A Sensational City

Heading back to New Delsta for today's side story.

Bring me fruit. I think some ripe grapes will suffice. Goodness gracious, my throat is dryer than the desert sands... I'll pay you the leaves, so don't waste another second.

Well, this is an easy one. We have plenty of grapes, so we can spare one.

But if you insist on giving them to me, I will graciously throw them away for the both of us.

That...wasn't the outcome I expected. Maybe we should try again...?

How could you not know what I'm talking about? It's obvious, isn't it?

I don't know if I really want to give this twit a plum, but well, we have plenty and they're cheap, so maybe he'll actually appreciate it this time.

Oh...I see you've brought a plum. Just as I asked.

Oh well. You tried your best, I suppose. Shame on me for expecting better of a commoner. Well, lesson learned!

OK, this is just ridiculous. Time to figure out this guy's deal.

Well, that explains a lot.

And if you're curious, he'll rotate between asking for a grape and plum until you wise up and figure out the actual way to resolve this side story.

I try to tell him, but he never listens. I wonder if there's anyone who can talk some sense into him...

His father's in Canalbrine, huh. Sounds familiar.

Methinks we'll pay him a visit...

He grew up wanting for nothing, and now I fear he's unable or even unwilling to provide for himself. He moved to New Delsta, where I cannot help but imagine he's become a burden on society...

At least the jerk's father has a sense of shame.

Let's reunite this family, and enjoy the resolution.

...I cannot believe my ears.

If you want something, you had best learn to get it yourself! How dare you treat others like your servants!
I'm s-s-sorry! I thought giving people money would make them happy.
Not with that ungrateful attitude, you fool!


But thanks to you, I was able to teach him a long-overdue lesson.

So now the side story is actually resolved.

Go figure getting dressed down so thoroughly would change him for the better.

Well, that's another problem solved! So might as well recruit our next character...

...which means we're gonna have to head back to the Leaflands.

The Harborlands

I could just travel to Oresrush and take a quick jaunt north, but hey, why not take the scenic route? This update could use a bit more padding anyway, and it's always fun to see the scenery and the numerous weird creatures around.

This Rock Tortoise, for instance, is a rather sturdy creature that can buff the defenses of all enemies.

This jaunt also lets me clean up some treasure chests I missed earlier. Nothing too exciting, but still nice.

And also grind JP on top of that. Right now I want to focus on Castti's axe attacks so she can do some better damage.

Also, plenty of fish to fight, including on land!

Advanced Magic is gonna be overkill, but I don't really need the others right now.

Otherwise, nothing much of note here. Time to go back to the Hinoeuma region.


Along the way, I stop by Ryu, a tiny settlement in the sands.

I mainly do this to get quicktravel access here, and to take out Osvald who has a JP lead due to all the townspeople he's been beating up.

See you in a few updates, Hikari.

Stealing is a good way to get various Concoct ingredients. A lot of stuff you can get for cheap, but if the enemy's gonna die anyway, might as well save a few leaves, right?

The actual loot is dumb, but I like that you can sail east from Hinoeuma back into the Harborlands on boat to get this chest. Technically you can reach it from other areas on this screen, but it's fun to do it this way.

Especially so I can collect some more seafood.

The order I want Throné's abilities is rather straightforward. After her powerful and useful HP Thief, the debuffs are great, and Armor Corrosive should be good once I finally get some physical attackers.

Also we beat up betta fish.

As well as run into another elemental.

Elemental wisps hit harder than most foes in the general area. They also generally don't have any weapon weaknesses.

They're naturally a good source of soulstones, though.

Ember's probably the least-useful of Partitio's skills, but hitting fire weaknesses might help if I don't have Osvald around.

Not only do I have two stronger spears than this, it even has an accuracy penalty. That's what happens when you steal and mug NPCs with reckless abandon, though.

Enough wonderous creatuers of the desert.

Breezing through the Wildlands.

This sword's power certainly lives up to its name...lessness, as it's completely unremarkable.

The Leaflands (Night)

Now let's give a thorough exploration of the Leaflands before we reach our destination.

Those Mossy Meeps are not much, but that Giant Boar...

Yeah, if I weren't so overleveled it'd be mildly scary.

Strange, don't see anyone camping here.

These owl creatures have a decent wind attack on top of their physicals.

A nice hat that boosts Max SP. I'll save this one for Osvald.

There's a chest we have to reach by riding this river to another screen. I must say, this is delightfully scenic. The Leaflands is full of glorious eye candy.

And also really old fish that we need to render extinct.

The chest in question has another element-reducing amulet, this time for Wind.

At last, we arrive at our destination. Next time, we enter the lively little town of Cropsdale and meet our next companion.