Music: A Settlement in the Red Bluffs

Our last town in Chapter 1 is Bolderfall, and it's definitely one of the larger areas we've seen.

And here's our next companion.

The famed treasure of House Ravus, indeed...

So far, our team has been pretty goody-goody for the most part. The only character even close to morally gray is Primrose, and that's more due to her single-minded focus on revenge than her actual actions so far. But Therion is a flat-out thief. Not even a Robin Hood-type good guy, he's a damn thief and he's proud of it.

Pretty much everyone's caught up now, so I go Ophilia and Alfyn because why not.

Video: Sweet Memories

Music: A Settlement in the Red Bluffs

We start things off at an alehouse, as this game likes to call them.

As ye like it.

Also I could not find this bartender's sprite for the life of me so I had to pick the closest one I could find. I'll edit the proper sprite in later if I do ever find it.

Really? What's he done this time?
Lifted everythin' off a merchant leavin' the goldsmithy. Guess he didn't get his fill at that fancy manor the other day. Still can't believe he made it past all those guards. I'm sure the more the better for 'im.

Ain't no point swoonin' over someone else's work! Someday we'll make it as big as that thief, an' then we'll be the talk of the town! Ahahaha!


Music: Discord

...Not even a "please"?
You won't last long in here with that foul mouth, whelp.
No? You seem to be doing just fine.

Impudent brat! You'll learn your manners the hard way, just like the rest.

And who are you?
A no-good tea leaf who got caught in the act, just like yourself.
Just like me, huh? Well, you look a lot worse.

And they don't go easy on no one here, least of all teapots like us.
Sounds about right.
So, ready to be a good little boy and play nice with the guards?
Are you?

Hey, what do you think you're--
A little busy right now.

The key? Where'd you get this!?
Snatched it from the guard once he was all riled up.
Hahaha! Look at the cobblers on this one!


Video: Rumors of Ravus Manor

Music: A Settlement in the Red Bluffs

(Ah, sweet memories.)

'Ere ye go.

Beg pardon, but would ye 'appen to be after them Ravus's treasure?
If ye are, I suggest ye think again. Heard another would-be fortune teller was tossed in the dungeons yesterday.
So what's the count now?
A score, maybe more.

Still, poor thieves can't help but flock to that manor like moths to a flame. Suppose it's all those rumors of their riches that keep 'em comin'. Some say it's enough to buy up the whole town and then some.

Can't say for sure. No one's ever seen the treasure. Even that master thief they keep talking about would have more than his hands full.

Look. When ye been in the business long enough, ye can tell things at a glance. Yer a smart and skilled young man. Probably 'ave a long career ahead of ye.

...Thanks for the advice.

For now, Therion plans to do some intel and formulate a plan before going into action. The man is a professional, after all.

Therion's talent is being able to open purple chests. There's usually good stuff in them too, so it's infuriating for some that you have to bring Therion along most of the time to get some of the better items in the game. Me, I don't really mind that much. I'm fine skipping out on the loot in order to benefit from other characters' Talents like Tressa's money, Alfyn's Concoctions, and so on.

Bolderfall consists of the main hub, a lower level where the alehouse is, and Ravus Manor to the east. Time to do some intel.

Music: A Settlement in the Red Bluffs

Yes, sir!
Stop dragging your feet! Walk with purpose!
Yes, sir!
We're getting paid a fortune for this job! Do it with pride!

Those guard dogs look vicious.

One false move and it'll sound an alarm, no doubt. Yep, trying to scale the walls would be more trouble than it's worth.

The Ravuses have more important matters to attend to than entertaining riffraff like yourself.

A merchant, you say? Prove it.
Prove what!? I came to show the lady of the house some of the finest fabrics in the realm!
And we're supposed to just take you at your word?

But I...

Never thought the front door would be the easiest way in. Time to get my hands on some "proof".

We've got a plan, now we just need to prepare.

First, time to listen around for some clues.

