Village of Beastlings

And so we arrive at the Beasting Village.

Which...has a big lack of Beastings.

This area is actually divided between two areas. The western area is where the beastlings live, while the eastern area has human settlers.

But before we can check out the area proper, we have a party member to recruit.

Say, I don't remember your face at all. Are you from off-island?

I have to find three Creatures of Legend to protect the island! But I'm I thought I might eat first.

Ochette is a skilled hunter with a kind heart and an unmatched appetite. I think it's worth bringing her along.

Sure, sounds good! You smell like a fun traveling companion.

You know the drill. We're gonna check out her Chapter 1 and get her backstory.

Video: A Loyal Companion


One day, you will be a hunter.

A protector of the island, culling any creatures who threaten its balance.

A companion...

Its fangs are made to tear the flesh of its prey, making them formidable weapons.

Its wings shape the air's currents, and magical power, too.

You must choose one, Ochette.
And, having chosen one, you must befriend it. Go ahead. Try.

We're going to start out with Ochette's night path action, Befriend. This is yet another ability to recruit NPCs, but this one requires spending items, usually food items like Jerky.

In OT1, H'aanit had a snow leopard companion to help her out. This time, we get to choose between one of two. Both are pretty useful, as they'll hit either one of any potential physical weakness (the Lājackal) or any elemental weakness (the Malamaowl).

Also, since Ochette is a beastling, she can talk to and understand these potential companions.

As to how to choose?

I figured since Hikari has generally been last on the voting polls, it'd make more sense to skip them and get this voted on instead to save some time. And, well, the choice ended up being pretty clear.

I'm going to call you...

If we had chosen the Lājackal, Ochette would have named him "Akalā".

There's a whole Sun/Moon thing going on between the two, though from what I can tell both have similar roles in that they try to keep Ochette focused and grounded since she can be a bit impulsive. When I played I also used Mahina, so I'm not sure how different a character Akalā is.

And you will be a fine hunter, Ochette.

Ochette has a loyal companion. Everything seems good.


What is the meaning of this? It's acting strangely...



Despite the attack, Ochette still makes an attempt to approach the beast...

...before it runs off into parts unknown.

Sadly, it's not as happy an ending for the one not chosen...

Video: Hunting Together

Tempest on the Battlefield

Ochette has grown, and her stalwart companion still flies by her side as Ochette hunts down today's prey...

The scent of our quarry. It's close... Very close.

And just as suddenly, the massive creature jumps out of the foilage and into the young hunter's path.

You eat too much, and you've gotten too big! It's wrong to take more than your share. The forest belongs to everyone.

Come on, Mahina!

Let's get right into things!

Ochette's Talent involves catching and using monsters in battle.

Right now, her only available creature to use is her companion, Mahina.

Mahina will target any elemental weakness she can, I believe even if it's not revealed yet. Akalā works the same way for weapon weaknesses.

Of course, Ochette isn't limited to using monsters. She's got access to the axe and bow, and specializes in using those as well as various de/buffs. As usual, more on those in the next update.

Let's see how fast we can capture him!

The capturing mechanic has been significantly buffed from OT1, where it was very underwhelming. It's significantly easier to capture foes now, and on top of that, Ochette has a 25% chance to automatically capture any foe she knocks out. You now get items when you "release" monsters (more on that later), and most importantly, you can now use monsters unlimited times in battle, besides certain powerful creatures that can only be used once per battle (but still stick around afterwards).

While monster capture was a neat gimmick in OT1 that you really only used to make the most of H'aanit's path action, in OT2 monsters are a legitimate skillset that give Ochette a ton of power and versatility. Definitely one of the best improvements made in OT2.

For now, today's quarry is captured.

Carefree Days

You've really been improving lately!


As you may have surmised, Ochette's stomach just growled. She is forever hungry.

That's the rule here.

Just one bite. A nibble at the edge...
Oh, if you must, then. But just a little...


