Morning Sunlight

...oh no

Crono! We can't keep sponging off my dad! Go out and get a job!



Rhythm of Wind, Sky, and Earth



Ayla had strange dream. Went to Mystic Mountains. Everyone lie there, hurt. I carry back to hut.

It looks like the time gate took us back to the Prehistoric Era, so we really lucked out.

P, perish the thought, lass! By the way, whither the blue-haired one?

And it seems Magus has gone to a completely different time line. Good luck finding out when he went!

Anyway, our lead on Lavos has went cold. The creature clearly existed before 600AD, but when was it born...?

Eh, screw it, we've had a long ordeal. We deserve a break.

Good Night

Rhythm of Wind, Sky, and Earth

Fight Reptites together. Destroy Reptites or we no survive.

Kino's a lot friendlier to us this go around. I guess Ayla taught him better manners since we left.

...Looks like Lavos can wait for now. We better investigate.

And by that, I mean "let's check in on everyone in the tribe."

The armor's the same as before, but there's new weapons for everyone but Frog. They're all pretty big upgrades, so it's worth grinding the mats if you don't already have them.

Looks like the Reptites followed Ayla to Laruba.

Also there's some sort of star but who cares.

Also looks like Azala might be holed up to the eastern lava field, but we can't reach that from there.

People Who Threw Away the Will to Live

The scorched woods have revealed the Laruba Village, or at least what's left of it.


The villagers are understandably not in the best of moods.

And there's Ayla with the chief.

Reptites followed you! So village now ruined!

Reptites strong! They live long time before us, they smart so we hide. But Ayla say fight together... Ayla still fight?!

Old man breathe, but dead on inside.

Need Dactyl?

Want to live, so go there! Ayla be OK. Give Dactyl!

Ayla goes right by us. Ayla plans to storm the headquarters of the Reptites to rescue Kino and the other captives. Which, even though it's Ayla, is probably going to be a suicide mission.

There's no way we're going to let her go on by herself after all she's done for us. Next stop, the Dactyl Nest.

Primitive Mountain

This is a pretty short and uneventful dungeon, though there are several new enemies here.

The Cave Ape actually has less HP than the Winged Ape, but makes up for it with...lower physical defense? Anyway, it does the same "throw enemies" thing its cousin does.

When attacked, the Shists expose a hole, which they can use to shoot hot stones on a character. Otherwise, they're powerless, though good luck one-shotting them with their slightly higher-than-normal defenses.

The final new enemy is Avian Rex, which is unremarkable other than a slight weakness to Lightning.

And also this attack.

The only other thing of note is this armor upgrade, which isn't even an upgrade for the women since the Mist Robe is slightly better. Still appreciated by the men (well, the man, the frog, and the robot).

Anyway, that's it for this dungeon. It's short and mainly exists as filler as we chase down Ayla.

Speaking of which...

Caught her just in time!

Thou goest forth alone? I know not thine quest, but a comrade of Crono's is also mine. I will not allow thee to meet thy demise alone.
No! Tyrano lair dangerous! Maybe all perish!
You desire to perish? I refuseth to be party to yet another demise! Let us proceed, Crono.

Lucca and Marle take priority if they're here and are all, "We owe you one after all you've done for us so let us pay you back!" which makes sense, but I really like Frog immediately offering to help this stranger out partly for the sake of Crono, and partly because he doesn't want to see anyone throw their lives away. A true knight to the end.

Ayla relents, and so off we go!

Understandably, Ayla's mandatory for this next section. As usual, I'll be swapping characters out for dialogue and obtaining Dual Techs. Also, this is the first time we have all six characters available to us!

We now have free reign of the skies! ...which is pointless, as the only other place we can visit is our next destination, the Tyrano Lair. Though originally there was more planned for this area...


Here's the full map of the Prehistoric Era. The cave on that northeastern corner has nothing for us, so the only new place of relevance to access is that giant castle above the lava fields.

However, this map was quite different in the prototype that existed a few months before the game's official release...


There's not much known about that village, but that weird mountain above it was supposedly a dungeon to be done before the Tyrano Lair. It's best known by this wonderful piece of music that unfortunately got cut with the dungeon and never appeared in-game until one of the DS bonus dungeons.

Singing Mountain



These were snagged from :siren: SPOILERS :siren: The Cutting Room Floor, which has a ton of other stuff cut from the main game and the Prototype if you're interested. Anyway, this seemed to the bulk of what the dungeon would've been. There's not really much known about this dungeon's purpose, though my guess is that you'd need an item here to gain access to the Tyrano Lair.

At any rate, there's none of that here. Instead, next time we're going straight to the Tyrano Lair!