A Sensational City

While we're here in New Delsta, let's help out some of the citizens, because some of them need all the help they can get.

I'm going to win for sure this time, so don't ruin this for me!
Why won't you listen to me!? Someone, please stop him...

So we need to help this man with his gambling problem. Simple enough.

I wonder why.

If we change to night, we can get some advice from the wife.

There's nothing I can do to stop him... I just wish there were some way to bring him back to his senses. I'm sure the people at that parlor are nothing more than swindlers.

So we just need proof that they're cheating. Yeah, I'm sure a gambling addict will believe that.

Miscreant's Melody

Let's scope out the Game Parlor and see what we can learn.

Doesn't look like this guy's of any help.

Naturally, this poor guy had a bunch of herbs to help with his predicament. Herbs of Valor heal terror, you see.

Yeah, getting by this guy won't be easy. Gonna have to hold off for now.

Well, that was easy.

That said, we might as well enjoy the game parlor at night, when people really start showing up.

The usuals have some different lines, of course.

A lot of these gamblers are pretty tough, so I wasn't able to extract info from some of them.

That battle hatchet has a large amount of attack, but we don't have anyone that can actually use it yet.

Ex-spouses and rival brothel owners who despise each other, and yet seem on good terms here? Now that's an entire story I wouldn't mind seeing, but in this game, just a footnote.

This isn't the same woman as the wife we got our quest from. This is a woman with a gambling problem trying to hide it from her husband, not the husband with a gambling problem continuing despite his wife's pleas. Simple mistake.

Poor sap.

I can see it in your eyes. They don't glitter like the others'.

Coercing this guy was a minor pain. I can use Temenos's latent to break him, but he loves using Evasive Stance to boost his evasion, and if you're unlucky he'll stack a bunch of them up. Since I don't want to risk missing an attack and wasting my latent, I had to try this a couple times until I had both 3BP and he didn't have that buff.

Anyway turns out this guy is as much of a jerk as fighting him was.

For good measure I stole his creepy candy and knocked him unconscious.

Yeah, some of these gamblers can wipe the floor with me.

Yeah, that's enough of this pleasant company. Let's ditch this place and resolve this quest already.

A Sensational City

You heard the truth, didn't you? There's no way to win at the game parlor.
That's a lie! I know it! I've won big there before!


To tell the truth, I already knew that place was just too good to be true. But there was no way I could face you after squandering all our money...

There's still time for you to change your ways. So please, enough gambling. Come home already.

Kinda surprised it was that easy to talk him out of it, but I guess it all worked out.

That Victory Ring is really nice, boosting P.Atk by 20 and also giving a P.Atk buff at the start of battle. I don't have many good physical attackers yet, but when I do this will be great for them.

At least that's two less lives ruined by the criminal underbelly of this city.

Next time, we'll head back to the western continent to recruit our next party member.