Music: Octopath Traveler II (Main Theme)

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New continent, new people. It's time to meet our new batch of Octopathers!

There's an apothecary wandering along the coastline...

...while a dancer tries to entertain the locals, with mixed results.

A scholar is walking the frigid wastes near a massive wall...

...and a merchant is conducting business upon some minecart tracks.

A thief strolls across a massive glitzy city... a warrior marches alone among the sands.

A hunter runs off from a large, presumably friendly beast to hunt some quarry...

...and a cleric pontificates over the Sacred Flame.

So, ready to choose our protagonist?

No? Maybe this will help:

Video: Octopath Traveler II Opening Video (Night)

Still not ready? Let's get to actually learn whose these characters are first, starting as before in OCTOPATH order.

Music: Main Theme (Night)

Name: Ochette
Age: 20
Job: Hunter - Physical job with a focus on debuffs and attacks utilizing bows and axes.

Day Path Action: Provoke - Use monsters to attack NPCs. Will lose town reputation if you lose the battle.
Night Path Action: Befriend - Give a townsperson items (usually Jerky or other monster meats) to have them follow you as a companion.

Talent: Capture/Prepare - Able to capture up to six enemies and use their abilities in combat. Also has a passive chance to capture a foe after battle. When releasing an animal, can turn that animal into meat.
Latent: Animal Instincts - Lets Ochette choose one of three abilities to attack foes.

You may remember H'aanit's talent being subpar in OT1, but they buffed it quite a bit in OT2. Ochette has unlimited uses of any monsters she catches, and even when she gets rid of them she still gets an item out of it. This gives her some added versatility when coupled with the slightly-revamped Hunter job and her good Latent. She's a powerhouse with a lot of options available, especially later in the game.

Ochette is a Beastling, a new race for this game, and her story is about protecting the island she lives on with her race and her giant cat mentor. She's a skilled hunter who loves to eat and to provide food for anyone she can. Being a beastling, she's a bit simple-minded when it comes to human affairs, but that usually serves to be a boon in her case. Personality-wise, she's pretty excitable and eager, and doesn't let many things slow her down. Also, she can have one of two companions in this game, either a jackal or an owl, depending on what the player chooses.

Name: Castti Florenz
Age: 29
Job: Apothecary - A healing class focused on healing, inflicting poison, and axe attacks.

Day Path Action: Inquire - Ask NPCs for information and possible item locations. Most NPCs require a minimum level to be Inquired.
Night Path Action: Soothe - Can knock out NPCs by offering them medicine. Requires having the items to use.

Talent: Concoct - Mix two or more items to achieve a variety of healing or attacking effects. Using Boost Points increases the max amount of items that can be mixed up to five. Costs ingredients.
Latent: Every Drop Counts - Can use Concoct without using up any items. Still requires having the items first.

Concoct has been reworked from OT1's iteration, but it's still just as busted as ever, and even easier to abuse now when combined with Castti's latent. Apothecary is still a bit underpowered compared to most jobs, going for utility and an incredibly useful Divine Skill over sheer power. Still, Concoct alone is enough to make Castti a powerful healer and engine enabler, and she has the flexibility to fill any other role as needed.

Castti starts off with the usual amnesia stuff, but she manages to have one of the more intriguing stories of the bunch as she has to fix the various maladies she encounters in the towns she visits while unlocking parts of her memories. Castti is wholly dedicated to healing and saving others, but that doesn't stop her from getting her hands dirty when necessary. She's also basically the party's mom and often gets teased over it by others, particularly Ochette. Castti is motivated above all by her compassion for others.

Name: Throné Anguis
Age: 23
Job: Thief - Utilizes debuffs and sword and dagger attacks to incapacitate enemies.

Day Path Action: Steal - Percentage chance of obtaining an item from a NPC. If failed, you lose town reputation.
Night Path Action: Ambush - Knocks out a NPC. Requires a minimum level for most NPCs.

Talent: Blessing of Darkness - Boosts the speed and both attack stats of all party members for the first three turns of battle if fighting at night.
Latent: Leave No Trace - Gives Throné an additional turn.

As in OT1, Thief is a terror against single-target foes, but not as effective against larger groups until you unlock their Divine Skill. Their debuffs are great in slowing down physical powerhouse bosses, and it's always handy to steal items from foes. Throné in particular serves for great utility between her high speed and her incredibly useful Latent, considering how important turn economy can be in this game. Definitely a useful companion to have.

Throné has no qualms being a thief, being raised as such her entire life, but she is sick of all the killing and other nasty things her group has to do, so she's willing to get her hands a little more dirty to gain the freedom she so desires. Throné is smart and calculating, but also loyal and friendly with the rest of the party, making for a capable and welcome companion. She's also got a soft spot for animals.

Name: Osvald V. Vanstein
Age: 38
Job: Scholar - Utilizes elemental magic as well as buffs to enhance said magic.

Day Path Action: Scrutinize - Study an NPC to learn information about them. Has a chance to fail, which costs town reputation.
Night Path Action: Mug - Fight a NPC. If you win, you obtain all of their items.

Talent: Study Foe - Reveal one weakness of a new foe, or two weaknesses of an already-encountered foe.
Latent: Concentrate Spells - Makes all multi-target spells single-target, but doubles the power in exchange.

Scholar is still the elemental attack powerhouse it was before, but it's got added versatility now. This means it takes a bit more to set up the more powerful magic attacks, but between the new options Scholar has and Osvald's latent, Scholar can still deliver a ton of elemental pain.

