Upon checking the world map after recruiting Partitio, you get access to three side quests specific to Partitio. They're all in towns we can't really get to right now due to the high level monsters, but they're a nice way to develop him and unlock some cool things later on. But that'll be on the backburner for now.

Flamechurch, Sacred Light

Since we have Partitio, we can go back to Flamechurch and tackle this side story.

Unfortunately, the path to the cathedral is poorly lit and dangerous for the unprepared, crawling as it is with petryifying creatures.

If only some patron would pick up some candles and put them at my disposal...

All we have to do is collect three candles from the various clerics in town. Simple enough.

Also this guy seems alright, at least.

Sure, we can just buy these and get it over with, but why do that right now?

First, let's take a trip to the Cathedral.

Fun fact, once we finish this side story these encounters go away forever. Since we can't fast travel to the cathedral, that will solve one minor annoyance.

I scour for a good person to hire to help me get discounts, and this is the best I could find in Flamechurch or Oresrush. 10% ain't much, but it's something.

Though honestly, the 10% discount is heavily outweighed by the hire cost, and the fact the cleric's main skill is redundant when our main character is also a cleric.

But if anyone asks, I'm doing this for the sake of the LP.

As I said in a previous update, these effects can vary. Some helpers give discounts at inns, some boost the amount of leaves you get when selling stuff, some boost the amount you gain from Collect, some discount Hired Help, and some even have a 1% chance to give you the item for free.

The best part is Partitio celebrating with a cleric on saving ten leaves on a beast liver.

I take this opportunity to buy status-healing herbs and cheap concoction ingredients, as they're crazy cheap and I can get some NPC dialogue to show off.

One of the clerics is at the cathedral entrance itself, so we had to come up here anyway. At least we can immediately fast travel back to Flamechurch!

Jam is the "Elixir" of OT, fully restoring your HP/SP and/or BP and/or Latent Gauge. There's several types of Jams, with this one just for BP/Latent. These can be incredibly useful late-game, especially once you start using a certain Divine Skill with them (among other ways...).

Of course, sometimes the items themselves tell a story, like how this librarian cleric is a caffeine addict.

And some items are just weird. This seems dumb, reducing two stats significantly with no upsides, but there will actually be a use for this!

Unsurprisingly, the local nutjob has some rather odd items for sale.

I'm sure we'll be back later to pick up that other item. That symbol to the left basically means "Item to complete a side story with". Easier to save buying them for when I'm actually doing the side stories so I can better show how to actually complete them.

More cheap shopping.

That's three candles! Let's turn them in and finish this one.

Perfect. This should be plenty to keep the peace. Once we put these candles in place, the pilgrimage will be covered by their protection!

At least we made back most of the money I invested for this side story.

I'm even considering making the pilgrimage myself. I haven't paid my respects there for quite some time.

Indeed, there are no longer encounters on this small path.

It's a minor thing, but hey, sometimes the small things are what's best.

That said, enough of this filler. Next time, we'll recruit Throné and get to know both her and the sprawling city of New Delsta.