Music: Cobbleston, Nestled in the Hills

This is a short and easy one.

'Twould be a shame not to plant 'em, so I'm thinkin' of clearin' land an' makin' a new field. But you need manure to prepare forest soil... Would you mind fetchin' me some?

Short and simple, we just need to obtain manure.

Hey, not all of these Side Stories are going to be glamorous.

At any rate, this is important to him and potentially to all of Cobbleston, so why not?

And if you wanted yet another spear upgrade, well, here you go.

Anyway, this is the guy we want to talk to.

Why, even their poop is grand. Only the best manure comes out of my lovelies!

So that this isn't purely about poop, here's hints of a dark backstory from this guy. Some things are best left unknown.

Also this guy has the best combat skill and I'm tempted to recruit him at a later time.

It's an axe attack that can inflict poison, apparently.

We even get a discount on the poop!

Anyway, time to give the aspiring farmer what he most desires.

Mixed with wheat husks, it makes a fine fertilizer, fit for any crop. It's not so fragrant when it's in the ground, sadly, but it makes the soil soft an' friable. You need soil like that to soak up the rain an' to let the roots grow deep. See, in land fresh reclaimed from the forest, the soil's hard like clay, an' nothin' you plant will take.

The rewards are decent, at least.

And we also helped this town out a little bit. Even the crappy quests have value!