Full Ending Video: Beyond Time (Normal) 

Morning Sunlight

Same as it ever was...

I guess "saving the world" doesn't count as a "Get out of jail free" card.

Magus's Castle

Let's get this over with...

Crono hasn't done a thing!

What do you think, Chancellor?

Chancellor, how could you?!


Fanfare 1

Our allies from across time show up to help Crono outta this jam.

Our kinsmen told me all about your incredible mission.

Here I was fussing about my kingdom, and my daughter, and you were saving past, present, and future!

Crono's off the hook, and all loose ends are tied up. Nothing to do now but to celebrate our victory.

The final night of the Millenial Fair.

Festival of Stars

Time to kick things off with some jovial music!

Crono and Marle do a celebratory lap around the perimeter of the main fairgrounds.

And once again we get control. We can't leave, but we can chat up a few people...

It's a real problem when the person who's in charge of the cat is gone!

Truly a mother to the end.

Crono, have a sip! You're the Hero today.

And since we saved Lara...

Crono, the King says YOU saved the future! Wait 'till I tell my friends!

We've chatted everyone up here.

The next screen has Lucca running off-screen, and since there's nothing else of interest here...

For the final time, the gang's all here.

Each to thine time.
The Gate has grown weak...

Epilogue ~ To Good Friends

All good things must come to an end, and our friends have their own times to return to.

First up is Ayla.

Heh, heh! No worry. Ayla VERY strong!

Farewell, Ayla. You hit hard and got me some good loot.

Queen Leene awaits. Your Majesty, we too shall take our leave.

King Guardia departs, and just as Frog is about to do the same...

... Long farewells ne'er were necessary.
Right! Besides, actions speak louder than words!

Farewell, Frog. You were a solid jack-of-all-trades with a bad-ass mountain-cutting scene.

ok bye

What's wrong Lucca? Aren't you going to say goodbye to Robo?

...... Robo was born in a bleak future. When we defeated Lavos, we changed history.

Ha ha. Please relax. The new future has a place for me!

Tears don't become you, Lucca! Robo'll be there in the new future!

Doan chooses this semi-awkward moment to take his leave.

No emotions indeed.

Farewell, Robo. Another solid jack-of-all-trades. You were built before the destruction of Lavos since you clearly remembered a peaceful time when we reactivated you, so you should be fine.



And so the three plucky teenagers we started our adventure with are the three we end it with.

You mean about whether our lives flash by before we die?
Yeah. I get the feeling that the "Entity" is finally at rest.
Yes, I feel that too...

I'm sure the Entity's feeling much better after the magnificent feat our heroes have accomplished.

You're telling me, do you know how much time it took me to document all this!?

Seems like a good waste of a time machine, but honestly it's probably for the best.

Delightful Spekkio

Look, Crono! Your cat's running away because you haven't been feeding it!


Crono's reaction here is priceless.

Go after them?! But the Gate's...

I forgot! We have a Time Machine!

Yeah, the translation kinda muffed it there. Ah well.

We've got all the time in the world, so might as well check it out.

I have a gift for you, to commemorate this day, Princess Nadia.

Leene's Bell was what started this crazy adventure, ringing when Crono and Marle first met. Seems fitting it ends with the christening of a new bell named after our heroine.

Crono and Lucca take this cue to exit.

Marle runs off, and the incredibly great ending music starts playing. Please give it a listen.

To Far Away Times

Uh, no Taban. Actually, I could really use your help...

Taban had a bit too much lemonade however and gives his freaking king no mind, opting instead for explosions.

There's a lot of variations to this ending, the main one depending on whether you use the Epoch to reach Lavos. I'll cover that in a future update, however. We aren't done yet!

This version starts off with a nice overhead view of the Moonlight Parade fireworks.

Before focusing on the Epoch flying across 1000AD.

Gotta show those Mode 7 effects, after all!

After that, we get glimpses on the new lives of our own comrades...

Robo lives in a peaceful future, where Atropos's fate doesn't end in tragedy.

Ayla and Kino resume their roles in leading their peoples through a coming Ice Age, all the stronger.

Frog, now serving as the personal guard of the king and queen, takes a moment to watch his comrades fly by.

Magus can fly apparently.

After one last sweep...

...we zoom out to the planet, now free of any threat.

Far Off Promise

The End...for now!

We've still got more endings to check out, and the return of JERK to come!