This is a transcription of all the party banter dialogue from Ophilia's Chapter 3. Currently it lacks context for each scene, but I will add those at a later time.


All dialogue here was transcribed using this video. You're welcome to copy/paste/use this wherever and however you want.

 This Kindling Ceremony sure seems like a big deal in the church. Don't you get nervous?

 Oh, very much so, believe me. I can't help but imagine the worst, like forgetting the words to the prayer or tripping over my own feet...

 I know exactly how you feel! I get so anxious when I restock the shop, but no one buys anything. But then again, it's kind of thrilling, too. It's what makes trading so exciting.

 Right. Challenges are what make everything worthwhile. So even if I'm nervous, I know that the Kindling is an important ceremony, and I have to do it right.

 That's the spirit! So shake off that nervousness and let's get going, Ophilia!

 Yes, let's, Tressa.

 I wolde know more of this man, to whom thou spokest earlier.

 You mean Master Mattias? He is a merchant I met in Flamesgrace. He was of great help to me when I was preparing for my journey.

 So it was a fortunate happenstance to meeten him again here.

 It certainly was. I'm starting to think that Fortune is smiling favorably on this quest. I met you, after all. If that's not good fortune, I don't know what is!


 Is something the matter?

 Nothing. 'Tis nothing at all.

 Are you sure? Your face suddenly turned bright red.

 I wonder where that child could have gone...

 Something troubling you?

 Ah, Professor. Well, the truth is...

 ...I see. So there was a child spying on you earlier.

 Yes. But when I spotted him, he ran off to the gods only know where. He looked to be in trouble. I'm sure I could help, if only I could find him again.

 Truly, you are a kind soul. It would well behoove me to assist you in this charitable quest.

 Why, thank you.

 Whenever you strive to help others, people become inspired to help you. I am no exception. Now, about this runaway. I don't imagine he could have gone far... So I think it best that we thoroughly search the vicinity rather than rushing about and spreading ourselves too thin. Haste does make waste, after all.

 You always have the best advice, Professor.

 That priest is definitely hiding something.

 He certainly seemed...distracted, didn't he?

 Well, there's the understatement of the year. I don't think he heard a word you said. He was clearly worried about something. He's an open book.

 Well, he is not a man who's accustomed to lying or prevaricating.

 That much is obvious.

 But I'm worried for him. What could be troubling him so?

 Maybe you're being set up - and he's in on the game.

 If that is true, then there must be something forcing his hand. If we can get to the bottom of what is worrying him, we might be able to help.

 ...You have a little too much faith in people.

 Do you think so? I can hardly imagine him wishing harm on anyone, least of all us. We should learn more before we start making assumptions.

 If you insist. I just hope your good intentions don't go bad...

 Hey, Ophilia. I owe you a thanks.

 You do?

 It was just like you said. It ain't right for a father to turn his back on his child. And when I see someone usin' kids for their own end, it makes my blood boil.

 I feel the same, Alfyn. But the truth is...I'm a little afraid.

 Aw, shucks, Ophilia. We're pals now. Me and my medicine are gonna be right here at your side. So you've got nothin' in the world to worry about, all right?

 Thank you, Alfyn. It gives me strength, knowing that you stand with me. (Strength...and peace of mind, too. I wonder if this is what it's like to have an older brother.)


 Is something troubling you, Primrose?

 I can't wrap my head around it... Having faith so strong that you'd give up your own life for it.


 See, I prefer to put my faith in myself. When I feel helpless, or find myself in trouble... I continue to believe in myself, no matter the situation.

 Fine words. Believing in yourself is important, and powerful... But you'll still let me help you, won't you? At least some of the time? Because come what may, I am your friend and ally.

 Of course. And...thank you.

 (Oh, Lianna, why?)

 She must have had her reasons.


 You are thinking about the young girl who stole the ember, are you not? Do you truly think her capable of committing such an act on her own?

 No! ...No, I don't. All she's ever wanted was to make the archbishop - her father - proud of her.

 Yet she stole the ember. Mayhap something drove her to it.


 First, we should track her down and put the question to her. Then perchance we will find out the why and wherefore. What made Lianna do what she did? Was her hand forced? Answer those questions, and you may be able to help her. I will do whatever you need to assist you.

 Thank you, Sir Olberic. I may well call upon you.