Rhythm of Wind, Sky, and Earth

So our best lead is in 2300AD, but what's the rush? We've got all the time in the world!

This entire update will be a combination of revisiting previous eras, since a lot of dialogue has changed since we defeated Magus and Azala, and our upgraded pendant nets us access to a variety of sweet loot.

First, let's check in on the Prehistoric Era since it has the fewest changes.

Lavos fall. Reptites gone. Good! But get cold now. Hunting bad... But Kino not give up! Ayla no worry, leave to Kino!

Since Ayla's joined our adventures, Kino's taken over as chief.

Laruba's remaining villagers now live in Ioka.

Also the Ice Age is setting in. These guys have a long, hard road ahead of them. But we're gonna skip all that so who cares?

Apparently this could mean one of several things, but it's too vague to really be anything of note.

Next, let's visit the End of Time real quick.

The Brink of Time

Now that the pillar of light is sealed, you'll be needing something that will transport you through time.

I'm afraid he became a tad psychotic spending so much of his time doing research.

Not really a clue on where to go, but more a bit more into what exactly we'll be looking for when we get to where we need to go.

Frog and Ayla can be recruited like the rest at the End of Time, and their respective themes play if you accept to take them.

Next up, 600AD.

So, remember these chests at the beginning of the game? The ones we could not open?

The pendant will now let us take them.

However! There's something in particular about four chests that appear in both 600AD and 1000AD that you should be careful about. For this chest in Truce Inn, the chest in Guardia Castle, and the two chests in the Mayor's house in Poore, it's recommended you do not open the chests in 1000AD, but instead investigate each one in 600AD, but do not take the items. Doing this gives you a better version of these items when you do take them in 1000AD.

It's pretty weird, and as far as I know there's nothing that really hints toward this in-game.

Courage and Pride

While we check out the one in Guardia Castle, let's mingle with the royalty.

Althought we did sustain major casualties, we wouldn't have made it without you! Anyway, we all must work together to rebuild the Kingdom of Guardia! We're all in this together!

Several of these characters have extra dialogue if Frog is in the party, which also triggers his music.

Frog's Theme

Waste not, such precious words on me.

So, you've teamed up with Crono and the others! You've done a fine job. Please remain with us as long as you wish.

I'm whipping up a victory meal! Something real fancy!

Frog, you're magnificent...! I knew you'd do it... I was thinking 'bout making you "Knight Captain!"
I'm afraid 'tis not for me...


I assume Frog would've driven the enemies off in the original timeline, before Marle got involved in the Queen Hunt.

I guess technically we did. Though who knows when he is right now.


It's spicy jerky. That's it. He's making jerky but spicy.

Middle Age Cuisine isn't that advanced.

There's a couple chests that are just regular items. You don't get the choice to unlock the chest, you get the item immediately since they don't have a corresponding chest in 1000AD. Oddly there is a chest in 1000AD in this area, but it doesn't correspond to this chest at all. Go figure!

Another Speed Tab is always nice.

Longing of the Wind

What's important is to trust those you love, and never give up... We must all keep hope alive...

Remember when this place was full of monsters

I miss that right about now.

Everyone's pretty much happy because this miserable war is finally over and they can enjoy not dying.

And people can go there to drink and beat up robots.

I will. I'm going to stop you. You had enough.

I'm glad this guy could achieve his life dream of making a bell.

Now instead of miserable drunks, everyone is a happy drunk.

They're still drunks though.

We can't let him escape! Think of all the soldiers that fell...

He's gone as far as I'm concerned. At the very least, he's not here, so I don't really care when or where he is.

He must be a handsome knight. Sigh...

To be fair Frog's probably sexy for a frog. At the least he's a dapper dresser.

That's because we turned the wind into a sword.

Now that's the spirit!

This guy has his priorities in order.

Also this is the most Woolsey line imaginable.

Will we never get rid of those evildoers?

Slash, Flea, and Ozzie apparently escaped and are holed up on a different island. Unfortunately nothing we can do about that.

I mentioned a side quest being available since we saved a plant in 12000 BC. It's here, where that giant spinning hole is.

I...I'm so relieved!

The good news is Fiona's husband is back from the war.

This Mystic seedling could revive the forest, but I can't plant it. Too many hungry monsters lurking about.

The monsters here are a bit tough, but we could still handle them if we wanted. I'm holding off on this one for awhile, though, as it'll make better sense to do it later.

The cave to Magus's Castle has a Magic Ring, which gives a hefty +6 Magic to the wearer. Good for pretty much everyone, depending on whether you want to buff up weaker mages like Crono or Frog, buff up the healing techs of Robo or Ayla, or make Lucca or Marle even more powerful.

Yeah, he sure was weird. Ahem...

Much better.

Now that the boy's back, it's time to set my sights on his father, hee hee.

If I knew it was gonna be so easy, I'd have done it myself! Geez!

Go ahead, fight the slimy frog man in combat. See what happens to ya.

We unlock the other two chests here, and we're now done with this era.

At least until we come back to collect these chests after nabbing the 1000AD versions.

On the way back, I show off a couple of techs I got earlier. Leap Slash pretty much does 125% more damage than a standard attack, so it ends up a slightly stronger version of Crono's Spincut. An expensive 4MP, but not too shabby.

This combines Lightning 2 with Leap Slash. Lightning 2 does double the normal damage, and adds Leap Slash's damage on top of that. One of the better damage Dual Techs we currently have access to.

The chest here has a Power Ring, which is +6 Power. Still useless to Marle and Lucca, still great for everyone else, especially Ayla.

This area is completely blocked off now for...reasons. Getting this gate at the End of Time is optional, so if you don't do it soonish after reaching the End of Time, your only method of reaching this area is to backtrack from Proto Dome to Bangor Dome to unlock the gate pillars that way.

