Music: My Quiet Forest Home

Today's Side Story comes from this fellow below us.

But a man's not a hunter true unless he's bagged a giant boar. Truth be told, I don't see myself doing that too soon.

This one is simple enough. We just have to help him with his boar problem.

Now that we've finished H'aanit's Chapter One, there are two NPCs out here now of relevance to us.

There are many rare specimens in these parts--it is a most stimulating environment.

This fellow has information on finding giant boars.

I've been able to gather rare furs, claws, and tusks galore!

This fellow, on the other hand, has a tusk we can purchase.

As before, there are two ways to handle this.


First, let's share our knowledge of giant boars.

Based on much research, I have deduced that giant boars are boars that are giant.

Hang on. If I use my head, and learn more about it, mayhap I can go an' hunt one for myself...

Thank you for showin' me this!

And that ends the quest.

Now I'm a hunter, proper and true. I hope to be a good one, too.

So with our knowledge, this man learned to be a hunter.


So what happens if we skip ahead a bit and just flat out give him the tusk?

Why, of course! I needn't hunt the beast itself. A tusk is all I need to show the elders... It'd be as if I'd hunted it myself... Much the same thing, really.

What was I going to do with a giant tusk anyway...?

S'pose this is what tradin's all about.

And so we helped a man cheat in his manhood. What were the results?

But hang me if they weren't impressed! Said I'd the makin' of a fine merchant.

We ended up helping him find a new calling with a career he'd never even considered. Sometimes cheating does pay off!

Especially for us.