This is a transcription of all the party banter dialogue from Olberic's Chapter 2. Currently it lacks context for each scene, but I will add those at a later time.


All dialogue here was transcribed using this video. You're welcome to copy/paste/use this wherever and however you want.

 So that is the famous Victors Hollow arena!

 You have heard of it.

 Oh, yes. The histories say that it was first built as a penal circus, where prisoners were made to fight to the death.

 A cruel practice.

 Quite. But people eventually wearied of watching men die for sport... And the fights became more humane, less deadly. Forced duels between prisoners were banned. Only free men and volunteers could fight.

 Now the arena is where men come to test their mettle and win glory for themselves.

 Tell me, Olberic. What do you think of this present-day arena?

 It is honorable. Far better than forcing poor wretches to kill or be killed.

 It is still a blood sport.

 ...But fought between free men who can choose not to, if that is their will.

 What do you think of this Cecily woman?

 She appears to have a keen eye for fighters. Why do you ask?

 It's just that I've seen many a man fall victim to hardheaded women like her. They're seduced with promises, cajoled into submission, and eventually led into financial ruin.

 I am no woman's fool.

 Just watch yourself, Olberic. Don't be taken in by glib words, or you may regret it later.

 I appreciate the warning.

 Still, from what I can tell about Cecily... I honestly thing she just loves the arena and the tournaments...

 I see...

 Just listen to those birds sing! Maybe they're celebrating your victory, Sir Olberic.

 Haha. Mayhap they are.

 By the way, that Victorino reminds me of the folk back home. He's a real man of the sea: straight-talking and honest, with no time for hogwash. You know, I've got a feeling he and I would get along. Just thinking about it makes me miss my little port town!

 Is that so?

 Yup! My father said that the ocean is so beautiful, it washes people's hearts clean. When you look out at the horizon and realize how huge it can see your troubles for what they are.

 Then the ocean is a fine thing indeed.

 You're the same, Sir Olberic. You're like a big tree. Steadfast and calm. Nothing sways you. You have a great view - Oh!


 (A little bird landed right on his shoulder!)


 Is something troubling you?

 ...Aye. I am dwelling upon a happening from the past.

 An unhappy memory?

 Thou couldst say that. Master once wagered a great sum at the arena and lost it all. He had received payment for a hunt, but was left destitute and unable to returnen home.

 That was not very masterly of him.

 Indeed! To payen off his debts, we weren forced to sharen our earnings for many months after, and oft went hungry. Visiting this arena hath brought back the memory of that bitter time.

 I am sorry to hear it.

 Forgiven me. I did not will to burden thee with my woes. Nor shalle I leten them hindereth our mission here.


 Why do I fight...?

 What's the matter, Olberic? You look deep in thought.

 Indeed I am. I realized that every man who takes up arms has a reason to do so. I have tried not to dwell on the many men who have fallen to my blade. But now I find myself asking... Why do I fight? Why do I wield this sword?

 I can't pretend to know much about swords and soldiers. But I have noticed one thing. You're different from other fighting men I have known. There's a kindness in you...


 I sense tenderness, and mercy to those whom you're forced to vanquish. Whatever your reason turns out to be, I'm glad you fight alongside us.

 ...I had never thought of myself in that way. Thanks be to you, Ophilia. Your words give me strength.

 Oh, it's my pleasure.

 By the gods, Olberic, you're invincible - or near enough to be the same!

 ... Nay. I am just a man who carries a sword, and has learned how to use it. Today I was better than my opponent. No more, no less.

 If you say so. ...Hey-ho?

 What is it?

 You've picked up an injury there, my friend.


 You can't hide it from me. If you don't treat cuts they can get the rot, and then you'll be in trouble. So stop pretending it's nothin' and let me fix it for you. It's my job, after all.

 Thank you. I shall repay you.

 Aw, shucks. You don't need to do that!

 An old friend, eh?

 Erhardt? Aye, I called him friend, once upon a time. But it ended the day he struck down our king.

 And you still want to see him again?

 I would speak to him. There is something I need to know.

 And you think meeting him will give you closure? What happens if you don't like the answer you get? ...Are you sure you're not doing this for your own self-satisfaction?

 Perhaps you are right. But I must see him, if I am to put the past behind me.

 I won't try and stop you. In fact, I think I'll stick around and see how this one unfolds.

 Be my guest.