Ambient Sound - Wind

After the events of the prehistoric era, we discovered that Lavos arrived in 65,000,000 BC. Since it burrowed deep underground immediately, we were left with no leads other than a new gate. So here we are on the other side...

To be more precise, we are in the era 12,000 BC. So a long time after Ayla's time, but still long before the likes of 600AD. Also it's the first new era we've visited in awhile, so we've got a lot to explore.

And do we have things to explore! If you ask people what their favorite part of Chrono Trigger is, you'll likely get a variety of different answers, but the area in this update is usually going to top the list. This may very well be the highlight of a game full of highlights. So let's check it out!

12,000BC has a lot of snow. I'm definitely excited now!

There's also an empty cave!

Yes, there are three whole locations in this map. I know everyone's eager to talk about this snowy continent of mystery, but all in due time. I still have to finish the update first!

...This is different. This is very different.

And with that...


Corridors of Time

We arrive at an area that's clearly not covered in snow, welcomed by a soundtrack standout in a game full of them.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Zeal. It's unlike anything we've experienced so far. Wars with reptiles, magic-wielding demons, post-apocalyptic factories, they all pale in comparison to an entire kingdom on a series of floating islands.

There's three "towns" in this kingdom, and we'll be visiting the first two today. First up is Enhasa.

The people have vibrant clothing, the architecture has much more flourish with a focus on having multiple levels, and there are books everywhere. This civilization clearly has more of an interest in culture and knowledge than the other areas we've visited thus far.

To the right is a familiar face...sort of.

But at what price?

Who knows how this person may be related to the spirits within Frog's blade.

We find truth in the bliss of sleep. Dear me! And who might you be?

These people achieve a greater state of mind through the power of dreams. Alternatively, they've achieved such an utopic state that they've become lazy and simply sleep their days away with lack of other things to do.

Queen Zeal rules our magical kingdom. She is without peer in beauty and greatness.

Pretty much everything this update is optional, but the myriad of NPCs here are also how you learn about this era, so we'll be talking to them all.

After the King died, she nurtured magic, which has advanced the kingdom. Zzzz...

As you may expect, magic plays a part in how this kingdom achieved such a state. At the very least, it's probably why these islands are floating.

You can see its entrance on the northern continent, but no one is allowed there.

This looks rather familiar as well...

All in due time.

There's only items sold here, but they now include Full Tonics.

The airship, "Blackbird," is kept there. Zzz...

...Airship, huh?

Of course, some of this is just nonsense.

Yes, let's debate the existence of Fate with a doll.

Let's go with No.

You're right! We're the masters of our own destinies! Speaking of which... I believe there may be a doorway of destiny somewhere around here!

There's a hidden room in this area, but all in due time.

...The latter.

Up here is this rather odd-looking kid.

What's wrong with him? What a weird kid...
'Tis a sullen lad...

What?! And out of the blue, like that?
Urchin! Halt!

Crono... This is kinda creepy.
I knoweth not what this portends. What an unpleasant lad.

It's a bit disturbing to have some random kid tell you you're probably going to die soon. Then again it's probably just a prank, so moving on.

I bet there's a key to it in the palace. But entry is strictly forbidden.

That's why we can sleep our days away.

The palace will wait until next update.

This recovers your HP/MP simply by walking over it. Gotta love the variety of ways to heal up in this game!

So I mentioned the secret room earlier. You actually don't learn how to open it until the next town, but I'm too lazy to backtrack, so I unlock it now.

All that's here is a Nu and this weird passage.

We get the opportunity to challenge this lone Nu. We've beat them before, so sure.


Three of them will deal (Current HP - 1) damage, while the other three deal 1 damage.

It's all about keeping healed so you don't get killed while spamming your strongest multi-target damage. Haste helps a ton, too.

This fight nets a hefty 90 Tech Points, enough to net Crono and Frog a new Tech, the latter of which also triggers the final Crono/Frog Dual Tech. I'll show them off in a couple update or so.

Nothing special, just a Magic and Speed Tab.


We're done with Enhasa. It's time to move on...

This literally exists as a bridge, of sorts, to the main island.

This is where all the other points of interest in this area reside.

We do experiments for the Queen.

Where Enhasa was focused on dreams, Kajar is focused on science. Science with magic. Sure, why not.

In you I sense a strange aura of...kindness...

You have to be super-humanly kind to do the things Crono has done for the sake of others, I would imagine.

But now, only the Guru of Life has the skill. Elemental power usage is forbidden.

A shame, I would've liked some powerful new weaponry.

Good luck with that, buddy.

But when we began using our new energy source, it was sealed up just like the north palace. They claim we don't need the energy of this tired, old planet.

There's a bit of a theme running here, with most people, in particular the Queen, rejecting the gifts of the earth in favor of the powers granting this civilization their magic.

This Nu sells the same items sold in Enhasa.

Not really sure what this is supposed to mean. This game doesn't even use shields!

What tempest rages in his head?

Miserable kid with a cat? I think we may have met him already.

Schala's an incredible child who has extraordinary magical powers. Being so gifted, she'll breeze through life.

Seems Janus is the Prince of Zeal as well.

It must be very primitive compared to ours! You poor things!

We're all fellow magic users here. Well, except for the cave girl and the robot.

Words to live by.

After all, they lack what we have...

Also on top of all this there's a whole "haves/have-nots" thing running here.

The Palace is the source of light which sustains all living things. Queen Zeal, the great!

This dialogue suggests that the source of these magical powers may be within that very Ocean Palace, with the Queen building it to protect that source...

So they do have a purpose after all.

Damn, that's cold.

Eternal Palace, beneath the waves... It'll be a sight to see when it's done!

When it soars in the sky, it looks alive! Belthasar is truly a genius!

Can't wait to ride that thing!

The Gurus pop up a lot in conversations around here. Other than the Zeal family, they're the most important people in this civilization.

I don't know the details...but I heard he has uncanny powers.

So now we've got Queen Zeal, her children Schala and Janus, the three Gurus, and a prophet as well.

First off, "step-brother" is flat-out wrong. The two are biological siblings, this was a bad translation.

Otherwise, Janus lacking magic is an interesting detail. So I guess he was full of crap after all in regards to predicting our death.

But my precious products have been disappearing lately... Must be the naughty Nu that hid them. They love pranks... What can I do?

This is a small thing that I'll resolve a few updates from now because I'm too lazy to backtrack.

Too bad, huh? Ha ha ha.

No freebie for us!

But it takes aeons, so it's unlikely for us to see that gorgeous glow again.

A shame we can't control time itself, huh?

But if its energy were used up, it would lose its glow and change into a Moon Stone.

Considering it takes an eternity to recharge, it's probably not that reliable an energy resource.

Anyway, this is how we learn the hint to uncover the hidden rooms. Open the water book first, then the wind book, then the fire book.

I said "rooms" because there's one here too.

Another book of nonsense, though it seems to reference the Dreamstone, and how its presence kinda jump-started the evolution of humanity.

The Black Rock is an accessory. Right now it's useless to us, but once it becomes relevant I'll go into what exactly it does.

That's it for Kajar. Let's check out this giant airship.


Looks like it's under guard.

This prompts a new NPC to jump in.

Hey you! What're you doing there!

You're the ones the Prophet said would come and cause trouble!

Yeah, I don't know, either.

Unfortunately, that's all we're going to see of the Blackbird.

A couple of teleport caves later...

...and we reach the heights of Zeal. Next time, we investigate the palace, and start to learn just what exactly is going on with this place.