruiting Ophilia. Here's the rest of our future party members, for the record.

We'll explore the Frostlands in the future, because it's easier to stack two regions together for those mini-updates.

Music: Flamesgrace, Guiding Light

Flamesgrace is a rather large town, with its main attraction being its large church. It's an important religious site.

Ophilia's story is a bit underrated, in my opinion. Replaying, I honestly think she has one of the stronger Chapter 1's even with a few problems here and there, but well, we can go into that after I show it off.

Once we get over four, we have to swap out a character. Since Cyrus is our main, he'll always be in our party, so my general priority at this time is to always have the lowest-leveled characters. Thus Tressa will go to the tavern to barter with the locals while we listen to Ophilia's story.

Video: The Kindling

Music: Flamesgrace, Guiding Light

Things begin with a knock on the door.

This is the "Lianna" Ophilia mentioned just a moment ago.

Ah ha ha!

Each day is one day closer to my departure. Perhaps I'm more nervous than I thought I was...
You needn't worry about me. I was born to make the pilgrimage.

You really are incredible, Lianna. I don't know how you do it.

And yet you never fail them. Each of your sermons is more inspiring than the last. And now, the pilgrimage... So much is placed on you alone.

Why, you're the one who helped me think of a topic for that last sermon, Ophilia! You even stayed up nights with me to draft it!

Oh, abandon such worries and come, my sister. Father is expecting us in the chapel.

And so we head there. And once we do, a bit of a plot dump.

This is the backstory of the gods within Octopath Traveler. It's worth noting that the divine skills of the eight jobs are named after eight of the gods. In fact, Ophilia's Divine Skill is named after Aelfric himself, which is fitting since his Sacred Flame resides right here.

Video: Archbishop Josef

Have you need of us here, Father?
I wished to see you, that is all. Do carry on with your duties.
As you wish, Your Excellency.

How long has it been, Ophilia, since you came to us?
Fifteen years, Your Excellency. Or near enough so.

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

I may not have said it enough growing up, but my heart is full of gratitude for all that you have given me.
No need for such words, my child. We all follow the path the Flame illuminates for us.
Come on, Phili... We're family! You, Father, and I. There's no need to be so formal about it.

Of course... You're right, Lianna.

Ahahaha! An old layabout? You wound me, Lianna!
I know your duties at the cathedral keep you busy, Father, but--honestly! You're no help at all when it comes to keeping a household running! Would it kill you to cook a meal or dust the bookshelves from time to time?
Oh my... When you put it that way, I suppose I am quite useless, after all.

So it would seem, Ophilia. So it would seem.
Now tell me, Lianna...

But of course, Father. I am ready.

You will take the ember to the churches across the realm, where it will serve to light the sacred fires that warm and protect all the lands. This is the Kindling, the time-honored rite held without fail once every twenty years since the days of old.

Yes, many a servant of the church has made this journey throughout our history. Some...have never returned.

You have my word, Father. I won't let you--I won't let anyone down. I will carry out the rite, just as you did twenty years before.

Are you all right, Your Excellency?

Oh, you mustn't sound so gloomy, Your Excellency! There is still so much we would learn from you before we let you call yourself archbishop emeritus!
Ophilia is right, Father! ...Like she always is.

We will let the pontiff know that you are resting in your chambers, sir.
When my two girls insist, who is this old man to deny them? I will leave the preparations for today's service to you.
We will take care of everything, Your Excellency.

Thank you, Lianna. I will see to our duties here.

Oh yeah there's a child here.

Music: Tranquil Days

Be lucky I'm omitting the child's cry, because...ow.

Now, now. Let's dry those tears. Why don't I help you look for your mother?
Sniffle... Can you really find her?
Of course, my child. The Sacred Flame will show us the way.

(I simply cannot abandon this poor boy. If I hurry, I should still be able to finish everything in time.)

This is an early showing of Ophilia's kindness and compassion for others, that she's willing to sacrifice prep time to help this child find his mother.

Then again, it's kind of a low baseline of kindness, but that's because it's doubling as the introduction to Ophilia's Path Action.

Music: Flamesgrace, Guiding Light

Guide! It's Allure but you're wooing people with God instead of sex. Also instead of a chance of failing you instead succeed automatically as long as you meet the level limit.

