This is a transcription of all the party banter dialogue from H'aanit's Chapter 2. Context for each scene has now been added.


All dialogue here was transcribed using this video. You're welcome to copy/paste/use this wherever and however you want.

After H'aanit visits the Alehouse to find information on her missing master, her master's pet, Hägen, suddenly freaks out and starts running off into the town.

 Whyever didst Hägen reacten in such a manner?

 ...An astute question. If I may posit... Hägen is of a species known as the direwolf, yes? It is said that a wolf's sense of smell is one hundred million times more sensitive than that of man. ...And amongst wolves, direwolves have the most sensitive noses of all.


 I would posit that when he entered the city, he was overwhelmed by all the smells common to such a bustling center of activity. And yet, of all those odors, he would be most sensitive to those he is most familiar with. To wit...

 Hast thou a point?

 Er, I was just getting there. To wit, he detected a certain scent. Namely, the scent belonging to...

 ...Master. Of course. Then we must maken haste.

 Ah, er...yes. Precisely.

 Thou shouldst not losen heart. I will listenen to one of thy lectures after our job is done.

After following Hägen, H'aanit watches a man aggressively flirt with a less-than-thrilled woman, while his bodyguard blocks the way.

 The sheer nerve of that man!

 Thou canst sayen that again...

 Consider yourself warned, H'aanit. Stay well clear of self-centered men!

 I have little experience with menfolk. Aside from my master, of course... But thou hast experience in abundance. Praye tellen me of their ways.

 I suppose I know a thing or two... All right. There are two kinds of men in this world. Those who devote themselves to their trade or calling, and spare little thought for the fairer sex... ...And those that have no time at all for work, but plenty for pleasure.

 ... ...If that is my choice, I shall take neither.

 Why, H'aanit. It would seem you don't need my counsel after all.

H'aanit talks with the woman, Natalia, who knows her master Z'aanta but does not know where he currently is. During this conversation, H'aanit admits that Z'aanta is like a father to her.

 ...So Master Z'aanta's like a father to you. You know, I was thinking about my own father the other day.


 He once got so angry at me, I decided to run away from home. I ate some sugar from his stores, you see. I didn't see why that was so bad - we had plenty, after all.


 Anyhow, the next day I came slinking back, my belly rumbling. Sure enough, Pa was waiting for me...with a big bowl of sugar he said was my dinner. You can bet I begged for his forgiveness then!

 Hehe. Your father soundeth like a good man.

 You're worried, aren't you? About Master Z'aanta, I mean. Well, you shouldn't be. It'll turn out all right in the end. Just you see.

 Thanks be to thee, Tressa.

Trailing Z'aanta's path, H'aanit runs into a dead end due to a rock slide, but manages to find an alternate path after fighting off a tree mimic.

 ...So. You know where to go next.

 Yes. From the moment I sawe the landslide.

 Impressive. Though I guess a hunter's most at home in the woods, eh?

 Thanks be to my training. My master hath taught me well.

 ...I hear there's no fiend he couldn't slay.

 As a hunter, he is without peer. But...


 When he ventureth into town, he is too easily tempted by the alehouse and games of chance. He lacketh anything resembling discipline.

 ...Sounds to me like you're being a bit harsh on him.

 Harsh? However so?

 Even the best of men fall prey to the temptations of the city.

 So it truly is more fearsome than the deepest of forests...

H'aanit explores the Spectrewood and defeats the Lord of the Forest. She then discovers a petrified Z'aanta, who has left a note detailing his fate and asking whoever discovers it to seek the said of the seer Susanna.


 Your master is an impressive man.


 It is in our most trying moments that our true character is revealed. Your master refused to yield, even as his limbs turned to solid stone. There are few with the wits to know what must be done at such a time, and fewer still with the composure to act upon it. Through his courage, he instilled in you the gift of hope. If that is not greatness, then I know not what is.

 ...Truth be told, I have ne'er heard such praise bestowed upon him.

 I look forward to the day that the three of us can sit down and share a drink.

 ...Best not. Thou shouldst know that he turneth most tedious when the mead starteth flowing. Endless tall tales of the great beasts he hath hunted, each repeated thrice for good measure.

 ...I see. Perhaps just soup and barley tea, then.

Eliza, the one who gave Z'aanta the task of hunting the beast that petrified him, shows up in Stonegard. She and H'aanit discuss what they have learned, and Eliza decides to hunt the beast in Z'aanta's stead while H'aanit is to learn what she can from Susanna.

 I've heard much of this Eliza.

 ...Ah, indeed. The Knights Ardante aren servants of thine Order, yes?

 Indeed. She is well respected by the church, and known as one of its most loyal servants.

 'Tis a terrible waste that she maintaineth this friendship with my master. She honoreth him with her company, yet he is naught but a source of vexation and worry. She is a noble and beautiful woman. Wolde that I coulde be more like that...

 I know what you mean. She is a role model to us all.

 Truly? Even a beauty such as thyself?

 ...What? Oh, come now. You're more beautiful than any of us.



 ...We sholde spenden more time together. What sayest thou?

 I'd like that very much, H'aanit.

H'aanit is to set out to Stillsnow and find the seer Susanna to find a way to restore Z'aanta back to his old self. Of course, her heart is heavy as she tries to find a way to restore the closest person she has to family...

 Hey, H'aanit. Hunting ain't an easy life, is it?

 I am still but a prentice, and not a hunter true.

 Tell me. Is your master a good man? Mine is.


 Well, he's not my "master," per se. Just someone I look up to more than anyone. I haven't met him in years. Still, if I knew he was in danger, even vicious fiends couldn't stop me from rushin' to his aid. ...Sorry. I'm just sayin', I think I know how you feel, is all. Anyway, just remember I'm here to fix up any wounds you suffer on the way. So you don't have to hold anythin' back in your quest to save him!


 Hm? What's the matter?

 I was merely waiting for my turn to speaken. And now that it has come, allow me to thanken thee...from the bottom of mine heart.