Music: Flamesgrace, Guiding Light

Today we will be exploring Flamesgrace.

We'll meet those two a bit later.

Sly guy.

This is a pretty big defensive upgrade, and the price is really nice considering what a step up it is from the rest of our armor.

Also this guy can set foes to sleep if he desires to.

Doesn't make a whit of sense. But apparently he was once quite the famous scholar. It's always sad to see a great mind gone to waste like that, don't you think?

She may be overreacting a bit in general.

She also has a bizarrely-high Guide requirement for such a weak attack.

But it is a most fascinating tale once you begin delving into the details. The nomenclature, for example. You see, the reason that the j├Âtunn are commonly known as "ice giants" is in part because...

I don't know, this guy seems pretty cool to me.

Hoarfrost Grotto is the side dungeon for the Frostlands.

Anyway, can't explore Flamesgrace without experiencing the sights of this hill!

Nothin' else is gonna take away the misery of my job... But drink takes money... And money means more work--hic! jus' never ends...

A shame, really. A job he both loves and hates, such a tough position.

Also he has a key for a side quest here but he's not willing to barter for it.

He's got impressively bad breath, however, which can inflict several status effects to all enemies for a random number of turns.

This is the guy who helped us against the Flame Guardian with his awesome wind attack.

Imagine having no other hobbies or goals in life, and achieving the one thing you set out to do. Then what do you do?

This lowers the level cap a good bit. Not sure how much, though.

Also he has nothing interesting to sell but I still love this line.

This is the other guy who joined us in Ophilia's dungeon.

Unfortunately, we can't meet this mystery guy because she blocks the door to him and we're not high enough level to duel her.

...buuuuuuut there's a good bit more to this story than meets the eye. Yikes.

Here's the area outside the cathedral.

Weirdly enough, I aced every single other Scrutinize check here that hovered around 60-70%, yet I failed the 96% one. Go figure!

It's a tough choice, but sometimes you have to look out for yourself. At least her friends are likely better off now...

Also we can buy her old dancing garb if we wanted.

Some NPCs are just horny.

Our first chance to snag a Pomegranate. The higher-tier ones end up fantastic later on.

Are you here for the church service?

Not all soldiers have to fight. Logistics is incredibly important for any operation!

Not that he's a slouch in combat either, of course.

Finally, the insides of The Great Cathedral.

A lot of NPCs in here have random items scattered about the cathedral.

This is by far the best one, though. Really big weapon upgrade for Olberic!

He also has a Critical Nut, which is nice.

This is the child Ophilia helped in her Chapter 1.

And these two are the family of the old man at the entrance of Flamesgrace.

Oddly, her hidden item leads to the Archbishop's chamber. The same Archbishop she talks to often.

It may be a coincidence, but still...

Also Josef is still resting and we can't use any Path Actions on him.

We also revere the Sacred Flame, the enduring symbol of his holiness.

Small and simple.

Though my days of waving a sword are long since over. Besides, they just don't make knights like they used to anymore. I had a brother-in-arms who was the soul of honor. Finest knight I ever knew.

Hints to a future Side Story.

We cannot use Guide on him, but he hasn't lost a lot of his talent over the years.

There are rumors, however, of heretics who woship a black flame of evil.

I've no clue if any of the knights we've seen in town are his children. Who knows?

That's it for Flamesgrace! The next character will be...

...H'aanit! Next time, we preparen our journey to the Woodlands to recruiten thy next character.