Generally these quests are the only times you can recruit children, and as you may expect they also don't get involved in combat during these.

This is a simple task. We just have to go immediately to the south.

Sister Ophilia! How can I thank you for taking care of this little troublemaker of mine...

Pray do not scold the poor boy. He was so brave and good this whole time.
You are too kind, Sister Ophilia. I know how busy you are with your duties at the chapel. Thank you for helping me despite that.

Surely, you must know that he is forever boasting of you and Sister Lianna both!
He...he does?
But of course! Almost every time I speak to him!

It was my pleasure, child. But do try to stay with your mother in the future, yes?

Ophilia sells herself short a bit. She may have been adopted, but it's clear as day that Josef and Lianna love her as much as they would if she was blood-related. She's truly a member of their family.

...Which does make the "Your Excellency" stuff a bit awkward, but oh well.

Would you know where I might find His Excellency the Archbishop?
...May I ask who is looking for him?

The archbishop has generously deigned to engage in a transaction of sorts with us.
A trader...? I see. It's an honor to meet you, sir. I am Sister Ophilia.
Oh, so you are Sister Ophilia! I've heard so much about you. When the archbishop contacted me to request my services, he spoke much of his two daughters.

It is, as a matter of fact, to equip your sister for her forthcoming journey that the archbishop has summoned me here today.
Is that so? We are much obliged for your support.
Think nothing of it, good sister! It is the duty of the faithful to serve the church, as the church so tirelessly serves us.


What!? I...I will come at once!

Do not spare a moment's thought for me, Sister--pray go to the archbishop's side at once!
I thank you for your understanding, sir. Please excuse me!

Video: The Ailing Archbishop

Music: Discord

Ophilia, please...! Please take a moment to breathe.
Forgive me, Lianna. But His Excellency...?
What His Excellency needs most now is rest. Please try not to excite him.
Of course... Forgive me.

Yes, Father?

That is...good to...hear...

Worry not, Sister Lianna...he is only resting.

Sister Lianna, are you not well?

It certainly doesn't seem like the archbishop is in good health, and of course that weighs heavily on Lianna's mind as she's about to leave Flamesgrace, and her father.

But I worry for her. I should be by her side at a time like this.

It's mainly a matter of following the mini-map, until...

Video: Lianna's Lament


...we find her on the most scenic spot in Flamesgrace.



Music: Melancholy


But if I fall to pieces now, everyone will lose hope. I must be strong. And soon I must depart on the pilgrimage. The rite cannot be put off any longer--there are centuries of tradition we must obey.


This is Lianna, my daughter. Your new sister.

What's the matter with her?
Lianna, I'm afraid that Ophilia has gone through something very sad. So let us see that she is cheered once more. Together, in the light of the Sacred Flame, we will find happiness.


Video: Ophilia's Melancholy

Music: Melancholy

Hm... Oh! I know!

There's someplace I just have to take you!

Where...where are we going?

What is this place?

Maybe it could become your favorite place, too?

Isn't it, though? That's why I love it here!

Here, Phili. This is for you!

Still no?

No, I'm not...I'm not crying.

Then it's settled! Oh, next time, I'll teach you my favorite game! And then...

I'm sorry for running off like that... I will return to Father's side, and stay with him as long as I can.
Pray do that, Lianna. He will rest all the easier knowing you are with him.

(And yet she must hide that from all around her...)

(If I were to gather the ember in her place, Lianna could stay by her father's side.)

(And if someone else were to gather the ember, that same person would have to go on the pilgrimage and complete the rite... ...To say nothing of straying into that cave without the church's blessing. I'd get more than just a stern lecture, that is for sure.)

It's a simple story, but a sweet one nonetheless. Ophilia's kindness and love for her sister are so strong, that's she's willing to undertake this dangerous and difficult task and sacrifice what possibly little remaining she has left with her father so that Lianna can be there for what may be his final days.

And so her mind is set.

Music: Flamesgrace, Guiding Light

This is the path I have chosen. I alone must go...
Come now. There's no need for you to do it alone.
Indeed. You carry a heavy burden already. Let us bear it with you.

It would be our honor to help you in any way we can!

Now let us make for the Cave of Origin. It lies in the hills to the east of town.

Ophilia is now part of our group, and next time we'll retrieve the ember we need to begin Ophilia's pilgrimage.