Music: Oasis in the Sparkling Sands

Another new town, another part of a side story chain. This will be the last one until we conclude everyone's in the Chapter 4 towns!

You are the same passerby who helped me before in Sunshade. My name is Ria. You saved me from a villain, you recall? My troubles have continued unabated since then, I am afraid! A thief snuck into my room at the inn and stole something of great value from me. Among my belongings I had a certain letter, you see. But without that letter... No, it does not even bear thinking!

Ria's not having the best luck out in the Sunlands.

Welp, time to sniff out any potential thieves...

I happen to have a rare item that was sto--sold to me. Interested? You would be a fool if you were not.


Suffice to say, I steal it right back and give it to its rightful owner.

I still cannot believe that I was burgled... How could I have been so inattentive?

Tell me... What has your impression been of the towns here in the Sunlands?

This region has been home to many different tribes since ancient times.

He was selected peaceably from among the various chiefs at the Great Assembly. Now all of the tribes are enjoying friendly relations. seems there are those who find such peace to be too dull for their tastes...

King Khalim resides in Marsalim, the Chapter 4 town of this region. We'll be meeting him later on.

Still, I do hope we might meet again.

And so Ria continues on her journey. Hopefully her next stop works out better!

More Side Stories next time.