The Brink of Time

Go there only if you're looking to achieve a shorter life span... Lavos will help you leave this mortal coil.

If you're not playing New Game +, this is the earliest possible time that you can challenge Lavos, the final boss of Chrono Trigger.

Yes, the game allows you to challenge the final boss this early in the game.

No, you will not win, unless you're on New Game + or overlevel to a utterly ridiculous extent.


This time gate takes you to the very instant that Lavos rises during 1999AD. We want to stop it, so here we are.

 Full Video: The Apocalypse (Ending) 

It's coming out?!

Lavos's Theme

The big, bad boss itself. If we want to save the world, we need to defeat this creature. But are we strong enough to defeat it...?

Of course not. Crono and company are nowhere near the strength they need to be to take Lavos on. If they fight on, they will surely perish.

But these teenagers were defiant enough to decide to defeat this thing. So shall we fight!

Crono's Theme

Our group will surely die, but they still can't let Lavos get away with this. They have to give it their all, for the sake of the world!

I'm not showing off the final battle yet. It's the final battle, after all! Suffice to say, blind optimism has its better aspects, but it can also lead to a quick and meaningless death. Crono and his friends are dead. Nothing changes.

Lavos's Theme

In the end, Lavos rises and sends the world into ruin.

Porre...Choras...Medina...! Everything's been destroyed!!

Director! We're under attack!

Y, yes sir!

This is the bleakest ending. This is what will happen if Crono and his party fails in their mission. This is why they can't fail.

Or else...