Osvald's been rotting in prison for the past five years, motivated to escape to get revenge on the man who killed his family and framed him for murder. As you may expect, Osvald is very serious, though he does show a soft side and even a sense of humor at times with the rest of the party. He deeply loved his family, and possesses an unrivaled level of intelligence that fuels his desires for vengeance.

Name: Partitio Yellowil
Age: 24
Job: Merchant - Has a variety of skills to buff both themselves and the rest of the party, plus can spend money for powerful attacks.

Day Path Action: Purchase - Can spend money to buy items from NPCs.
Night Path Action: Hire - Can pay money to NPCs to follow around as companions.

Talent: Business Partners - Any companion that follows Partitio will have an effect on Partitio's business dealings. This ranges from discounts to free inn visits to more money from Collect and so on.
Latent: Hoot and Holler - Partitio's BP is immediately maxed out.

Between his ability to distribute BP to others and his Latent, Partitio makes for a great BP battery, and he also has some good firepower available if you're willing to pay the cash. Otherwise, Merchant is another job that lacks power but more than makes up for it in sheer versatility.

Partitio grew up working hard and perfecting his craft up until the town he helped built went to poverty. His goal is to use his skills as a merchant to ensure nobody else ever has to go through what he did, wanting to use the powers of capitalism to enhance the world and spread wealth and information everywhere. Partitio is very friendly and trusting, but also has a natural talent in the ways of merchantdom and seeing the value of things others skim over. He's the party's cheerleader, and between his can-do attitude and general enthusiasm, he's able to accomplish the most impossible of tasks.

Name: Agnea Bristarni
Age: 18
Job: Dancer - Utilize dance moves to grant buffs and inflict various attacks.

Day Path Action: Allure - Convince an NPC to join you as a companion. Has a percentage chance to fail, which lowers town reputation.
Night Path Action: Entreat - Ask NPCs to give you items for free. What items you can receive is based on level.

Talent: Dance Session - Any companion with Agnea will do a specific effect whenever Agnea uses a dancing move. This varies by NPC, and usually involves either healing the target or giving them a buff.
Latent: All Together Now - All single-target abilities become multi-target. This does not apply to Divine Skills or self-targeting moves.

Dance is the usual buffing machine, and yes, Bewildering Grace is back and as crazy as ever. Dancer's skills are as versatile as ever, even having a move that can damage shields directly. Combine that with Agnea's fantastic latent, and you can really power up your party to do huge damage with ease.

Agnea's dream is to follow her late mother's footsteps to become a dancer, and her journey takes her on a path to stardom. It's by far the most lighthearted and low-stakes of the stories, but that's also what makes it so charming. Agnea herself is enamored with the dream of becoming a star and brightening the lives of others with her passion for dance, and her determination and friendships with others (including her fellow party members) help propel her forward. She's also willing to fight to protect others, and believes in seeing the hidden potential others may be reluctant to show.

Name: Temenos Mistral
Age: 30
Job: Cleric - Specializes in healing, buffs, and light damage.

Day Path Action: Guide - Encourage a NPC to follow beside you. Requires a minimum level to guide most NPCs.
Night Path Action: Coerce - Interrogate NPCs in battle, learning information about them by breaking their shields.

Talent: Moonlight Judgment - During battles at night, inflicts Blindness on all enemies for one turn, as well as decrease both attack stats for three turns.
Latent: Judgment - Breaks shield points with attacks regardless of weaknesses.

Cleric is your usual panic button healer, able to heal for large amounts and revive the party in emergencies. Access to light magic and SP recovery helps keep the job contributing even when HP is full, and Temenos in particular is great for breaking shields with the right abilities thanks to his Latent. Having a Cleric is never a bad thing, and Temenos is great at it.

Temenos is basically a detective in cleric's clothing. Though a religious man, he's not above poking holes at his own faith, and in general is a very skeptical man when it comes to the motivations of others. That general sense of doubt is what both motivates him and also keeps him somewhat safe, as well as his foremost desire to uncover the truth. He can be a bit aloof to deal with, often being in his own world when pondering a mystery, and his sense of humor can be odd to some, but regardless he's still as compassionate and loyal as any.

Name: Hikari Ku
Age: 21
Job: Warrior - Utilizes self-buffs with sword and polearm attacks.

Day Path Action: Challenge - Duel NPCs in combat. Requires a minimum level to duel most NPCs.
Night Path Action: Bribe - Pay NPCs to learn information about them.

Talent: Learned Skills - When defeating an NPC in combat, you can learn one combat skill from them. Hikari can have a maximum of six Learned Skills at a time.
Latent: Shadow's Hold - Unleash the darkness inside Hikari to utilize powerful attack skills.

Warrior's your bog-standard physical damage dealer, focusing on self-buffs to act as a tank or to buff damage output. The job itself is not very versatile, but that's where Hikari's Learned Skills come in, letting him hit more weaknesses and utilize other abilities. Between this versatility and Warrior's sheer strength, Hikari is one of the most powerful allies around.

Hikari is the kind-hearted prince who wishes to bring peace to a nation trained in war. Of course, things happen that lead to his journey to bring about such change. Hikari himself is an idealist, but also measured enough to know the world around him isn't so simple. He finds strength in his allies and readily works with others to accomplish his goals while helping them with theirs. He is truly a strong trustworthy ally to have in this world.

And there we go! That's our cast, so you know what time it is now...

CHOOSE OUR MAIN CHARACTER! This person will be our party lead and remain in our party until we finish their final chapter. Don't worry about battle stuff, go with whichever character you like the most and/or want to see the most. I'll give it until Sunday morning before I pick a winner and start recording their chapter.

Hope you're all ready for another journey!