It's time for a new character! First, we need to go to the city of New Delsta.

A Sensational City

New Delsta is huge, enough so that I'll have to cover it in its own update. For now, we have other business to attend to.

Namely, these two jerk ruffians being mean to a poor dog.

Hehe. Stay right where you are, li'l doggie. We won't kill ya. We just wanna see how sharp our new blades are.

Why don't you mind your own business? Things were just gettin' good!

Seems these idiots need to be taught a lesson.

Unsurprisingly, a couple of twits who want to take pleasure in hurting a dog are pathetic.

Dammit! You'll regret this!

Uh huh.

Seems this woman helped clean up the trash.

Woof! Woof, woof!

...You must be hungry. Here, have this.

Thank you for protecting her.

Are you a traveler? Would you happen to need a hand on your journey?

She seems more than capable, and the more the merrier.

Anyway, now we can begin Throné's Chapter 1.

Video: On the Run



...Don't waste your breath. Keep running!

We should be able to get up top through here!

What's the matter, Scaracci?

The rats finally caught up to us...
Damn it all!

Sorry, Throné...

Throné is a thief and specializes with the dagger, though she's also handy with a sword.

Each character has their own unique skills. Pirro has a P.Atk self-buff and a strong dagger attack.

Scaracci is a bit more selfish, with a skill to debuff everyone's P.Def besides himself and a skill that forces another character to take damage for him.

Throné meanwhile starts out with a dark-elemental magic attack and the ability to steal items from foes. Like Collect, the accuracy scales based on how much damage the foe has taken and can be boosted with BP.

No time for that right now, though.


I just don't get it... Why is this door locked...?

No, no, no...! Don't tell me he's dead!

Dammit! What the hell is goin' on...!?

Our plan was perfect. We slipped into the Diamante estate and got what we came for. There was no way they could've known to have all those guards waiting outside.

And only a few of us knew the plan.

You can't be serious... Who'd sell us out like that!?
We can figure that out later.
...She's right. We have to get out of here first.

Let's go.

Stillness Underground

If you go back the way you were chased, there's a nice ring that gives +20 to both defenses.

Otherwise, this is your standard sewer. Just go west a bit and beat up random pursuers along the way.

What's another one of those rats doin' here!?
...They must've known we'd come this way. What do we do now?
...Wait here. I'll handle this.

Throné's night path action is Ambush. It can knock out NPCs, but only if Throné is at a high enough level. Otherwise it's the easiest way to get rid of problematic NPCs.

Show us what the best in the nest can do.

We basically climb the ladder to take the upper path and loop around to behind this guard.

...And it's that simple! Position doesn't matter in normal gameplay, but it's kinda important in these story instances.

Your skills are second to none. No wonder you're the best in the nest.
He's fast asleep. Didn't even see it comin'.

What's your backup plan, then? Cheese?



As you may infer, Throné is skilled in what she does, but she's not fond of the whole "killing" part of her job, at least as far as innocents go.

Time to say goodbye to these rat-infested sewers!
...Hold on. We aren't in the clear yet.

Th-Throné! If you've got that cheese, now's the time!

...Right. Let's go!

...They really want to stretch this "rats" metaphor as far as it can possibly go, huh.

Normal Battle I

Then it's up to us to exterminate them.

This is a bit tougher since there's a leader that's a bit more difficult to take down. We have to rely on Scaracci's axe to even break him.

Pirro does unlock a new skill for this fight, though.

That said, this is still essentially a tutortial battle, so it's of little threat to us.

Take that, ya lousy vermin!
Wh-what's that look about!?

...I didn't say that.

If y'know what I mean, Throné. Hehehe...

So yeah, Scaracci is a lovely fellow. Great ally.

A Sensational City (Night)

Behold, New Delsta at night.

Ahh, how I missed these filthy little streets. I would've hated to kick the bucket down there in those sewers...

Who did this to us...?
...I wish I knew.

...Those two aren't going to be happy about this.


I'd rather die than face their "punishment"...!

So long as those two hold our chains, we have to obey them.
That's crazy talk! I ain't no dog!
Quiet, Scaracci. There might still be rats around.

I'll deliver the mark to Father.
All right. Be careful out there.

Throné and the others are stuck in this life of crime, just doing what they can to survive.

Time to go home...

Well, let's do a bit of exploration. It can't be all bad, right...?


Throné is great for these NPCs that love to block doorways and hide precious loot from us.

Of course, we're interrupting an intimate matter, but they can wait a minute.

A decent upgrade over our base dagger.

Here's the Game Parlor, which happens to be one of the main hubs for the Blacksnakes.

Flexible, deft...and capable of taking a life with the flick of a wrist. Just like you, Throné.

Miscreant's Melody

What is that staff? I hope it was worth Donnie's life.

Our client said this would be our last deal, seeing as word of our plan got out.

There may very well be.
Perhaps our nest is in need of cleaning if such filth is lurking about.

You are the only one who has inherited my skills.


Hah. You want me to loosen it, then?

Now speak of it no more. It is a badge of honor, one worthy of a true snake.

Very good, child.

We can explore the hideout, but there's not much to see, so let's move on to meet Mother.

Video: Mother


Let us begin our delightful gathering...

Would you come here, please?


The Blacksnakes have long controlled this town. But Father and I aren't as young as we used to be.

Father has high hopes for you, Throné. But in my eyes, you are still...lacking.

You want Mother's whip, don't you, Throné...?

Oh? Not a peep? A few lashes is enough to bring others to tears, but I suppose you'll need more encouragement... Hahaha!
You lost us a wealthy client...!

Not even a whimper!? Let's see how long you can keep that up!

...Not the best family dynamics on display here.

...Can't you see I'm busy, Pirro?

If anyone deserves's me.


In honor of your selfless act, I will call an early end to tonight's meeting...
You can't be serious, Mother!
Things were just getting good!

Now listen well. I will be leaving our little nest for a spell.

I expect all of you to take good care of our home until I return.

After Mother leaves and the crowd thins out...


(I steal what our clients want... And eliminate those who stand in their way. That is how I've always lived... It makes me wonder... Is pain the only thing I've forgotten?)

Here, eat this. It's a dried strawberry.

Free to roam wherever you please...

Bygone Days

Thank you.

Want one? Least I can do for the best in the nest.
...No thanks. I don't smoke.
Maybe you should. People like us need to take joy wherever we can find it.

Then you're in the wrong line of work, Throné.

Hah. You can say that again.
We do what we can to survive in this dump.

I want to rise in the ranks and get my hands on some real money...

Buy good liquor, good smokes, fall asleep in a big bed...

...Sounds nice.


As Throné watches the dog walk away, roaming freely to wherever her next destination may be...

...the cycle starts anew.

Next time, Throné accepts her next job, and we see what inspires her to leave this city and start her own journey.