Music: The Riverlands

As we make our way to our last character, let's check out the last two areas to explore.

Saintsbridge is the Chapter 2/3 town of the Riverlands. Might as well check out the trek to there!

River Froggen are the primary species of the Riverlands, with swords and ice wrecking them in particular.

Side Story NPCs aren't relegated to just towns! A few exist in the wilderness, such as this old man. I'll help him out at a later date.

Some of these paths are more dangerous than others, which is why recommended levels for the various Chapters 2 and 3 vary by character (before ultimately all converging to L45 or so for each Chapter 4).

Wasps exist. I don't know if I showed them off yet, so here you go.

Might as well restock along the way!

Yet another Cait. I'd be lucky if I weren't trying to actively avoid them.

Just gotta head north then west to reach the next half of the Riverlands.

Soon we'll take a trip into some of these areas.

The real treasure is the friends we make along the way.

Here's the second part of the Riverlands.

Aren't I takin' too many, ye ask? Pah, there's plenty o' fish in the sea...or the river, such as it were.

What embarrassment.

This path leads to Clearbrook.

And this path leads to the Cliftlands.

Music: The Cliftlands

Another jarring transition to a very rocky and cliffy area.

Of course, those cliffs lead to some amazing views, or would if it weren't so foggy out today.

Laughing Hyenas, Hatchlings, and Cliff Birdians abound.

...And I only now just realize that opposite characters have the same primary foes for their regions. For Ophilia/Primrose it's Lizardmen, Cyrus/Alfyn it's Froggen, Tressa/Therion it's Birdian, and Olberic/H'aanit it's Ratkin. Neat detail!

Anyway, the Hatchlings like to use their first turns to buff their defenses, while some Birdians like to buff their attack.

Or they might skip straight to physicals or wind attacks.

Axes are nice for this region, which makes sense since both Alfyn and H'aanit start adjacent to it.

Quarrycrest is a very quick jaunt to the west. Soon enough, but not today.

With the enemies such high level, I'm gonna have everyone hitting their fifth skill before long. H'aanit gets Thunderbird for lack of better choices.

The side dungeon for this area happens to be all the way at the bottom of this chasm. A nice place to hide it, really!

And Tressa gets her fifth skill. It's really difficult to pick a good one for Tressa because I love all of her skills, but I end up going Sidestep.

The second part of the Cliftlands, and the last area we'll see in the Chapter 1 part of the overworld.

This also has some great views.

And a rather clever chest you have to sneak around from behind to get to.

I just love the random skull that's there for whatever reason.

This will take us to S'warkii, but we've already been that route.

Next time, we'll complete the Ctpoohat.