Music: Clearbrook, by the Pristine Waters

Good news, today is the day. I know how much she's been hyped by the game so far, and today is the day we finally get to meet the one, the only, the world-famous Meryl.

Please try to hold your applause until the end of the update.

Even being world-renown, Meryl does her best to live a humble life. Truly we are blessed to witness her this close.

You see, I found a bottle floating in the river. Odd thing is, there was a letter inside. Want to know what it said?

...But I have parents, right here in Clearbrook.

This has one of the better openings for these Side Stories since there's already a juicy hook and a bit of mystery involved. But what else could you expect from a life as glamorous and exciting as Meryl's?

Mere words don't do Meryl justice.

Meryl's supposed mother is also her biggest fan, which makes perfect sense. She's lucky to be so important in Meryl's life.

Also she can kick some butt.

But she does not know the whole story...

Meryl's supposed father also loves Meryl from the bottom of his heart (but then again, who doesn't?), even if the truth is bitter and harsh.

It's really tough to bring such heartbreaking news to anyone, especially Meryl, but we need to do what's best for everyone, so...

I... I wasn't... I'm not...


As you may expect from anyone who just found out their parents are not their real parents, Meryl's struggling to take the news well. She had her suspicions since the letter came, but to be confronted with that reality is brutal.

Forgive us, my dear. We should have told you long ago.

With tears in her eyes, she told us the girl's name was Meryl, and begged us to look after the child until she could return. We had no children of our own, though we longed for them. You were a gift from the heavens...
We waited for your mother to come back and claim you. But the weeks turned to months, and months to years... In time, we came to think of you as our own daughter.


Forgive me. But she might have answers--answers that I've long been searching for...

Whoever put the bottle in the water must be somewhere along the river. I'll set out as soon as I've packed my things.

And so Meryl begins a journey of her own. The strongest stars shine the brightest, probably.

The End!

But my love for her is no less real for it.

All I care about now is that she's safe.

They still care deeply for Meryl, but they know what she must do is what's best for her at this time.

The good news is we still have two more future Side Stories in which Meryl will grace us with her presence! Truly we are blessed with divine luck to have such an opportunity. Now we just have to wait for those glorious days to come...