Music: A Settlement in the Red Bluffs

The last town we'll explore in Chapter 1 is Bolderfall. It's also one of the largest.

This NPC is one of the most important ones here, merely due to this simple buff. Watching her husband suffer is also a shame I guess, but learning to thief is more important of course. This boost alone gives Therion a 100% chance to steal nearly everything in this town.

Also, be careful what you teach others.

So much history in this world that we'll never see outside these little snippets. These two probably have a game's worth of story themselves, and instead they only exist for me to beat up the husband to grab a decent dagger upgrade.

Except Olberic can't Challenge him yet so I have to come back later to beat him up with H'aanit.

So many shrewd merchants in this land, you have to be smart just to be able to compete.

Egads, how I miss that striped scamp.

I miss him so much I skinned his corpse to make myself a fine scarf.

Actually that's probably a pretty common thing, it's a nice combination of touching and weird.

It's the most well-guarded place in town, and they turn almost everyone away at the gate.

Class act that's a hint to a Side Story around here.

Makes me feel less guilty stealing his wares.

He also has a three-turn speed debuff in his pocket.

They're thieves, aye, but do good deeds, too. They even give some of their ill-gotten gains away... Some say they helped an orphanage, but I can't seem to recall the name... Sorry.

This guy's another hint to a Side Story here, though none of the Chapter 1 towns have an orphanage so we'll have to wait on doing this one.

One of the few below-100% steals in this town.

My work's not done here, an' can't spare the time to meet her. I pray to the gods she finds honest company to travel with...

This man's wife is in S'warkii, and there's a Side Story to escort her here.

This is the guy who tried and failed to sell dresses at the Ravus Manor. Grandport and Victors Hollow are pretty cool cities that we'll see later on.

Next up, the bottom rung of Bolderfall.

Doesn't mean they all think highly of each other, though...

This is where all the poor and undesirables reside. The class system is pretty strong in Bolderfall.

And there's a hint of an uprising in the future, which we may get involved in later.

Another one for the uprising.

I just want to rob that house.

But inside is just another man.

A stubborn one, at that.

But one that you absolutely do not want to mess with.

Wait, this man traveled in a group of eight? Hmmm...

The highborn have taken everything from us, and it's time we take it back! Of course we all wish there was a peaceful resolution. We can't stand the thought of losing anyone in the fight... But what recourse have we? If we want to improve our lot, this is the only chance we have.

Here's what seems to be the leader of this potential uprising.

And he's gonna be suspicious of most anyone.

But more on this later. For now, I have to maul an old man.

Like so.

A nice upgrade over my current knives, and the Evasion boost is handy too.

The last section of Bolderfall, Ravus Manor.

You can tell how dedicated he is to keeping the captain on his toes.

1500 leaves later...

This guy is going to kill himself doing this, but at least he's prepared.

And also I wouldn't wanna tussle with him. Really all the guards here are pretty strong, this guy's just at another level.

You left the gate open, you fools. Not that I can blame them, they seem to be overworked.

It always sucks the first time you find out you're the figment of a dead god's imagination, but by the seventh or eighth time you get used to it, and by number sixteen it's almost a pleasant experience.

I've got a bone to pick with this guy.

Finally, there's the dogs.

And you can use Inquire and Scrutinize on them.

It's tough whether I prefer to think of Alfyn chatting with a dog or Cyrus deducing all this information. Both are equally delightful.

And the dogs here have more detailed and intricate backstories than many NPCs!

I hope this dog and her dog lover get together again someday, if only because she led me to a nice shield upgrade.

And that's Bolderfall! Eight towns down, a whopping sixteen to go.