This is a transcription of all the party banter dialogue from Primrose's Chapter 2. Currently it lacks context for each scene, but I will add those at a later time.


All dialogue here was transcribed using this video. You're welcome to copy/paste/use this wherever and however you want.

 So you know that woman?

 Yes, from when I was still living a noble's life. It's been ten years since we last saw each other.

 That's quite a long time.

 I am glad to see her safe. I tried to find out where she had gone, but to no avail.

 I'm so sorry about what you both.

 You needn't be. After all, I'm sure you've had more than your fair share of hardships, too.


 Yet here we are, traveling together and putting the past behind us. We should be rejoicing, not feeling sorry for each other.

 (Primrose is so strong. Stronger than I'll ever be...) I'm glad I can make this journey with you. I feel all the braver for knowing you.

 Good to hear!

 Hey, Primrose? What's a brothel? I tried to ask Arianna, but she just hemmed and hawed and then wandered off...

 ... Tressa, there are just some things that children shouldn't know...

 Oh, come on! This is getting annoying - someone just tell me! ...And I'm not a child, by the way.

 If you insist. Lean in closer and I'll whisper it...

 ... ...!

 Hehe. Do you get it now? Er, Tressa? Your mouth is hanging agape...

 Or, er, sorry! I forgot it was still open...




 Alfyn, what's the matter? You can't seem to stand still.

 ...Huh? Oh shucks, sorry. It's just it's so cold up here... I was born in the south, and me and the cold, we don't get along too well.



 You're thinking about the brothel, aren't you?


 Thought so.

 S-sorry. It's just the thought of all those beautiful women...and mugs of mead...

 You'd do better to keep your mind on the journey. Besides... You don't need a brothel if all you want is the company of a beautiful woman.


 You dance beautifully.

 Thank you.

 You were positively inspiring. I wish I could dance like that, but alas...

 Hehe. Two left feet, right?

 I'm afraid so. I dared not go to the faculty balls for fear I'd trip over some poor girl and make a fool of us both. I wonder if lessons would help. Or should I simply accept who I am and stick to my tomes?

 Well, you're probably a quick learner. And even the clumsiest people can manage the basic steps... The most important thing is to enjoy the dance, and let yourself go.

 Right, right. Don't be self-conscious. Of course that makes sense. It would be rather wonderful to do all those complicated steps and not think about it... As much as I love scholarship, I love dancing, too.

 Well, if you're that eager, I could give you some pointers.

 You'd do that!? Why, I would be most grateful if you could!

 "Faith shall be your shield." A fine motto.

 ...You think so?

 'Tis honest and forthright. Virtues I strive to uphold. If you are in need of a swordsman to defend that motto, you need only ask. We are fellow travelers now, and so I am in your service.

 I'm very grateful for it, too. Having you nearby already gives me courage enough. But when you pledge your sword, why, I believe nothing will stop me.

 I hope that I might also call on your help, should the need arise.

 Of course. Whenever you need me.


 Why so grim?


 You look like a tiger about to pounce on its prey.

 ...Maybe I am. I've been hunting for a long time now.

 Well, just make sure the hunter doesn't become the hunted.

 Don't worry about me. I know what I'm doing. When I set a goal, I always achieve it. I'm not the sort to forget her lines at the show's finale.

 I'll take your word for it.

 But I appreciate your concern. I didn't realize you cared so much...

 ...I know. I'm so thoughtful.

 Primrose, I wolde asken thee about that dagger...

 ...It was a gift from my father.

 Thou dost treasuren it greatly. I knowe this because -

 Of those two rings, hanging from your necklace?

 Indeed. They aren the only thing I have left from my parents. I have no memories of them, for they died when I was but an infant. But as long as I weare these around my neck, I feele that they aren watching over me. 'Tis a strange thing, how love doth liven on after death...

 ...It is, indeed.