Before Ochette could dig in, a flock of birds fly off all of a sudden. It's hard to see in screenshot form, but you can kind of see those red shapes in the upper-right section.


It's a straight shot north from here.

Video: Greed Betrays You


Seems we've got visitors.

Our forest is almost hunted out. So give us some of your forest, too. We humans need it.
This is pointless. They're animals. Can't hardly talk, even.

Hey! If Cohazeh hears about this...

We have lived on this island in peace since time immemorial. Now you who came after seek to rob us of it.

How are humans supposed to live here without enough food and resources?

You felled the forest so your settlements could grow. Instead of plotting to steal the forest, better you should learn to coexist with it.

Wh-what the...!?

And I still haven't had breakfast. Let's get 'em out of here.

Time to try out Ochette's day path action, Provoke. She can fight NPCs to knock them out using her beasts. Fail, and you take a reputation hit.

Not all humans are bad, but these ones are. Or at least very, very stupid.

Big thing for Provoke is that you can't use Ochette's attacks or skills. You can still use items, however, which lets you heal and throw stuff like soulstones.

Mahina has no issue breaking through this fool's shields.

And we still have that King Iguana from earlier... why not put it to use before we eat it?

Village of Beastlings

I love Ochette waving them goodbye. Such a nice touch.

So quick to resort to violence...

Our hero. Family's pride.

Looking tasty! Looking good!
Looking good! Looking tasty!

OT2 adds a new element to catching monsters, Prepare. Whenever you get rid of a monster, whether in the overworld or even if you catch too many and need to get rid of one, you'll get items instead. These items are consumables that have various effects in battle, and also can be used to recruit NPCs with Ochette's Befriend path action. Thus even catching weak foes isn't a complete waste.

Naturally, we can't prepare our companion, because why would we?

But that King Iguana sure makes a lot of jerky!

Good smell.
Looking tasty. Looking good.

Beastlings don't have a solid grasp on speaking, though Ochette is an exception. This means the beastling Ochette is more understandable than OT1's human hunter H'aanit.

We can talk while we eat.

Anyway, time for breakfast with Master Juvah.

We can explore the beastling village a bit first.

My favorite touch is the provisioner here, where you can buy items with jerky. The Pomegranate Leaves are particularly valuable for Castti, since those boost BP in concoctions.

But for now, let's meet up with Juvah.

Carefree Days

Yes. Meat hunted by an apprentice always has a special savor to it. And today's quarry was a king iguana, I gather.

Heh heh... I do my best.

I didn't spend all those years copying your example for nothing!

It only makes her eat more.
Ha! Ten years since the two of you met, is it?

I looked all over, but never did find them.

Heh... Good to hear.

But I will die one day. Just like the creature that gave us this meat.

I don't know, Master Juvah... That sounds kind of...heavy. A hunter has to travel light.

I see.


It's like the whole forest is...afraid.


I did not think you had such humility in you.

Of course. You are beasts, after all. You have a nose for these things.

Danger stalks those ruins. Humans who enter are never seen again. But this is not the case for you who were here on this island... before.

If you bring her back, I am sure we can reconsider the question of our land.

Those ruins are crawling with monsters. Our kind has no guarantee of return from them, either.

That girl had her fate, as do we all. Accept it and return to your home.

Damn, that's cold.


Remember what you taught me, Master Juvah?

But... You know how dangerous the ruins are. And this is a human child. In time, she will repay your kindness with hate.

And my heart tells me to save that girl.

Very well. Go.

If there's one thing that's stronger than Ochette's stomach, it's her heart.

...though not by much.

It's time to head to those ruins.


Time to start collecting some monsters!

And also to explore the path to the ruins, which has some interesting old structures scattered about.

These foes aren't terribly useful, but might as well build a collection early. We'll get some free items and we still get the same amount of EXP and JP.

Nice touch, Mahina will perch on the boat when navigating water.

And already we get an auto-capture! Granted, it's a monster we already have and thus is pointless to us, but hey, free jerky!

Next time, we'll search for the lost girl and hopefully bring her home.