Cropdale, Village at Peace

We've finally reached the peaceful little village of Cropdale, nestled in the Leaflands.

And the first thing we notice is a purse with a rather large sum of leaves...

That's my purse. I thought I lost it.

Glad we resolved that, at least.

Ack! Pala!

What would've happened if this kind stranger hadn't picked it up?
I...I don't know...
You can be so careless sometimes, Agnie...

She may act like a right fool sometimes, but she can do anythin' she sets her mind to.

...W-well now.

And, um... Now that I think about it, I never got to thank you for earlier.

I mean, she already seems like a liability considering she just left a bunch of money lying on the ground, but we still need to hit eight members, so why not.

This is Agnea, the Dancer. In OT1, that game's dancer character, Primrose, had by far the darkest story as she swore revenge on the men who murdered her father. Thus for OT2 they swung far in the other direction, as Agnea's story is by far the most lighthearted and lowest stakes of all of them, which is definitely refreshing after the last several stories we've done.

So kick back and enjoy this pleasant romp of positivity and can-do attitude!

Video: Dreams of Stardom


Today we begin Agnea's journey to becoming a star.

Cropdale, Village at Peace (Night)

She comes from humble beginnings, dancing on the stage of the local tavern to her fellow villagers.

Encore! Encore!

But the fun's just getting started.

I'm fine! I'm tougher than I look... I'm gonna be a star, after all.

To think our village is home to a future star!
We're all rootin' for ya, kid!
Hehe. Thanks, everyone.

I can keep going...

She's been workin' hard in this li'l tavern to earn whatever coin she can. I take it everyone here's prepared their tips for our dear dancer.
Sure have! It's all yours, Agnea!
You're the best, Agnea!
Let's toast to our future star!

Now go on, Agnea. Those tips won't collect themselves.

It's so wholesome. Everyone is rooting for Agnea to achieve her dream.

Which also explains Agnea's night path action, Entreat. NPCs will simply give her items, based on her level. Considering how we've been getting items at night so far, it'll be nice to not have to beat up half the town to get their valuables when Agnea can simply ask nicely for them.

I can't explain it, but whenever I see you dance...I feel lighter than air the next day. So I'm more'n happy to give you what I can.
Hehe! Thank you!

That's one tip collected.

Your dancin' was as beautiful as always, Agnea! I'm lookin' forward to your next show. I think I'll bring my friends next time!
Really!? Hehe. I can't wait to see you then!

It's us who should be thankin' you, Agnea!
See you tomorrow!

Ah, don't worry about that. You must be exhausted.

And it's easy to see why the villagers love Agnea so much. She's upbeat and selfless, willing to work hard and help others that need it. Basically the embodiment of who a star should be.


It's the least I can do after you let me dance on your stage.
Say, Agnea... Did you manage to get all the leaves you need?
Hehe. Almost! Just 1,000 more to go. Then I'll finally have the 10,000 leaves I need.

You've been sayin' that you'd save up and leave the village to become a star.
...That's right.

Bygone Days

B-b-but why're you givin' me so much!?

I didn't do video of this specific scene since I didn't want to make every cutscene a video, but Agnea has a similar backwater villager accent many of the other townspeople here do, but it only shows up when she's so excited or surprised that she's not focusing on speaking "properly".

You're really somethin', Agnea. You never gave up on your dream. Consider it my tip. It's my way of cheerin' you on.
Thank you, Gus...
Hehe. You finally did it.


I'm already lookin' forward to it.

Time to head home for the evening.

Many of the villagers are eager to give their belongings to Agnea.

Though some of the better loot she's way too low a level to get.

Cropdale's best known for their raspberries and peaches, and of course they have a big festival every year because why not celebrate?

Video: Dancing on Air


I'm sorry. I'll cook dinner right away!

R-really!? So that means...

Pala is Agnea's younger sister, and arguably one of the standout characters of this game, though for reasons we won't really be seeing for a long, long time. She still has some great moments in this chapter, though.

But first, there's someone else Agnea needs to talk to.

Dinner's ready. Come and eat while it's hot.

Papa... Do you remember our promise?

Well, I did it. So I'm going on my journey...just like you promised I could.

I'm going to become a star and bring smiles to people's faces.


Bygone Days

She wrote her own songs and traveled the land, singing and dancing.

They met when he was making Mama's dresses.

Of course, Pala and I went everywhere with her. But those happy days were short-lived. Mana was so focused on making people smile...

After some time...

Ever since then, Papa's opposed my dream. My dream of following in Mama's footsteps...

"But goodbye I shall not say."

Oh! Are you all right, Agnea?
I...I'm fine.

...You get back up no matter how many times you fall. The moonstep is a difficult dance. But you can do whatever you set your mind to.

Stars are a symbol of hope. They put smiles on people's faces.

Agnea wants to be a star to bring joy to the world, but it's also a way she can still remember and embrace her mother.


Agnea is absolutely ready for today.

Wake up, Pala!

It's morning! Breakfast time! It'll go cold if you wait too long! Now get out of bed!

Carefree Days

Pala isn't sharing Agnea's energy and enthusiasm today, and can't say I blame her.

I sure am gonna miss gettin' tasty meals handed to me.
From tomorrow on, it'll be your turn.

Better late than never, I suppose.

I'm goin' into the woods to gather raspberries. We'll need as many as we can get for the town's famous raspberry pies!

You'd get more work done than a half dozen men.
Rounding them up is more the problem.

You are a dancer, after all...

I'd look like a right fool if I used my dancin' for somethin' like that!
Oh, Agnie. You can be so naïve...

Thanks for breakfast, Agnie!

They're definitely sisters, and Pala knows very well how to mess with her older sister.

In any case...I ought to make my way over to the festival.

Now we need to head to the festival grounds and help with preperations, because Agnea's willing to help out all she can.

Everyone's natually excited about the festival, and for Agnea's dancing.

The Leaflands

We have to head north into the forest path, but it's a straight shot to the festival grounds.

Now for the final preperations!

Speakin' of which... We have a couple more big piececs to add. Would you mind findin' me a few helpin' hands?

Now we go to Agnea's day path action, Allure. This recruits NPCs similar to Temenos's Guide, but is percentage based instead of level based (though like other similar path actions, higher levels increase the percentage chances). And like other similar path actions, failing will punish you. Which is weird, as Agnea being flirty can piss off a villager but Osvald trying to beat them up to take their stuff won't penalize you, but what can you do.

Anyway, there's a couple lazy NPCs we can convince to help out.

Each NPC also has a "Dance Session" bonus, related to Agnea's Talent, which I'll explain the next update.

I can't refuse an offer from you, Agnea!
Hehe. Shall we?

Will do! I'll see who else I can rustle up!

We just need to bring two people to help out.

Agnea makes it look easy.

Hehe. Happy to be of service!
Seems like none of 'em have an ear for what I have to say. Askin' you was the right choice.

Gus! Is somethin' the matter?

She went raspberry pickin' in the woods, but she ain't come back yet.


And that's not even the worst of it...

Do you remember? That giant boar ravaged our whole village some years ago... It took the whole lot of us to drive 'im away.


Y-you can't be serious...!


Thank you, Gus.
B-but I sure would feel better if we had more company...

We need to head into the forest to find Pala. Gus is helping us out, but we could use another hand.

That said, like the other NPC-recruiting characters, Agnea can summon them into battle to help in combat.

This minstrel seems as good as anyone, I guess.

Next time, we enter the forest and attempt to rescue Pala from the duorduor, and perhaps watch Agnea's final dance before she starts her journey.