Cropdale, Village at Peace (Night)

Seems we're finished over here. Let's go to Gus and set our party so we can--


Don't you dare tell me I've had too much. 'S nothin' more I hate than a scold!

'S this a tavern or not!? Am I not free to have as much as I can drink!?

I'll prove it to you! Barkeep! Ten drinks! Line 'em up!

I like a good drink or two, or ten, hell I'm drinking as I type this, but no one likes an obnoxious drunk.

Every night he's in here, carryin' on in the loudest voice you ever heard and givin' folks headaches...

I think our party is well handled to take care of an obnoxious drunkard.

She definitely seems the most capable of tavern assistants. If I were to ever open a tavern, I would find a way to bring NPCs from video games into life. Or I'd just find a real-life person similar to this written NPC, that part would probably be easier and more ethical.

You know what'll happen to you if you go looking to quarrel with a noble, don't you!?

I mean, I've quarreled with more fiercesome monsters so far.

A drunkard who can barely hit with a sword is no threat to me.

Seems coercision isn't enough to reach the truth.

Nor is stealing his stuff, though that is a nice bonus.

Anyway, the best way to shut up a drunk person is to render them unconscious, and since this fool seems to hold his liquor, we'll have to do it the old-fashioned way.

He had a few too many tonight, even by his standards. I'll try and talk some sense into him when he comes to.

Apologies for all the trouble I've caused.
If you know it's wrong, how about you cut back? You're gonna drink yourself to death this way.
Again, my apologies. I have such fun chasing my troubles away, you see...

Why wouldn't we? You see, I've married into a noble family of some renown.

My own daughters regard me with a steely gaze... And how could they not, seeing how I'm made to behave? It's all too much!

I don't know, I'd rather be poor and free than rich and miserable. That's just me though.

Rather, you are at least. You're free to pour your heart out in this tavern!
You would still accept me as one of your own after all the trouble I've caused?
Of course! Just know that I'm only servin' you peach juice for the time bein'.

Guy just needs a place to vent more than anything. Probably healthier to keep him sober and have him talk about his troubles than hear him scream them in a drunken stupor for the whole town to hear.

And being able to get more cash in battle is not such a bad reward, either. Temenos is gonna be overleveled anyway, might as well waste an accessory slot to make more dough.

I feel the same way, I use drink to raise my spirits and enjoy life more. Of course it's all about balance, which ain't the easiest thing in the world to achieve.

I mean, he's probably still healthier overall even with the weight gain, especially since he can more effectively vent out his frustrations.

Well, that was a fun diversion with the Octopath version of Cheers. Let's move on since we're still stuck with a Sextopath, which I am not equipped to handle.

First off, I hit 500JP in the last update with Castti, but figured it's better to do it here since I'll have actual combat for a small bit. Anyway, Poison Axe is the next obvious choice for a powerful single-target attack.

I made the executive decision to recruit Ochette next because nobody seems to like Hikari, plus she has her own important choice to make, which I'll go into next update.


Here we are at Toto'haha, a small island to the south of the Eastern Continent.

We want to head to the Beasting Village, since the next character we'll be recruiting is a Beastling and all.

Some nice environs on this island!

Also some scary foes, including Froggens.

Tough choice between Peacock Strut and Sweeping Gale, but considering it'll be awhile before I tackle more boss battles with Agnea, giving her an elemental attack for randoms seems the better choice.

Again, these are screenshots I only took because they looked nice.

More foes we wipe the floor with.

It's not a long trek to the Beasting Village, thankfully. So next time, we'll recruit our seventh character and get to know her.