Music: The Frostlands

We'll be traveling from the Frostlands to the Woodlands today.

The Frostlands in the Chapter 1 area is rather linear, a few branching paths to treasure that are generally short, but mostly linear.

It's also one of two areas where you can't directly access the Chapter 2/3 areas from the region, as to reach the higher-level Frostland areas you have to go through the C2/3 Woodland areas. The other such region is the Coastlands, which require a detour through the Highlands to reach those later regions.

North is where we came from, leading to Atlasdam, but it's a very short path and nothing of note...

...besides this Cait I ran into.

A Medium Soulstone is more than enough to kill it.

The EXP is ridiculous. Cyrus gains four levels, Primrose and Olberic five, and Ophilia eight.

I actually reset after that because I want to at least try to preserve some of the difficulty.

At any rate, the western path is the one we want to reach the Woodlands.

Fun fact, many of the enemies in the ice region are weak to fire. Go figure!

Here's the second half of the Frostlands.

It's more of the same. Still pretty, though.

Pretty much snow variants of enemies we've seen before.

Ophilia hits her second skill, and I opt for Heal More over Reflective Veil because there's a chance I may need it more than the latter for the rest of Chapter 1.

Not that I'll really need either but, hey, gotta pick something!

Here's the side dungeon for the Frostlands, and where a frost giant apparently resides. Don't think we'll tackle that one yet...

S'warkii is the Chapter 1 town of the Woodlands and where we'll find H'aanit.

Music: The Woodlands

And a nice, graceful transition from a snowing wastleand to a thick forest.

Bolderfall is the Clifflands region where we'll find Therion eventually.

Woodlands has some general paths with some wide clearings like this region here.

That Giant Boar is trouble.

It hits likes a dang truck.

It also has a huge amount of HP for a random encounter.

The EXP and JP are decent for a Chapter 1 area, though.

I go ahead and explore the rest of the Woodlands because why not?

Victors Hollow is the Chapter 2/3 town, and one we've heard about a few times already. It's where we'll do Olberic's Chapter 2 eventually.

There's a large loop in the center of this area, which is kinda neat.

Ratfolk are common here, and the higher-tier archers can send a character to sleep with an arrow.

I actually reach 500JP with Cyrus, so I can get one of the two-hit spells. I really have no preference, so I end up going for Lightning. I might save Fire for last because one of the remaining characters has a reliable two-hit Fire technique that's easier to do than their Ice/Lightning ones.

More importantly, this unlocks a passive that gives Cyrus a hefty 50 point ElemAtk boost. That will certainly come in handy later on...

The Woodlands side-dungeon. Still gonna wait to unlock everyone before I start doing these.

The other exits for this place that I have no intention to enter yet.

Here's the path to S'warkii, and the first hints of civilization.

I run into another Cait and go out of my way to not kill it. It's not easy, as I get a surprise round and it wastes a turn using Grooming to heal another enemy, but eventually it runs away.

Next time, H'aanit's story.