We're heading back to the western continent to recruit our next character. She's a decent trek away from Oresrush, so might as well start now.

One of Throné's Chapter 2 scenarios takes place here. If you enter a town where someone has a main quest waiting, you're given the option to start it now or later. I'm gonna wait to do the Chapter 2's before we get everyone because that way we don't miss out on any party banter.

It's a quick trek south from Oresrush until...


We're only here briefly as it connects the Wildlands and Harborlands, but might as well check out the desert region of Hinoeuma!

Really all we'll get to see is this nice rainbow from the nearby falls and river.

And also apes.

The Harborlands

Anyway, these are the Harborlands, a coastal region on the southeastern end of the western continent.

There's a good bit to explore here. This Silver Sword in particular is a very nice weapon upgrade for Throné.

To reach our destination, we have to cross this bridge. Not really a big deal, just interesting to note.

There's a couple people working on the bridge, among all the others working on the bridge.

Not enough people take safety seriously, so good for him.

Our destination is Canalbrine, to the east.

That said, before I enter the town proper, I decide to go into one more battle so that I can change the battle speed, and wouldn't you know it...

Cait's Theme

We run into our first Cait! These are rather rare creatures that give good rewards but are prone to fleeing. There's several types of Caits as well.

The best trick is to throw a medium level soulstone to take them out. The small ones are too weak. Luckily I have exactly one such soulstone.

The rewards are massive, with everyone going up to L15 and netting a good chunk of JP as well. I was hesitant to kill it because now I'm somewhat overleveled, but it'll probably equal itself out over time. Not that I'm really doing any content outside the recruitment chapters yet, so it doesn't really matter.

I figured for Temenos I'd grab the defense buff spell. Revive probably would've been better, but eh, too late now.

Seaside Town

After entering Canalbrine, we see someone treating a wounded man at the port.

I also see symptoms of severe dehydration.
Apothecary... Nngh... Everything's going dim... Please... Heal me...
Easy now, it'll be all right.

I think we could spare some grapes in these trying times.

Thank you. This is just what I was looking for.

And then a transition to the inn...

Remember to maintain a balanced diet. That'll help keep you healthy.

And yet another transition to outside the inn.

Are you a traveler as well?

If you wouldn't mind sharing the road with me, may I join you on your travels?

Even without memories, she certainly seems to know her stuff. Definitely can't hurt having her along!

You know the deal. Another character, another beginning. Strap in.

Video: Memories


That's why...you have to live.

It's up to you now...

Where am I?

You've got the luck o' the tides, y'know.

(Why...can't I stand?)

Easy now, lass. You've had a rough time o' it. Drink up.
Thank you...for saving me.
Couldn't well leave you to the fishes. How'd you end up on that li'l skiff anyhow?

C'mon now, this isn't the time for jokes.
I'm sorry, but I really can't remember anything.

I know one thing 'bout you, lass.

Castti... How...how did you know that?

...Ah, right. Amnesia. Strange to think a person could forget their own name.

(First things first, I need information. Somewhere to start. It will be difficult to learn who I am... Nevertheless, the crew of this ship should know more about the circumstances of my rescue.)

You know, for someone who just lost their memories, Castti is handling this surprisingly well.

Inquire is yet another info-extracting ability like Coerce and Scrutinize. It's a day action like Scrutinize, but instead of having a percentage chance to succeed, it works as long as you're at the minimum level for the NPC in question, much like Temenos's Guide.

It's always nice to have someone looking out for us.

Other than the captain and the three NPCs we're supposed to Inquire, none of the other NPCs can be Inquired.

Of course, that won't stop us from chatting up the rest of the ship.

Uhhhh, that doesn't sound very good. I wonder how that's related to that earlier cutscene...

I'm curious how one can captain a ship despite never even sailing the ocean before. Oh well, not every person is suited for every job, the world does need some landlubbers.

At least this guy seems to have found his calling.

That said, this information certainly isn't of much help as to finding out Castti's identity, but it's all we have for now.

(Based on the predominant currents in this region of the ocean... It's likely my skiff set sail from somewhere on the continent to the east. From my exhaustion and the severity of my dehydration, it's fair to estimate that I was adrift for several days.)

(...Not much point in wondering. I should instead thank my lucky stars that I was rescued.)

(Its destination is a large port town called Canalbrine. Perhaps there's someone there who can shed a light on who I am.)

(Maybe they can offer some material clues as to my identity.)

Castti definitely knows her stuff despite not remembering her stuff. That said, no progress on her actual goal yet. Certainly her belongings will help, and maybe even jog her memory...

This satchel...

(It seems rather hastily stuffed. I must have been in quite the hurry.)

(Well, well... It seems I am--I was an apothecary.)

Yet another mystery.

At least we know now where Castti's skills lie. If nothing else, hopefully she can still remember her craft.

But that can wait.

Seaside Town

We have arrived at Canalbrine.

