Cropdale, Village at Peace

Let's take a break and explore a new town, and also take care of another side story along the way.

We can't get all the good stories in just one game.

Agnea's already looted many of the good items from these people, which helps a bit with item collection.

Where those clothes went, well... It's been so long, I can't remember. You can try askin' my son, but he's all the way out on the Forest Path.

This actually relates to today's side story, though I end up getting what I need before actually doing the side story.

This seems weird, but is really a lot more authentic to doing these side stories in the OT games. Half the time you don't know what to do or where to go, you just have to inquire every person and obtain every item they have to resolve most of these, as info you learn in one area will resolve a side story in another.

It's always good to have someone looking out for you, and honestly with Agnea now gone the other two probably need all the help they can get.

Did you know there's a trick to making grapes extra sweet and juicy?

This fellow is too tough to extract info from, and besides, it's likely info we'll need later for a future side story anyway, so it can wait.

This guy is hiding something, but of course we lack the two characters that can knock this guy out during the day.

Good thing this game has night actions!

I kinda want to see this guy's performances.

Here's the tragedy of growing up. Sometimes the most minor of NPC interactions can be surprisingly profound.

And also beneficial, as we get another of these SP-boosting hats.

Even the smelliest fruits and wildest greens can be put to work. You just gotta process 'em right!

Of course, that info we just learned will solve a side story we'll be doing in one of the "mid-tier" towns later on. If you just utilize your path actions exhaustively you will solve a majority of these side stories without really trying.

Oh, he seems to be doing plenty of living, alright.

The buff to Allure here will be handy though in a bit.

I think I'll try makin' jam with this batch! Boil it down, make it sweet...

I like that each sister is practicing the path of each parent. Of course, Pala is nothing like her dad personality-wise.

...Can I help you?

Garud isn't the most personable guy, but his work speaks enough for itself, so much so that it's what drew Cuani to marry him.

Might have to give this a buy later...

The last time or two I was here, I gathered up a heap of old junk and got it out of her way. It was no small feat!

The old woman told us to meet her son out here.

And this leads us to the Crop Tapestry Pattern we'll need for the side story.

Cropdale, Village at Peace (Night)

The festival part up north is busy, but has no actual NPCs to interact with, so let's do our night exploration.

Maybe there's some sort of conscience buried in there?

Not that it stops me from robbing a hard-to-get concoction ingredient. Diffusing Serum spreads Concoction effects to the entire party, which is very handy.

Yeah, we'll hold off on learning this person's history for now.

Funny enough, this place isn't as exciting at night. It's like everyone would rather eat dinner and go to bed!

At least we have crazy curse woman to keep us entertained.

Also we get a nice bow upgrade after we beat her up.

Fortunately Throné is high-enough level that she takes care of this guy easily.

Now, there's no one in here during the night, but at day... that a Beastling?

Well, that explains why the old man is so paranoid and protective. Most people in Solistia have no interactions with Beastlings and know almost nothing about them, so it makes sense that the old man is trying to keep her safe, and that the two may be forming a bond as well.

But forget all that, she has Jam and Herb Elixir, which heals all status effects.

Also, holy crap, that Allure boost means we have a good chance to equip what's essentially a L30 NPC. I don't know if I'll make much use of her, but she'll certainly be handy if I enter places I probably shouldn't yet...!

Cropdale, Village at Peace

It's a small town, so we're done for now. Let's tackle this quick little side story to close things out.

Alas, the tradition died out long ago, and none remain who know how to weave them. Their very memory fades; the number of people who know what they are dwindles by the day.

Fortunately, we managed to find such a pattern!

Let's go ahead and help her out.

And one in such fine shape, no less! Why, it's a miracle it exists!

Nay, there's no question! It's as good as done!

Simple enough!

Oh, and you should know I returned the pattern to its owner. It's a precious heirloom, after all.

I'm aware, that's why it was gathering dust in an abandoned water mill.

It also seemed to give a new step in the woman's good leg. Sometimes the most minor of events can drive people to new things.

Next time, we learn the importance of expressing our feelings by beating up an obnoxious drunk guy.