This is a transcription of all the party banter dialogue from Therion's Chapter 3. Currently it lacks context for each scene, but I will add those at a later time.


All dialogue here was transcribed using this video. You're welcome to copy/paste/use this wherever and however you want.

 A black marker! I bet it's filled with all kinds of...questionable treasures. Oh, that reminds me! I picked up this treasure the other day... Hah! Your ears perked up just now!

 ...How observant of you. Now go on.

 Well, you won't believe this, but... ...I found myself a gigaswallow egg! Gigaswallows are very rare, and build their nests in dangerous, remote places. And gigaswallow egg soup is one of Orsterra's greatest delicacies! Anyway, a loyal customer gave me the egg as a gift. When he handed it to me, my hands were shaking with excitement. I'm still surprised I didn't drop it!

 ...Hmm. I give it five out of ten.

 Five!? All right then, Mr. Know-it-ALl, what do you have that's so wonderful?

 You want to know about my shady dealings? Sure, if you don't mind becoming an accomplice...

 ...! (I guess this is why they say, "curiosity killed the cait"...)


 Something eating at you, Professor? You're looking all furrow-browed today.

 Truth be told, I do not care much for black markets.

 It's just a place for trading goods, like any other.

 Ah, but the goods that flow through it pass from darkness to darkness, unseen by lawful men. What wonders, what priceless relics, have been lost to the greater populace because of these shadowy deals? Relics such as those dragonstones you're chasing after, for example.

 It's not my job to question. When I need something, I go steal it. Simple as that.

 Gracious, you do not even try to soften the truth. It is almost...admirable.

 Look. You use your mind to make your way in the world. I use my fingers.

 Indeed. I suppose, then, we are both suited to our respective pursuits...


 ...What is it?

 When I see thee talken with such a glib tongue...I must confesse to some envy.

 It's a skill to be learned, like any other. One that's useful in my trade.

 Ah, but is the learning so easy? I meane, if it is not in thy nature to begin with. I have always felt clumsy of tongue. Not like my master, not my friends back home...

 Then practice. No better time to start than now.


 Yeah. Just loosen your tongue. Say what's on your mind.

 ... W-well, then... Yes, I...ah...I muste declare... Bah! Why is this so difficult?


 'Tis thy fault, abruptly ordering me to talken! And stoppen grinning like a fool!

 Tell me, Master Thief. How do you plan on getting in?

 Truth be told, I haven't decided yet.

 Oh really?

 ... Look, I'm trying to concentrate here.

 Oh, sorry. Am I bothering you?

 ...You're in an awfully good mood today.

 Well, I am rather excited, after all. Joining a real, live thief on one of his capers - it's like mystery theater come to life.

 Well, it's not a show. It's serious business.

 Oh, of course. That's why I'm going to be a good girl and leave you to it.


 (It is very exciting, though...)

 Aw, shucks... We're fallin' behind! C'mon, Therion! I've got your back.

 ...Not so fast, medicine man. I'm not looking for company.

 Stubborn as ever, I see... Look. If you get hurt, who's goin' to mix you a salve? Huh?


 Got a wound? Call for an apothecary. Need somethin' stolen? Summon a thief. We've all got our role to play, right?

 ...If you say so.

 Then let's go, and when we're done, I'll buy the first round!

 ...Don't even think about it.


 First round's on me.

 Well shucks, if you insist! And now I really wanna hurry!


 That's my name.

 Is something the matter?

 No. Nothing that concerns you, at least.

 It's just that your expression is so uncharacteristically grim.

 You seem awfully interested in the state of my face. Is it that fascinating?

 It's not about your face, nor my interest in it. You're in a mood, and I simply want to know why! ...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry.

 It's all right. But like I said, don't worry about it. After all, a frown suits you even less than it suits me.

 W-well... In that case, I shall say no more.

 (Good...because it really isn't important. And it's my problem alone...)

 Who is this man Darius, anyhow?

 ...And why should I tell you that?



 No particular reason. After all, it's not as if we are confederates.

 Then let's get on with this.

 But if there is anything you need to say...


 Just remember you need not bear your burdens alone. There are people ready to lend you their strength. We may not be confederates, but we can help each other.

 ...Heh. We'll see about that.