Turned away at the gate? Join the club.
You too? But why?
They're doing it to everyone. Rumor has it they're guarding some great treasure inside.
But I'm not after their treasure! I just wanted to show the lady of the house my wares. Then they told me I needed proof! As if this sack of silk dresses isn't proof enough!

A letter of what?
House Ravus only does business with the most esteemed merchants and traders.
So how can I get one of these letters?
It's not easy, that's for sure. First, you'll have to make a name for yourself here in town.

That said, you could count the number of people who've earned one on one hand.

(Lifting it from the pocket of someone who's done the work for me.)

Therion's path action is Steal. He has a percentage chance of stealing an item for free. Of course, failing means taking a reputation hit.

But before we can try it out, we get interrupted with another cutscene.


Just out of curiosity, how long do you plan on following me?

...So you noticed.

Music: Creeping Dread

You're keener than most, friend.
As are we. We can tell you've come for the Ravus fortune.
If the army surroundin' the manor is any indication, it's more than worth the trouble.

We don't need to see it! Just look at what they've got guardin' it!
Guards, dogs, traps--you name it, they got it.
And you came all this way to warn me? How thoughtful.

Just hear us out, mate. We can help each other.
My partner here's been inside. He's seen the traps they've set up close.

Anyway, I got out just fine and we're here now. So, what do you say? It won't be easy to carry all that treasure on your own. We're offering you a helping hand.
I've already got two hands. That's enough for me.

You're an ungrateful bastard, that's what you are!
Listen, I don't have time to entertain you clowns. I have places to be.

Therion clocks him cold.

Get out of my sight.

Music: Discord

They're on to us!

Got it!


That went better'n I expected.
I wish they could've seen the looks on their faces.

We might be small, but we're smarter than they'll ever be.

Take a butcher's at all the loot we got.
Yeah... It's quite the haul.


That's the spirit! All the world's treasures are ours for the takin'!

Therion snaps out of things and scares off the teapots.

(But this is no time for nostalgia. I need to get myself one of those letters.)

Music: A Settlement in the Red Bluffs

We need to head back to the lower level of the town to find our mark.

It's all about experience! Ahahaha!

Now to execute.

They're going out of their way to make you want to pickpocket this twit.

And pickpocket we will! Sadly Therion doesn't trigger any unique dialogue like Tressa does bartering with people. Free stuff is worth it, though.

...Shouldn't we do something about this?
A valid point. Do not worry, let us take care of this!

Good thief, let us help you break into the manor and steal that treasure!
Um, that's not what I meant...

Aw shucks, I can't let down a fella in need of a hand! If we work together, we can overcome all those traps and get all that treasure out for ya!
I may have made a mistake joining this group...

I mean, recruiting Therion makes no sense otherwise. Therion's whole thing is being a loner, and we just had a cutscene where he turned down help. Not to mention most of the cast wouldn't actually help a thief, though it turns out no one really has a problem with his thievery besides Tressa, for obvious reasons. I can see Alfyn and Cyrus doing it easily, though, and Primrose and H'aanit might do it because, hell, why not?

Anyway, let's get entrance to the manor before we finish this update off.

(Two guards at the gates... If I can fool them, I'm in.)


Music: How Amusing!

(...Heh. Something tells me this one's bark is worse than its bite.)

A merchant? And "of repute," you say? Don't make me laugh!
You ought not judge a man by his robes.

And I doubt she would react kindly upon hearing I was turned away.
Summoned? You?

If we had a leaf for every rotten thief who gave us that story, we'd be as rich as the Ravuses!
But since we aren't, we're here protecting their fortune from would-be swindlers like you.

The next time you're "summoned," remember to bring your letter.

How did you get that!? It must be a fake!

(Now for the finishing blow...)

I'll take my leave, but I will give Lady Ravus a full report on what happened today.

W-wait, sir! We were only doing our jobs.

(I'll just sneak in through that window over there.)

So after getting his accomplices in through methods, Therion makes ready to break and enter.

Next time, we dungeon-dive a manor, learn about Therion's battle capabilities, and set up Therion's plot arc for the game.