This is a transcription of all the party banter dialogue from Alfyn's Chapter 3. Currently it lacks context for each scene, but I will add those at a later time.


All dialogue here was transcribed using this video. You're welcome to copy/paste/use this wherever and however you want.

 Why, I never! How can he just leave that poor man to die!?

 You can say that again! A man who turns his back on the sick and suffering has no right to call himself an apothecary!

 If only more people could be like you! You know, we merchants have a saying... "When you help a traveler in need, accept no coin in return."


 Not even merchants set a price when it comes to helping people in trouble.

 Well, I'll be. You merchants are more charitable than you let on.

 So if you're ever in need, you know where to find me!

 Heh, much appreciated.

 Headed for the alehouse?

 Nothing like a flagon of mead to ease a man's cares!

 I'm a regular at more than a few alehouses. Though I go for the rumors more than the drink.

 Rumors? What has anyone in an alehouse to say that'd interest a man like you?

 Who's wealthy, for example, and who's not. Which lords pay their guards well, and which don't...

 You can find all that out at the tavern?

 That and more. Mead loosens tongues and gets men talking. There's quite some profit to be had in an alehouse, if you know how to listen. Not to mention, thieves themselves often drop by to share secrets and tips.

 Yikes, I'd best be careful next time I'm quencing my thirst.

 Heh... You can try.

 Either way, I'll be countin' my mugs if you and I ever go drinking!

 Perhaps I could take care of Miguel in your stead...?

 That won't be necessary now. He still needs rest, but the danger's passed. He's in no more need of nursing.

 I'm relieved to hear that. But still... He suffered such grievous wounds. Did he not have anyone to look after him?

 I couldn't say. Certain he should've seen an apothecary sooner than he did.

 Well, he was blessed indeed that you arrived when you did.

 (Guided by the Flame, eh? Heh, a toast or two'll be in order once he wakes up.)

 Come to think of it... We'd best keep a watch over him lest he try to consume ale or spirits...

 Ack! R-right, of course...!

 I'm not going to give up that easy, that's for sure!

 Now, now... Calm yourself there, friend. The boy was saved. That's no small solace, yes?

 I'm not saying it isn't, but still-!

 As an apothecary yourself, you are well equipped to see the extent of his wisdom and skill...

 Damn right I am!

 It's much the same in my own profession. I have had the honor of studying under many great thinkers. Scholars of such perspicacity and knowledge that I wondered if I could ever hope to be their equal.

 ...You don't say.

 ...Tell me. What precisely went through your mind when you realized the full extent of his apothecarial skills?

 My first thought was, "Wow, he's just somethin' else." But then I thought, "Don't just sit there admirin', Alf!" I have to get as good as him so I can ease that many more people's pain!

 Oho! Now there's a splendid answer if I ever heard one.

 Guess I should stop mopin', and get to learnin'!

 Now that's the spirit! (I daresay that passion will carry him a long way. Yes, he's found his path, and I can tell he won't be swayed from it...)


 What's the matter, Primrose?

 That apothecary, Ogen... His eyes are just like mine.

 Are you kidding me? Yours are a hundred times more stunning, if you don't mind me sayin'!

 Er...thank you. But that wasn't quite what I meant. You see, in my work, I've met the gaze of many a man... And I've learned their eyes speak more truth than their tongues.

 ...You don't say. So, what did Ogen's eyes say to you?

 ... ...That his heart is filled with pain.

 Now where did Miguel head off to?

 I knowe not. But it is clear his wounds haven healed such that he might goen wandering.

 ...Yeah. That's a relief, at least.

 Thou art a skilled healer.

 Whoa! What's with the praise all of a sudden?

 In but a brief time, thou didst curen that man's injuries so that he was able to risen from his sickbed. It is clear thou art a master of thy craft.

 N-now, easy on the flowery words there. You're makin' me blush.

 Thou art quickly made shy when the talk turneth to thyself. My praise is not lightly offered. Thou wouldst do well to taken it to heart.

 Aw, shucks... It does mean a lot to me. But still, it's not over yet. The healin', I mean. My work isn't done until Miguel is his old self again. Then you can shower me with praise all you want.

 Very well. Then so I shalle doen.

 Gods damn it all!

 Steady now, Alfyn.

 "Steady now"!? I trusted him, that brazen-faced brute...!

 I say again, steady, my friend. Our first priority is the child. Am I not right?

 ...You are. ...Sorry. Sometimes my emotions get the better of me.

 You need not be sorry. In times like this, we must help one another. I have no doubt that one day, it will be my turn to call upon you for wisdom and perspective.

 Fair enough...and thanks.