There's no real reason to block this off, either.

Peaceful Days

Next up, 1000AD proper.

I wonder what became of it?

Probably the same fate as happened with Denadoro.

You are going to spend those, right...?

There are four vests, one for each element. By choosing to open the chest without grabbing the vest, we instead get the mail.

Defense-wise, the elemental vests are a bit weaker than our current gear, while the mails are significantly better. However, the key details about them are how they absorb damage from that element. All vests absorb 50% of damage from that element, while the mails absorb 100% of damage.

Honestly, the mail upgrade is more of a bonus than anything. Just getting the vests in 1000AD before getting them in 600AD would be good enough. Regardless, having two pieces of armor to absorb each element makes certain fights much easier, and of course the mails will last us a good while before we need a defense upgrade.

The Blue Vest/Mail absorbs Water, as you may expect.

There's also a chest in this waterway from before.

Wall Ring gives +10 Magic Defense. Considering that means negating an extra 10% of magic damage in general, that's not too shabby, though at this point we're already getting a lot of great accessories, and still have more to come...

...speaking of which!

There's something else in here.

The Dash Ring gives +3 Speed. Yeah. Huge freaking get right there, enough to make Lucca or Robo significantly more useful.

Also here's the sleeping sprites for Ayla and Frog because why not.

Poore has the White (Lightning) and Black (Shadow) Mails.

That leaves the Red Mail in Guardia Castle, but uh, we're not at the best of terms with them. Maybe they've forgiven the whole kidnapping and jail busting thing by now...?

Courage and Pride


Let's try this.

Oh boy. It's you again.

I understand your pain. But the king really only cares about his realm...

Oh, child, it's ancient history now...
Tell me more!
This may be difficult...

She desperately wanted to see the king one last time, but he couldn't find the time to drop by... Said he had some work to do... But knowing nothing about death, you waited faithfully by your mother's side...


Marle is...not taking this news very well.

Now...so glad to see you back again. Please go and visit the king.

I'm sure this lovely conversation will go well. But we should probably explore the castle proper before we do so, since who knows what will happen.

Well, I'm so glad Crono is merely on probation now. You know, after being almost executed from a misunderstanding.

It's almost like the Chancellor has it in for Crono specifically. I mean, JERK I can understand, but Crono...?

r.i.p. dead castle

Listening to my story, he has concluded that it was NOT a kidnapping... It's taken time, but I think he understands.

This guy's the best. Everything you can ask for in a lawyer.

...My fees are going to be high, aren't they.

We got cold stares from them. It's like they weren't even human!

Guys I'm starting to think something may be wrong with the Chancellor.

No going back to jail.



The kitchen still exists. That makes sense, because I assume people in 1000AD still eat.

HyperEthers restore all MP, which will be nice come end-game.

There's also a regular locked chest. No telling what's in there.

This leads to the courtroom where Crono stood trial.

We'll get to the king in a moment.

And now we've got the full set!

King Guardia doesn't show it, but he really does care deeply for Marle.

He's just overprotective, which makes some sense considering his wife passing away and Marle being his only child and family.

Some discipline teacher you are.

Fully heals HP and MP of the party. Pretty swank stuff.

If you talk to the Chancellor without Marle in the party, he gets a tad violent...

Where's Princess Nadia? Tell her to return to the castle, please.

Anyway, it's time to reunite father and daughter, for better or worse...

W, what do you want! I'm not giving in to your demands!
It's your fault for leaving the castle! And letting these...hoodlums in here. You might as well beg for bread on the street corner!

They're a disgrace to this family!
Father, you, you...



The rest of the party is freaking out a bit.

King Guardia leaves in a huff.

...Well, then.

Courage and Pride

Oh, I'm sure you're full of woe. I can see it in your eyes.

I've got nothing to say!

And if you talk to him without Marle...

No progress there. But talking to the king prompts new dialogue from everyone's favorite character, the Chancellor.

He's been known to love jerky...

Jerky, huh...?

Jeez, that's a lot for some freaking meat. Then again, probably worth it to not get put up for execution again so...

Fine. Let's give this to the King.

We kinda miss a beat here, but the game assumes enough time has passed that Marle would've regretted how things went and want to make up with her father.

For me? Let's see...



A Strange Happening

This is the last straw! Now I know how you REALLY feel!

uh... That probably could've gone better.

OK, now I reeeeeeally am starting to think something's up with the Chancellor.

The trauma of jerky exposure must have gotten to him hard.

Unfortunately, this is pretty much all we can do for now. We'll have to make up with Marle's dad another time.

For now, let's finish up the era with a trip to Medina.

With Magus disappearing while Ozzie still lived, Ozzie becomes the new hero of the Mystics.

So let's stop by here.

Sealed Door

The Pyramid disappears, revealing a Nu with two chests...

To the right is a weapon which increases strength. To the left is protective gear which will guard your life. Choose whichever you feel you need, and take it with you.

So we get a choice of one of these.

The left chest nets the Safe Helm, a helmet with high defense that automatically gives the Protect buff, further reducing all physical damage by 1/3. Very solid hat, though a couple others end up outclassing it later on. This is what I usually pick when I reach this chest since it's usually relevant for a good chunk of the game.

I opt for the Swallow this run. It's a huge damage boost for Crono, which is great by itself, but on top of that it has a 30% crit rate instead of the base 10% for katanas, and it gives a hefty +3 Speed on top of that.

It's basically choosing between making Crono even stronger or making your party hardier. Both are fine choices since neither is really going to be relevant in the end game.

That's it for 1000AD. All that's left to do is go back to 600AD and collect those Vests.

Next time, even more loot, and we finally advance the plot and find something really freaking cool.