Full Ending Video: Reunion (Epoch)

Festival of Stars

Crono dead, Epoch dead. The End of Time and Moonlight Parade start off identically. It's not until we leave this screen that the changes pop up.

As before, Lucca runs to the Telepod, but there's something a bit different here...

We can't talk to Lucca, so let's check back at the square.

Wait, is that...?

As we talk to them, each party member walks to the Telepod.

Fanfare 1

And made it into a time machine?

Yes, that's possible.

Th, that's why you're all here?

Don't worry! I'll bring the idiot back!

"I'll bring him back alive even if I have to kill him!"

Poor Marle doesn't get to come along.

It's Nadia's Bell, which will replace the 400 year old Leene Bell. Henceforth, Nadia's Bell will proudly ring for lasting peace.
It's beautiful!

Without Crono around to help, King Guardia has to help Marle place the bell.

As before, it rings as Marle is lifted into the sky.

Epilogue ~ To Good Friends

This time, Crono isn't there to help her.

Instead, we get to that iconic tree from before.

And the balloons bring Marle there...somehow? Maybe she just rode those balloons for 1300 years.

Otherwise, the credits themselves aren't that exciting.

But as before...

Marle sees the silhouette of Crono, and chases after it. And that's all we're going to get!

Next time, the final ending, and update, of Chrono Trigger!