Music: My Quiet Forest Home

S'warkii is pretty small as far as these towns go, so this should be a short one.

We now have an edge while using Provoke.

The Headgear is a sizable upgrade at a really good price. Easy snag.

All of the Allure attacks are nothing to write home about, so I won't be showing any this update.

This poor kid's caught in a power struggle that we'll get a bit of insight to later.

But alas, these days I have neither the time nor coin for such pursuits...

A true man of nature. That said, he does know a thing or two about tigers, knowledge that should pay off a long time from now.

With all his bumbling, Z'aanta is at heart a good guy.

It's nice to see our bartering doing good beyond netting us cheap goods.

One day, I'll be Master Z'aanta's number one apprentice. Just thou waiten!

I "luck" into failing for this wonderful line.

I wonder how many forest orphans are found by JRPG characters every year. Must be in the dozens.

Even her barter dialogue is great. She might be one of my favorite "generic" NPCs so far.

Needless to say, history is dominated by these great and powerful families. To understand them is to understand how our realm came to be as it is.

Everyone's gotta have hobbies, I guess. Hard to say whether his hobby is more ridiculous than what I'm currently doing.

High-end consumables are ridiculously expensive. This is overkill under Chapter 4 at the absolute earliest.

The freeloading brother from before.

I want in so...

Inside is a purple chest, a small child, and a thousand leaves that was triggered from that rather cool huntress from before.

I'm not sure which of the brothers is his father, but I guess it doesn't really matter that much.

Many a hunter and huntress of the Darkwood hath earned great acclaim hunting beasts and fiends across the realm.


Shouldst thou ben inclined to doen the same, bewaren. Hunten half-heartedly and thou wilt becomen the hunted.

This guy's a pretty thick book to crack open.

Turns out this guy's in a bit of a power struggle with the village headman, though we probably never would've noticed it. Cyrus certainly noticed it, though.

And he does have a nice axe, which will be handy for H'aanit...

...and our next character, Alfyn! We'll be recruiting him after some more Side Stories, so stay tuned!