I've remembered a little. Enough. I was an apothecary.

Heh, that so.

An old sea dog taught me that proverb. May the wind and the waves always find you well, Castti.

The help is greatly appreciated, but it's time to move on.

Canalbrine is no New Delsta, but it's certainly a thriving port town and likely one of the bigger settlements on the western continent.


Yeah, no mistaking it.

(Oh well. First things first, I need to find clues as to who I may be. I should speak to the people of this town. I might glean some knowledge about my past.)

Castti has nothing else to go on, so might as well learn what she can about this town.

Video: A Fallen Boy


In that case, I'll just have to try my luck with someone else.

For instance, she's learning that the townsfolk here are rather rude and/or shy.


He's burning up! We need to get him inside!

Rash, vomiting... It could be the onset of some sort of strange poison. I should have the herbs to treat this. Hold on for just a moment.

Castti's night action is Soothe, which helps NPCs rest. In story situations, it's usually to help with treating sickness or injuries.

In practical use, Castti uses it to drug NPCs unconscious so she can take their things, because this is Octopath Traveler.

Soothe uses items to knock out NPCs. You don't have to worry about these items when needed by the story, but the items are somewhat limited when doing it regularly, and more important NPCs require more resources to knock out, and I don't know if you can even grind certain ingredients from monsters. You want to be selective with who you use these on normally.

Right now, though, it's a matter of life and death so no need to be stingy with our medicine.

A dash of lychanthe seed mixed with some of these herbs should do the trick...


...Phew. The fever's receding. He's sleeping peacefully now.

Thank you, miss... Er...

Thank you, Malaya. My name's Castti. Sorry to say I don't remember much else. I was an apothecary, but what kind I cannot say.

What? Then how did you diagnose and treat that boy?
It seems my hands still remember their craft. Strange, isn't it?

Very fortunate that Castti still remembers how to treat others, especially in this situation.

Wait... That blue uniform... It can't be...



How'd you sneak in here!? What'd you do to him!?
Calm down. She's an apothecary. She treated your brother for his ills.

Eir's Apothecaries? What--


Pestilence-monger? I don't understand.
And I don't care! Out! Out!!!


Who are these...Eir's Apothecaries?

You have? What sort of people are they? Why was that man so hostile to me?

I fear Senah's illness is only the beginning. If I can't identify the root of this sickness, it could engulf the whole town. There's no time to waste.

Would your time not be better spent treating your own woes?

As long as I can heal the sick, who I am is ultimately trivial.

Very well. You have my aid. Let's split up and find the source of this sickness.

No memories and alienated by the entire town, Castti's still willing to do what she can to protect these people from whatever illness may arise.

Let's just hope this all works out.

I'm sorry, but would you mind telling me about these apothecaries? I'm unfamiliar with them.
Don't play dumb. Everyone knows what that little band of apothecaries have been up to on the eastern continent. They travel around charging only a pittance for services...

I even heard they butchered an entire town not long ago.
I don't know what dark purpose drives them, and I don't care.

The truth is, I don't know if I am what you think I am. I remember little of my past.

Get off with you!

Right now, all I want is to help the people of this town. I'm looking for clues as to what is causing the people here to grow sick. Please, if you know anything, tell me.

This is probably the most inopportune time and place to have amnesia, particularly if Castti was indeed a member of Eir's Apothecaries.

Marlo? What's wrong!?

What's the big idea!? He needs help! Or do you want me to leave him there to die!?


I'll carry him. All of you, stay here.

She...she healed Marlo?


What in the world's going on?
Damn, and of course this happens while our healers are away!

It's up to Castti to help out the town.

There's three sick townspeople to tend to.

First off, this little girl.

Fortunately we're stocked on medicine.

The girl is safe, but it seems her grandfather is in danger.

His granddaughter went looking for an apothecary, but hasn't come back yet...

Just need to administer some medicine to him...

My fever's broken, thanks to you. You have my gratitude.

We're not done yet.

An apothecary's work is never done.

That should do it for now.

This sickness is spreading fast. We need to find its source or there won't be anyone standing before long.

We're out of the woods for now, but it's too early to breathe easy.


Senah gave me a tongue-lashing 'bout it, too. He said you saved his life.

Huh. Well, I don't know if this'll help, but...

Hey! Ma said the same thing to me this morning!
Really? I boiled some water this morning and didn't notice anything strange...
The water... Of course!

If that's true, then that must be the source!
A fine deduction, Castti. I agree.

Then my course is clear.

This is our town. It's our job to protect it.
I appreciate the offer, but I'm afraid I must insist that you stay.

Well...all right.

Castti's won the town over with her dedication, but her work has only just started.

...Fine. Just come back in one piece, Castti.
Hehe, I'll try. The world needs more apothecaries like you, Malaya.

Next time, Castti searches for the source of the town's illness and maybe learns something about herself along the way.