Memories of Green

We're finally making progress on this whole "Magus" thing. We have the rock to make the sword to give to the frog to kill the wizard that makes the porcupine that destroys the world. Time to get this sword reforged.

HOW on earth did you get the Masamune...and the Dreamstone? No, don't tell me. I don't think my heart could take it. It'll take a little while to fix this...

If Lucca's not in the party, then Robo will volunteer instead.

Corridors of Time (You're still not allowed to talk about this track yet.)

This part kinda plays automatically, though Crono has full control during this scene. There are several points where you can jump in and get different dialogue, such as...

How are you gonna fix it?

Don't interrupt me while I'm conducting research!

You work on the Dreamstone, and I'll work on the sword.
OK! Leave it to Lucca the Great!

I'm not sure how you "activate" a sword, but I'll let the weaponsmith do his work.

Talk to them again...

Gonna be mighty busy!

At any rate, leave this to me!

Melchoir starts speaking incantations on the sword while Lucca...

...gets a mug of whatever liquid. Honestly it's probably part of the Dreamstone processing process, but I like to think she needed coffee or ale to get her through this.

And there's yet more new dialogue, where Melchoir and Lucca pretty much tell you to go away.

The spell to energize the sword takes immense concentration. Could you leave us alone for a while?

This's pretty complicated... You're breaking my concentration, so would you find somewhere else to go for awhile?

Fortunately, this doesn't take long.

I'm done here too.

Then, suddenly, stuff happens.

Hell if I can tell you what, though.

Memories of Green

How strange. My sensors are picking up...spiritual energy emanating from the Masamune.

Crono, let us take the Masamune to Frog.

Wield your sword with full knowledge of the consequences!

Sage advice, but honestly we're not the ones who will be wielding this blade.

Another Lucca-exclusive item, this is slightly better than the Rock Helm we have, but it also boosts Lucca's Magic Defense by 10. This will work well for awhile.

Anyway, it's time to unite frog and sword.

This sword... 'Tis the Masamune?

Frog has the Hero Medal and the Masamune, so at the least he's physically equipped to deal with Magus. Whether he's mentally equipped...

At any rate, we're done with the Past-Present. Instead, we're going to the Past-Past, a look back at around ten years ago...

Guardia Millenial Fair

The flashbacks have this weird effect of light fading in and out, which works pretty well to convey them as flashbacks.

But Cyrus, the kingdom needs you! And Leene and I need you. You must return to us!
As long as there is life in these bones, I shall return! By your leave...

Listen well, my friends... I now entrust the safety of the kingdom to you!

Accompanying Cyrus is...uh....

Boss Battle 1

Later, Cyrus is facing against the Frog King, accompanied by two completely random NPCs that are never acknowledged. You may think the man is Glenn, but no, Glenn has green hair, so that's not him. Glenn is nowhere to be found.

Prepare yourself, polywog! En guarde! Nirvana Strike!

And so Cyrus beats up a poor frog. I hope that wasn't Frog's dad or anything.

Ambient Sound - Wind

Beware Glenn!!
Cyrus! The sword...

The scene changes to Cyrus and Glenn facing off against Ozzie and...our first glimpse at the man himself.

Without your sword, you're nothing!
Arrgh! You haven't beaten me yet!

B, but...!
If you stay, they'll get us both. Go on, Glenn!

C, Cyrus!


The Queen. Take care...of...Leene...


...That answers the question of what happened to Cyrus, at any rate. We're not quite done here, though.


How about it, Magus? Can't you give him a more fitting form?
All right, why not? There's always time for a little fun.


At the Bottom of Night

Can I do it? I've changed so much. Alas, poor Cyrus...!

Frog's Theme

Thou knowest his power?

Frog is now set in our party. There's no way he's going to miss out on taking down Magus himself.

As for where to go, various NPCs in Porre have hinted toward this weird area where monsters come and go, on this cape east of the Denadoro Mountains. This is our best lead on reaching Magus...

That said, we're not quite done with the flashbacks yet.

At the Bottom of Night

It's Cyrus! Run for your lives!

Glenn, there're times when people simply have to grit their teeth!

You're a marshmellow, Glenn...

There's an important bit lost in translation, where Glenn remarks that it not only hurts when he gets hit, but also when they do.

I knew you were going to enlist! You'll make a great warrior!
Why don't you join, too?

But, why? You're better with a sword than I am!

Glenn of the past is a coward. Even with his skill in the sword, he's afraid to fight. He doesn't want to hurt another....

...which is how he ends up as a cowardly frog. He couldn't even protect his dearest friend, Cyrus...

...and all he has left of him now is Cyrus's badge and his once-broken sword.

That Glenn is dead. Frog has learned to fight, though he still deals with the weight of his failures, both past (Cyrus) and present (the abduction of Leene and the wounding of the king). He has become the warrior Cyrus always suspected he was, he just never had the confidence or drive within him to reach his true potential...

...until now.

Frog's Theme

And the culmination of this...well, mere screenshots won't do here.

:siren: CLICK THIS VIDEO :siren:

:siren: CLICK THIS VIDEO :siren:


Next time, we finally take on Magus himself.