Before we start today's update, here's the jobs I chose based on thread feedback. Most characters were simple, Throné had several votes for different jobs but Merchant worked out for her, Hikari was the last man standing to get Dancer, and since no one had suggestions for Ochette I just gave her Thief since it's a better option than the only other job left, Cleric.

Granted, we won't be seeing any actual combat today, but this'll be handy for the next few updates.

I decided to do one of Throné's Chapter 2 routes first, namely the Mother Route, as it's short, has no combat at all, and gives me a chance to do a quick dive back into stories while showing off a new mechanic.

Also, I don't have to go to a new town since this chapter takes place in Oresrush.


(...It's common knowledge in the nest, though no one really knows why. And it's the only clue I have.)

Oresrush, Pioneer Town

Yeah, we're not wasting time with intros today. Time to dive straight into gameplay. But first, see that top-right option?

Travel banters return from OT1, where certain party members will chat with the focus character of that chapter. There's twenty-one total per character storyline, three for each character, though with more chapters they're more spread out now. But most importantly, you can no longer miss these permanently, as at the end of each chapter all travel banters will show up in the journal, including those you may have missed.

Let's check out the first of four such banters this chapter, which explains an obvious question that's already come up before.

...If that were possible, I would have done it long ago.

But every product's got its use. Sorry, but would you mind lettin' me have a closer look?
If you're so interested, why not purchase it?

I'm scared to think what use Partitio would have for a poison collar.

Right, time to check out this saddlery.


In the meantime, please wait at the tavern.


We have an array of goods made of cloth and leather, and even others with chains.
I'm not here for horse gear.
But, milady, this is a saddlery...
Is that so...?

You have a keen eye, milady.

I saw it with my own eyes. I would not be able to craft the proper gear otherwise.
Did he now...?

Not much luck.

(As for this "horse"... It must be what I need for the exchange. Which means that man from before has one without a doubt.)

But before we do, banter!

Noticed it, have you? It's my perfume.
It has a very bewitching scent. It suits you.
...Thank you. Would you like some?
Hehe, thanks, but I don't use perfume.

...I see. I usually don't wear perfume, either. It...complicates work sometimes.

Best of luck, Throné.

Even expert thieves need to treat themselves sometimes. It's the little things that keep you going when you're trying to murder your parents.

Right, the "horse".

(I'd better make my way back to the saddlery.)

Right, let's try this again.


I've brought my "horse" with me this time.

...So you have. Which means I can finally treat you like a customer.
Hmph... You sure don't make things easy for your clients.
Aye, for mine is a very exclusive business. Now, what are you after?

She's one of my best customers. Your request is beyond my power.
Well, then...


...They call him the Slaver. He runs the slave trade and is doing business in the town's old foundry right now.
I see.
To reach him, you must know these words...

...Thank you.

Lives may be lost before he is willing to talk.

So yeah, there's a slave trade happening in Oresrush. I guess that's a thing. Wonder how Partitio feels upon finding this out.

(...I'm still being followed. They've been trailing me since I arrived. I'd better get rid of them...)

Before we talk to this Slaver, time to take care of a loose end first.

(Who are you? And why are you following me?)

This poor fool is nowhere close to Throné's skills.

That face...

(Was imagination? Now that it matters... I have to focus. I must find that slaver.)

But first, banter!

Oresrush, Pioneer Town

Hikari... Please don't stand behind me.
My apologies. Might I ask why?
In my line of work, we must always watch our backs. It's quite straining on the nerves.

...I see. I shall take your words to heart.
Hah. You ought to watch your back, too, Hikari.
That won't be necessary with trustworthy friends behind me.

This is probably the first time in her life that Throné's got allies she can trust. Even her closest friend tried to kill her, albeit reluctantly. I don't think she has to worry about Hikari doing so, at least.

Well, let's meet this Slaver and see if he'll lead us to Mother.

The easy part is done...

Video: The Slaver


White, drink. Now.

Dammit! I can't believe I lost!
All right, who's next? Bring 'em in!

You're first. Choose a cup.


No fun at all, that one. No wonder I couldn't find a buyer for him...

Well, this Slaver guy seems like an upstanding fella, what with gambling with people's lives and whatnot.

You're the Slaver, I presume?
...Aye. I'm a buyer and seller of slaves. So what sort of merchandise are you looking to buy, young lady?

Is she here or not?
You're too late. She already left.

*sniff sniff sniff*

It's the smell of shoreflowers. Do you like it?

Even the most disciplined are exposed by their own scent.

But your scent is still sweet... There's no fear in you.

I will tell you where Mother went...if you can best me.
A man after my own heart.

We will do

We get a chance to breathe and prepare before we play.

I save my game and prepare to play.

Video: Death's Table


...No. I will gladly accept your challenge.

We will take turns drinking. The one who drinks the poison loses.
Are there any other rules?
If you try to run, you die. That's all there is to it.

She doesn't stand a chance.

...You may see six glasses on the table. If they go one at a time like you'd expect, then things don't look good for Throné.


Now it's your turn, young lady.

But not a merciful or swift death. No. Release will come only after what feels like an eternity of agony and excruciating pain.
That's fine with me.

Haha. Your false courage won't spare you from the pain.


...Ahh, exquisite.

This is the first time I've ever seen someone down two in a row...!

Throné's no fool. She's taken control of this game.

...Just like me.
Is that so?

And yours will reach my nose before long.

I could even accept dying here.

At this point, we must make our choice. Either the right cup...

...or the left.

Now, there's a slight tell as to which one has the poison. If we happen to choose the Left one...

Haha. I win. Farewell, Little Snake.

It'll just bring us right back to the choice.

Throné knows which cup is full of poison, likely for the same reason the Slaver knows.

Throné, the Thief

...Thanks for the drinks.

I always dodged the tainted glass, leaving it for my opponent...
Then couldn't you have won?

...You have bested me.


I will tell you where Mother promised...

In a place called Mother's Garden... It's officially an orphanage...and has the support of the local monastery...

You could probably...sneak a nun...

I couldn't cut myself loose either...the former head wouldn't let me...
The former head?

I hope you find...what you seek...


Let's go. It's time for Mother's punishment...

I feel like we've met before.

I felt're someone important. That's why I followed you...

I don't know who my father is.

And so Throné finds the information she sought. Not the most enjoyable experience, but she's doing what she has to for freedom.

Let's finish things off with one last banter.

It's rare for humans to have such a keen sense of smell.

You know...I kind of understand what he was saying.
You have a unique scent.


Next time, I don't know. I'll play it by ear, maybe another side story, maybe another character story, guess we'll wait and see!